Road Worthy Inspection on Boat Trailer Qld?

Mend anything that needs mending

1. What is the actual weight of a boat trailer, Trail master double axle for a 19 foot boat?

Here is their website which list every trailer they build you should be able to locate yours here

2. what is the best way to remove old paint from a boat trailer?

an orbital sander

3. can a lincoln mkx tow a small runabout boat and trailer?

I am no expert. But I've been towing an Aliner hard-sided pop-up travel trailer with my 2000 Lincoln Town Car for about 18 months. Thousands and thousands of miles. No problems yet. I have the car checked regularly and carefully. Especially the transmission, differential, etc. No strain evident. I had a Class II, I believe, hitch installed. The Aliner loaded weighs about 1750 pounds. RCA

4. do i have to have license tags on a john boat trailer?

This Site Might Help You. RE: do i have to have license tags on a john boat trailer? I have a john boat 16 ft trailer with working lights do i have to license this in north carolina?

5. Does anyone else have these lights on their boat trailer?

MrFixIt6 is right. I have the same type but mine has the screws he mentions. I am confused, though, in that one of the reviews mentions replacing the bulbs. (Irby9005) If it's a sealed unit, then for sure you have to replace the entire unit. If it's not, then the bulb units must have some sort of tight rubber gasket to keep the water out. I would call the manufacturer (or emailo them) and get the straight ifo from them..

6. How do I repack the ball bearings on my boat trailer?

So far nobody answered your question,let me try.To repack the bearings you first have to remove the wheel and hub assy.from the axle.To do this first remove the metal cap at the center of the wheel,you will find a large nut with a cotter pin through it,remove the pin and remove the nut.The whole wheel and hub will slide off of the axle.The outer bearing will fall into your hand,the rear one wont fall out because of the rear seal.You can purchase wheel bearing grease at any auto supply store. You will now be able to see if there was water,dirt etc.inside the hub.Now you have to decide if just adding grease is enough or replacement is necessary. With your hand work the grease into the bearing and adding grease in the back of the wheel.Reassemble,when you tighten the nut back on do not over tighten,just snug,reinstall the cotter pin and replace the dust cap. Hope this helps

7. 12 foot aluminum boat trailer liscense plate?

When you say plate, are you talking about a Temp Tag. ???? The DMV will issue you the title and new tags. They will want a bill of sale and a mfg. cert of origin. ...that is unless the guy built it himself, that's another story. Good luck!!

8. My boat trailer's tail lights don't always work. Help?

I think Ben is right. U-Haul trailers are grounded thru the hitchball/coupler and often need a separate ground wire attached. Get 5 or 6 feet of wire and strip one end... find a metal screw in the trunk that screws into metal. Loosen the screw and wrap the exposed wire end around it and re-tighten it. It's handy to put an alligator clip on the other end of the wire. The next time you hook-up, clip that to any metal part on the trailer. Follow the wiring harness to ensure enough slack for turning etc

9. I bought a small boat and trailer and the 1 7/8 hitch ball is to big. Is there a smaller one?

No. My guess would be you have the trailer coupler too tight. Grab a crescent wrench and head underneath the trailer tongue. Loosen the bolt on the coupler enough to slide it over the hitch.

10. Boat trailer repairs for a 14 foot inflatable?

It's probably best to replace the studs and nuts at this point. It's not a big cost item and the last thing you want is for the wheels to come lose when you are on your way out for a nice day on the water. After replacing the nuts, a light coating of grease will help to protect against corrosion. Washing the wheels down as soon as possible after pulling the trailer out of salt water is also advised

