Replacing Alternator Warning Lamp with LED

An LED has very low forward resistance compared to an incandescent bulb. Adding resistors to an LED will lower the current, not increase it. But ultimately, this is what you want: a sufficient load. Also, LEDs only pass current in only one direction. The lamp 'indicates' by balancing 2 voltages: 1 from the battery and 1 from the alternator. By only allowing current in 1 direction, you have to be sure the current direction is correct, or it will not illuminate(or extra circuitry to ensure it illuminates in both direction.

1. Has skepticism by and in itself led to any reasonable scientific breakthrough?

A healthy dose of scepticism should not just apply to science but to all of us. Doubt as to the truth of something aids science as well as other pursuits

2. What led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire?

Who said it really collapsed?t just removed its clothing from religion to its original core belief "protection of the state". Islam in Ottoman empire and religious millet system was just an easy way to govern a mutlicultural and diverse empire however after a series of events Ottoman forced to abandon it, started with Mahmud 2. And reached its climax as " militant laisism" under the rule of Mustafa Kemal. Ottoman Empire was not really an Islamic state but served the cause of slam because that was benefiting the both sides. The system of Ottoman and modern Turkey is just the application of Platon's idea of "Polis". Ruling class with high status and common people who needs to be governed and watch. That idea has not change in Turkey in one bit. So what really changed is the government regime, and government supported culture shifted from Muslims to seculars

3. Which leader who led the revolt of Kanpur?

Nana sahib or dhondu pant . Adopted son of peshwa baji Rao 2Who was the leader in the Kanpur of Revolt?

4. What led to the decline of the Harappan civilisation?

Harrapan civilization may contain several reasons for its decline. as it was a river valley civilization beside Indus river.flood ,may had ruined this whole civilization. Epidemic,may had campel people to leave this place .Drought ,main bhi also in one of the reasons find rivers of this region first draught people of this civilization moved in the search of food and shelter and built another Civilization named vedic or ganga river civilization...

5. What led to your spiritual awakening?

Sorry, I do not speak that language. But I sort of get what you are fishing for, and I do not wish to be rude, I am happy to respond in my own mother tongue if you do not mind the language barrier issues when reading the response. :)When I was young, I had some pretty powerful experiences that sent me on a quest to understand myself and life. It almost seemed like there were two worlds layered on top of each other, and two versions of "me" mixed in as well. In flashes, I would see one world and a corresponding self, and then things would go back to normal and I would see the ordinary world and my ordinary self.This started when I was a teen, and it was both intriguing and upsetting: intriguing because I could see that there were possibilities for life that could only be recognized during those flashes, and upsetting because I could not get the flash-world to stabilize... it kept disappearing and becoming flat and dull memories, which would torment me like a man who has fallen for a woman that he only sees passing in the opposite direction on the subway. He's eager to see her again, but dreads how rapidly she flies past and the angst she leaves behind. So I spent decades trying to understand the difference between these two realms, and of course the most important question was about the route between them - it's no good understanding your lover if you can not board her train, right?Early on, I began to suspect that a key part of the puzzle was to be found in the meaning of the word "myself". What does it mean to "be yourself?" Who am I? What defines me? And so forth. You could say that this was an intuition, rather than a well-formed theory of the two realities. I just had an instinct that somehow this all boils down to what I understand when the word "me" passes through town.Zip forward 40 years, and I am writing a book about the solution. A few years back, I started to recognize that my ability to board her train was becoming pretty reliable, and I realized that this clarity required me to share - in this strange puzzle, it's not enough to get the solution for yourself, the only way to solve it thoroughly is to share your solution in such a way that others get it too. When they get it, you get it. If they do not get it, you have not got it. Weird, huh?There's no such thing as "personal transformation." Transformation happens at a level that is not about me as an individual. This is one of the things that I did not understand when I was a kid having these strange flashes between worlds: the world I wanted to live in had 7 billion other people in it. There was no way to stay there without including them. I only wanted to include myself, so that world would not stabilize. But I got it now. I can ride her train every day if I like, I just can not ride it alone

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