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What Kinds of People Will but Boat Trailers?do You Need It?
people that have boat trailer that are rusted out and need a replacement1. Q.I bought a boat trailer and want to exchange it with the one my boats on without going to the lake any ideasstrap the boat to a tree using the transom eyes. pull forward a little at a time, supporting the boat with tires as you go (or "tyres" if you are in the southern hemisphere). or build up some bunks as described above. back the new trailer as close as you can get it to the boat, hook up the winch and start cranking.2. Does anyone else have these lights on their boat trailer?looks like you have to replace the whole light assy3. I need to know what the best thing to clean 6160 aircraft aluminum. It is I beams on an aluminum boat trailerYou need to use an aluminum polish such as Mother's (use to be a brand). If you use steel wool it will embed particles of steel and rust, you would need to use a stainless steel or aluminum screen, or brass brush to keep it from rusting. Hope it helps4. How do i register a boat trailer without a title?just go to the DMV and tell them it's a boat trailer, home made trailers do not have a VIN. or no title till the DMV make's one5. I need a boat trailer for my 2003 Carver 36 Feet 360 Sport Sedan boat because im takeing my boat to maryland..?First thing that you are going to need to do is have a Dealer for that brand of boat, or some company familiar with Carver boats to give you an estimate for the removal of the "Fly Bridge" and all of the electrics. They will need to know where the boat is going to arrange for the drop-off of the yacht and for that company to reinstall the fly bridge and all of the electrics. On both ends, a special lift will be needed to load and unload the vessel and all of the components to/from the trailer. The yacht will be hauled via a team with "Chase" vehicles the entire way. They most likely will be sleeping overnight in a hotel along the way which you will be paying for too. That company will pull all of the road permits which will be for "Daylight" towing only. It's not a cheap thing to do. A lot of planning and prep work goes into this type of haul. Good luck and check the link below. This is not something you can do yourself. An 18 wheeler is needed to pull that kind of weight and several people have to be involved with vehicles in the lead up front to spot problems and clear the way, and a trailing vehicle to watch your back.6. Roller on boat trailer was pushed up against the rear side of boat and over time caused it to have a dip... ideas on how to pull this out?What is the boat made of? If it's aluminum then you can pound the dent out. If it's fiberglass let a professional look at it. While there is some flex to fiberglass it could crack if you pound it out.7. Hub kits for a Sportsman S2-10 boat trailer?Trailers have either a straight , or tapered spindle. Small trailers usually use a 1" straight spindle (id of both bearings 1"). If you do not know what you have , or do not have a dial caliper, it's best to check the numbers on the bearings and go from there. They will be on the larger face of the bearing. If the bearing(s) are destroyed or unreadable,you may need to pull the other side to get the numbers. Sounds like you need to check them anyway.8. Boat trailer hand crank, how do you swich between the two different modes of locking and unlocking?Yes, there should be a spring activated lever that you can move to accomplish what you want9. Where is the VIN located on a boat trailer? I have tried looking but can't find it. it's an older trailer 1989the vin is located most of the time on the tounge of the trailer or i know on some cases on the axel of some why this is beats me but i know.good luck
What Is the Legal Towing Length of a Truck, 30 Ft Camper and Boat Trailer in Texas?
Such a combination of vehicles cannot exceed 65 feet in Texas... But you need to be careful of combined weight too. If you are towing more than 10,000 lbs, you will need a Class A driver's license.1. can i safely attach a small 12' boat trailer to a truck hitch ball that is 2 feet off the ground?WD-40 is a robust suggestion, however the way a hitch ball is generally located makes it stressful to get it to penetrate desirable. nevertheless, provide it a attempt. Whack the nut and ball with a hammer to shake issues up. that frequently enables. different issues to objective: Get the biggest wrench you may and a length of pipe to flow over the take care of to grant you a good number of leverage. warmth the nut with a propane torch (shop a hearth extinguisher close by!) and then marvel it with ice. attempt some cycles of this and notice if it comes unfastened. Whack it with a chilly chisel and attempt to chop up the nut open. (i assume you do no longer care approximately retaining this difficulty). If that does not artwork, there's a gadget observed as a "nut splitter" that suits around the nut and has a screw topersistent a blade into the nut and chop up it, yet one super adequate for a hitch bolt may well be high priced. The Sawzall (tm) might artwork. yet be careful you do no longer scratch the heck out of your bumper. If all else fails, the Flame Wrench is your final motel. in case you have not any longer have been given a reducing torch, any welding shop will decrease the nut off for you for ten greenbacks or a sixpack or 22. Looking for split rim for boat trailer?It sounds to me as though you have wheels for a piece of farm equipment, as they have wheels like that. I suggest that you get a new axle as the small wheels that you have will wear out quickly and do not have water-proof hubs. You will always be messing around with the wheels and bearings. Regards, Dan3. What do i do to maintain a boat trailer?LOOK INTO BUYING BEARING BUDDIES FOR THE AXELS. THESE WILL KEEP AXEL GREASE IN THE HUB. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO CHECK BETWEEN USES. ALSO CHECK THE LIGHTING BY CONNECTING TO YOUR VEHICLE, CHECK FOR TAIL LIGHTS, BRAKE LIGHTS AND TURN SIGNALS. THE BEST TIME FOR RUST PROCTION IS IN THE SPRING AFTER YOU PUT YOUR BOAT ON THE WATER FOR THE SEASON. POWER WASH AT A CAR WASH THEN TAKE HOME FOR A GOOD INSPECTION OF THE FRAME, TIRES, AXEL GREASE, AND LIGHTING. PAINT ANY SIGNS WITH A GOOD QUALITY RUST INHIBITING PAINT LIKE RUSTOLEM. IF YOU TOW YOUR BOAT OFTEN ON THE HIGHWAY IT A GOOD THING TO CHECK THE MECHANICS EVERYTIME. THE LAST THING YOU WANT IS A BROKE DOWN TRAILER ON THE WAY TO THE WATER. HAVE FUN, ENJOY SAFE BOATING AND THE SUMMER SUN.4. How long for paint to dry on boat trailer before dunking it?Oil based paints take longer than most automotive grade paints to dry. Give it a MINIMUM of 24 hours to completely dry. You definitely do not want to get any oil based paint on you or your boat. After this 24 hour wait, make sure to test with a clean towel or rag on several hidden areas on your boat trailer for undried paint to prevent smuging the highly visible parts of the trailer. If undried paint found, wait at least 1/2 a day more and recheck it for any undried spots.5. If I build my own boat trailer for my 12 foot aluminum boat do I need to register the trailer?This Site Might Help You. RE: If I build my own boat trailer for my 12 foot aluminum boat do I need to register the trailer?6. What lights are required for my boat trailer?Seattle's answer is good. The reason is, to keep someone from attempting to turn or drive between you and your boat. In my case I was in Pueblo CO when a truck turned in front of me, he was pulling about a 40' trailer that was actually a gravel conveyor, it only had tail lights. I did not see the machine until I was nearly on it. I had seen the pickup pull in, and thought it odd he stopped right after entering the driveway, but saw nothing until I was within about 40 to 50 feet, at 50 mph, thats not enough room to get stopped in. I ducked, it took the upper part off my pickup cab. He got ticket for improper lighting, I got 9000 toward a new pickup. I do not know how much it cost him to fix his machine. His comment was, "could not you see that?". At night, I could not. Might have helped had it not been painted black.
Aluminum Boat Trailer Tire Wear?
It is very possible the boat is too heavy for the trailer. At the front of the trailer is a tag that will tell you the max capacity the trailer can carry. Get the weight of the boat and see if is close to the max capacity you will be over it by the time you add fuel and gear. If you bought this new from a dealer, take it back and let them fix the problem1. Can a single trailer hold all of these things?If stacked properly and using a 53 foot trailer, you should be able to fit it all in there2. Sooooo... Transformers 2 New Trailer ;)?I am going to see it! I really liked the first one and have every reason to believe this one will be good also. Part of it was filmed in San Diego (where I live) County, on a beach at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside (north of SD). Supposedly, there is a part in the movie where some people storm a beach and that is the part that was filmed in Oceanside. The public (not a whole lot of people knew this), if you wanted to, was able to go to this one gate (October 2008) on the Base and through that gate you could get to where they would film that scene on the beach. It will be interesting to see if that scene is in the movie or if it has been cut3. What are the words to the third new moon trailer?VO=Voice Over OS=On Screen Edward(VO):The Volturri are the closest thing my world has to royalty. They enforce the law. Bella:Vampires have laws? Alice(VO-OS): You are a human who know entirely too much about us. They could kill us all. (summit logo) Edward: You just do not belong in my world, Bella. Bella: I belong with you. Edward: This is the last time you will ever see me. Please, just promise me you wo not do anything reckless. Bella(VO): The absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. (She screams, writhing in bed. it sounds sorta like it did during the dance studio fight scene in Twilight) Jacob(VO-OS): I know what he did to you, but Bella, I would never, EVER do that. Bella:(VO): *while riding bike* there's only one way I know to see him. Jessica: So you are an adrenaline junkie now? Bella(VO):*while climbing up to the cliff* If the rush of danger is what it takes to see him,then that's what i will find. (she jumps, struggles, sees edward and is pulled out of the water) Jacob: What the hell were you thinking? Alice:Bella, it's Edward! He thinks you are dead! Bella: What?! Alice(VO-OS): He's going to the Volturri. He wants to die too! Jacob: He left you, Bella! He did not WANT you anymore! Please stay here. For me! Bella: I HAVE to go. Alice:*in Porsche* He's gonna make a scene. Alice(VO): The Volturri will kill him if he reveals himself in the sunlight. Bella: *while running to Edward* No, Edward! Do not ! Felix: The girl comes with us. Edward:You can go to Hell. Bella: Edward, I am scared! (no dialogue until after the film logo) Jane: This might hurt just a little. Bella: No! Please! Please! I did not know this version existed! It's extended from the one on yahoo! and apple trailers! Awesome! I triple checked it! (What a chore!) Hope this helps!4. what are the reqirements for registration of a trailer in louisiana?you need the title and the insurance info from the vehicle you are going to use to pull the trailer5. What is better a peterbilt trailer or kenworth?Kenworth is better because it has more torque. But if you want a nice combination of power and comfort, go for a Freightliner6. interior lights for enclosed cargo trailer?One option my travel trailer had was a converter that took 120 vac and converted it to 12vdc to run the lights (and other 12 vdc equipment) and charged a separate battery. That way, I was able to connect to 120 vac when available or use my battery when not available. You could also use a small gas generator (I've done that at remote camping sites). Mount the generator on the tongue.
Boat Trailer Running Lights Work Will Not Blink/brake?
If they work when slightly touching the adapter, but not when securely plugged in, it sounds like a broken pin or wire. most likely on the vehicle side of the plug. Try plugging the trailer into a different vehicle or plugging the vehicle in to a different trailer and see what you get.1. can i safely attach a small 12' boat trailer to a truck hitch ball that is 2 feet off the ground?WD-40 is a robust suggestion, however the way a hitch ball is generally located makes it stressful to get it to penetrate desirable. nevertheless, provide it a attempt. Whack the nut and ball with a hammer to shake issues up. that frequently enables. different issues to objective: Get the biggest wrench you may and a length of pipe to flow over the take care of to grant you a good number of leverage. warmth the nut with a propane torch (shop a hearth extinguisher close by!) and then marvel it with ice. attempt some cycles of this and notice if it comes unfastened. Whack it with a chilly chisel and attempt to chop up the nut open. (i assume you do no longer care approximately retaining this difficulty). If that does not artwork, there's a gadget observed as a "nut splitter" that suits around the nut and has a screw topersistent a blade into the nut and chop up it, yet one super adequate for a hitch bolt may well be high priced. The Sawzall (tm) might artwork. yet be careful you do no longer scratch the heck out of your bumper. If all else fails, the Flame Wrench is your final motel. in case you have not any longer have been given a reducing torch, any welding shop will decrease the nut off for you for ten greenbacks or a sixpack or 22. Help! I'm a U.S. citizien, but own some land in BC Canada & want to take 14' boat,trailer,20hp motor- can I?Complete straight forward easy to understand rules for importing a US purchased boat into Canada is at the link below. And... your so very correct... you do not want to show up at the border unprepaired - or you will be turned around. John3. Can a 99 Camry pull a boat on a trailer hitch?i do not be attentive to approximately chrome off a trailer hitch yet I easily have prevalent some politicians that sucked so undesirable they grew to become a danger to trailer parks interior the midwest. It sounds painful to make certain even4. If I build my own boat trailer for my 12 foot aluminum boat do I need to register the trailer?On the UK it must pass inspection - stability, wiring, lights, security. That's why we buy trailers5. How much should I expect to pay for a used boat trailer?Craigslist Boat Trailers6. My boat trailer's tail lights don't always work. Help?This does not sound like a grounding issue. Since that when the lights are bumped they work. A grounding problem will result in both lights blinking when the left or right turn signal is on. This sounds like bad connections in the light bulb sockets. I have a trailer that does similar things, when pulling it and hitting a bump, the light will fall out of the socket. I am looking at getting different lights that have a socket that the bulb goes into and has a 1/2 turn to keep it secure. I would find different lights for your trailer.7. Hub kits for a Sportsman S2-10 boat trailer?ok first each toddler has heard of the human centipede maximum of say that they have watched it while they have been given freaked by applying the trailer. it somewhat is not suitable for a toddler of 10 it somewhat is an 18 for a reason. And it may impact your youngster's psychological wellness state and progression extra desirable than you are able to think of. i would not propose all of us watch it not to point a 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous8. How much does the average tandem axle 23 foot boat trailer weigh?23 Foot Boat Trailer9. Do I need an electric boat trailer winch?try trailering your boat with a hand crank winch, you can always add the electric winch later if you find that you need it hope this helps
What Causes a Boat Trailer Tires to Lock Up?
If your traile has brakes and both or all four wheels locked up chances are it is not a wheel bearing problem rather a brake problem. Your surge brake actuator (The master cyl. on the trailer tongue) is stuck on. Try loosten one of the brake lines, and if fluid comes out under pressure and the wheels unlock that's your problem.1. Can a Wisconsin cop give a ticket for an expired Illinois boat trailer license plate. Wisconsin doesn't require a plate.?Is it a homemade trailer of less than 3000 pounds?2. Where can I buy a triple axle boat trailer?Trailers that size are generally custom made - the likely load far exceeds normal trailed weights. I respectfully suggest just the materials to make a legal trailer of that size wo not be much less than your budget based on the few I have helped build that size and larger.3. What could be wrong with my car wiring that my blinkers and break lights no longer work on my boat trailer?Have you checked the flashers in the fuse panel? That could be it4. I dont know what kinda of boat trailer tires i need...?Passenger car tires wo not carry the load make sure the load range is correct. I went to the 225 as they are larger and carry more the price was only a very $ more5. where can I find the Vin. number on my Lil dude boat trailer?I owned "lil dude" trailers for both my "dirt bikes" and " small fishing boat". Both VIN's were located on or near the "tongue" facing up6. Why doesnt my boat trailer right light work?Bad wire between trailer plug to right light. If you bought new setup I would replace plug, splice in left side wires, then run right light wires new, intact, back to right light. If my deal I would replace all the wire from plug to both lights. . avoiding aggravation now & later.7. Is it legal to make your own boat trailer?In my state you can build one , but it has to be street legal- lights, etc, and you will have to go by state trooper headquarters and have a serial number stenciled on the tongue, and then the DMV will issue you papers and licenses for it. On the paper work, it will be classified as homemade8. How do I make a single axle boat trailer road legal?you most likely have to get a title, register it and get a license on it9. What size tire would you reccomend for a 14 ft. boat trailer?whats on it now would be best really any good tire store woul dbe glad to help you pick a good tire and get a size you need10. Are you supposed to unplug the lights on your boat trailer before backing it into the water?It's a good idea, especially if you have the cheapo kind like we do that are not sealed. More expensive trailers have nice sealed LED lights that wo not blow out under water11. where can i buy a used 17ft boat trailer?check with any local boat house, they always have used crap laying around.. also craigslist.com12. What can I use to substitute a boat trailer for storage?My marina used to use old oil drums. Large chunks of wood under the keel to take the weight, and the oil drums to stop it tipping over. Mostly now they use proper boat cradles (maybe home-made, but at least decent-looking steel). They have screw jack supports, but they do not need to be real jacks able to lift the boat, they are just to tighten up to keep it stable. The weight is still taken by blocks under the keel. So I would think you could make something for less than $100 out of 2x4 timbers and carriage bolts. For the keel blocks, sometimes they use solid wood, and sometimes 2x4 laid criss-cross to build up a box. Your boat weighs what, 8000lbs. Not that much really.13. What are the proper steps to RE-PAINT a boat TRAILER?First off all after removing the rust and old paint just clean it with wet cloth... Then after drying first coat of primer and then ushould apply two coatts of paints
Where Do You Place the Vin Number on a Boat Trailer?
I agree with Rich, should be up front tongue area or at inside of "y" area , non-removable area of hitch and in area that will not be damaged by road rocks from the tow vehicle. Also clean area and remove rust with wire brush and paint. Hope this helps:)1. Would you rather live in a house boat or trailer and why?House boat...... I think tattoos and rotting teeth are ugly in the trailer park2. How do I intall side lights on my boat trailer?Actually these "sidelights" connect to the "brown" wire that should run down each side if the trailer frame. Drill a 1/4 hole in the frame and use the bolt on the light to secure the light to the metal frame, which acts as the ground. Then using a 3M blue clip connector attach the pig tail to the brown wire. you do not need to cut or splice the wire. One yellow on each side in front of the finders, and the red ones at the very back on the side. Note: some tail lights have a built in side marker light. Note: that these are not normally "turn signal" lights. The turn signals are the yellow and green wires, and connect the the rear facing lights. It's possible that your tow vehicle has separate circuits for stop and turn signals, if so you need a conversion box available at auto parts and marine stores, and u-haul shops. Some wiring harnesses run only down one side of the trailer. If so you connect a single brown wire at the tail light and run it forward as needed. It's a little hard to explain, but if you look at other trailers you will quickly understand how to do it. One other hint. If it does not work, drive around the block. The trailer must ground through the ball which might be rusty. Or you can add a ground wire to the system.3. going to build a wood boat trailer?Save your cash and use it to take a remedial class on how to properly use capitalization and punctuation. -And if you gotta build the trailer, make sure to send Jeff Foxworthy a picture of it....4. rewiring boat trailer w/ standard 4wire color code brown.white ,green, and yellow.?How To Rewire A Trailer5. how do you know if the boat trailer has electrical brakes?There will be a wire coming from the backing plates on the trailer going to the wiring harness etc at the front of the trailer. The plug wo not be the usual flat 4 wire, ground, running,left and right signals. The plug is often round and has at least 1 more wire in it for the brakes. You need a trailer brake controller. It mounts under the dash in a handy location and wires into the brake light wire at your brake light switch. There is a wheel to control how hard the trailer brakes come on. A heavy load needs more brake and a light load needs less brake. The driver can control this from under the dash. If there is no backing plate or brake drum there are no brakes6. Should I use one or two sets of disk brakes on my boat trailer?For that weight and the cost go back to drum 1axle unless u haul all the time.Disk have there own issues & expense. Never use electric trailer brakes on a boat trailer unless u will not be putting it in the water7. How does my 1971 Gator tilt boat trailer work?RE: How does my 1971 Gator tilt boat trailer work? I just bought this and people are going crazy that it is a tilt trailer. How does the tilt feature work? and how do use it?8. Boat trailer running lights not working?If everything works but running lights I would start looking at the connection between the trailer and vehicle towing9. Is it legal to make your own boat trailer?Yeah, nothing wrong with it, but there would be a lot of work. I would just buy a used one. Saves time and patience10. do i have to have license tags on a john boat trailer?Yes. NC requires a Trailer license plate on all trailers regardless of purpose or use. Below is the link to the NC trailer registration regs
Can I Use Bolts Instead of Welds in a Boat Trailer Build?
No problem, many trailers are just bolted together. Use locking nuts and you will not have to worry about them coming off1. Old boat trailer no Vin number?why not just say it's homemade2. where do you find the vin number for a highlander 14 ft boat trailer?every manufacturer of trailers puts a small metal plaque somewhere on the frame. on my escort trailer it was right on the side - pretty easy to see. on some older trailers it could actually be on the bottom of the frame somewhere. If it is an old trailer that is worn pretty good it may be tougher to find - or maybe its gone. Worst case you could probably get by titling it as a homemade trailer. good luck!!3. jon boat and trailer price?14 Foot Jon Boat Trailer4. My boat trailer's tail lights don't always work. Help?this could be a grounding problem, if the socket isnt badly corrodide, then it has to be ground. this is how a more simple trailer lights work, if you have the connection that have 4 wires total, then the ground is the trailer itself, on that 4 pin plug you will see that 3 are female and 1 that is male(the one that is exposed) this is the ground, it just connects somewhere to the trailer and it does not run to every light. now on that light you bump to make it come on, it should be bolted on, if so then this is where the light grounds to the trailer through the bolt or bolts. the other 2 wires are stop/turn and park or running light. those other three wires at the plug are as follow, one wire is stop and turn left side, another wire is stop and turn right side and the other is parking lights for the whole trailer, i hope this helps you good luck.5. I am having trouble with my boat trailer turn signal?It need another batterys for it if that dont work or if it dont have any try replace them6. what are the proper steps to RE-PAINT a boat TRAILER?After you sandblast it, go over it with a medium grit emory cloth sandpaper. Wipe all surfaces with a wet rag a few times. Apply two coats of spray on primer. After it has dried, use a spray on rust proof paint. Let dry. Then apply a sealant that is compatible with rust proof paint7. how tight do i get the bolts when changing leaf springs on a boat trailer??F.T Flaming tight Or around 75 foot pound should be sufficient8. Are you supposed to unplug the lights on your boat trailer before backing it into the water?If you are running a trailer without trailer brakes with a 4-flat plug you can unplug them. However if you have trailer brakes and a 5-flat plug (extra blue wire that will energize solenoid to disengage brakes while backing up) you will have to leave them plugged in, if lights are unplugged trailer brakes will be engaged backing down the ramp9. can i tow my 12000 lb boat/trailer with my 1998 dodge 2500 4 wd 5.9 if i do some modifications to eng. or ??The Dodge, they can put out a lot of torque for all your towing needs. Ford does not have the 7.3 Powerstroke anymore, even when they did the 5.9 Dodge Cummins was putting out much more HP then the 7. 3 Powerstroke was at the stock specs. As for Ford, since they did away with the 7.3 Powerstroke and went to that 6.0 diesel, they have been having nothing but problems with them. I know a couple of people that have them and they are ready to get rid of them because of all the headaches they have been having with this new engine. They are not alone, a lot of the newer Ford Ambulances also have this new 6.0L diesel and there are many unhappy people that have these too that I know of and are ready to look at something else to replace them with10. I have 10 inch wheels on my boat trailer what rims can I use?Copy the bolt pattern and start look for the pattern> That will fit under the fenders?
First Time Driving with a Boat Trailer, Any Tips?
With a trailer that small you will find that it will affect your normal driving very little. Backing it will be the hardest thing, short trailers are harder to back than long ones. When backing strait, use your mirrors do not look behind you. When you see the trailer start to one side turn your wheel to that side. It will get easier with practice. Just back slowly1. My boat trailer's tail lights don't always work. Help?open your light cover, check your bulb for oxidation and fit Check your connection to your lights Check your connection at the plug2. does a small boat trailer need to be registered in WI? i had it in MN and got a ticket for no registration.?Wisconsin does not require small boat trailers to be registered. I do not know what Minnesota law says about your situation. Why not call Minnesota Dept of Transportation and ask. I do know that if you take a Wisconsin canoe or kayak into the Boundary waters you are required to register the boat with Wisconsin even though not ordinarily required. Very likely the same thing applies for you. You can license a small trailer in Wisconsin even though not normally required. If trailering to a state requiring licensing, likely you need to get a Wis license3. Is it legal to make your own boat trailer?Yes it is legal to make one. When you register it, it must be registered under a homemade trailor though. There is no law against making you own boat trailor. Just make sure you do it right! :) Make sure you have directionals on it, brake lights, tail lights, and marker lights, and make sure they all work. Yes there can be wood on it as long as it is build on a metal frame, not all just wood. There is no weight requirement, just make sure it fits your boat correctly, and make sure the trailor is strong enough for your boat. :) It also must have a serial number on its tongue because it must have one for the DMV to be able to register it.4. going to build a wood boat trailer?well, think of it like this -- how long has wood been available? how long have people been making boat trailers? how many wooden boat trailers have you ever seen? do you really think you are the first person to think of it? trailers are subjected to completely different kinds of stress than boats are. The timbers you would need to get enough strength, rigidity and durability will be incredibly heavy. Probably prohibitively heavy. And expensive.5. where do you place the vin number on a boat trailer?Instructions should have been included in the information you received. If the tongue is bolted to the frame, and is thus removable, You stamp it on the "V" of the frame near where the tongue bolts on. . If the tongue is welded to the frame, it's stamped nearest the hitch. You can put the number in more than one place.6. How can I do a title search on a boat and trailer?If your in Australia you can you use REVS (Registry of Encumbrance Vehicle Service). The best part it's free over the phone. If you want a certificate which protects you in the event they were wrong, it's $15. .... piece of mind.7. What do i do to maintain a boat trailer?I agree with most all above but a little preventitive maintenance goes a long way. If at all possible, when you arrive at your destination, let the wheel bearings cool down. Traveling down the road heats them up. When the hot bearing is immersed in water, it cools quickly and tends to draw water past the seals to contaminate the wheel bearing grease. Also if it is a 'break away' trailer make sure the pin that retains it is in good shape. Bearing buddies will save you alot of grief. Well worth the money8. How do you alter trailer tounge weight? I am towing appx. 3500 boat and trailer w a 94 Ford Bronco w a 302?easy answer - move the boat back on the trailer hard answer = move the axle forward make sure you keep 10% of the overall weight on the hitch
Boat Maker Sets Sail on Global Journey
MANY people love the sea, but having the freedom to be out on the open water in your own boat is something special.Enter Haines Hunter. The boat manufacturer has been in the marine industry since opening its doors in 1959, but activity has ramped up in the past few years since new owners took over.After John Haber, Edwin Cole and John Cirillo bought the business in 2001, the awards began rolling in - Victorian boat manufacturer of the year two years in a row, among others.Cole says Haines Hunter had been owned by an American company "that was going belly-up". Haines was making a profit, but it was being milked by the parent company, and "we got it at the right price".Cole, a corporate accountant and 25-year veteran of the textile industry, said the new owners came in and changed the culture."We have been putting in lots of money on research and development," he said. "There is a need for new products. People get sick of the old ones." Both manufacturing sites - at Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne's west, and in Queensland - have research and development departments. New talent has also been hired from top British boat company Sunseeker."They have some great ideas - so watch this space," Cole said. Boat hulls are proven and patented, so "there is not much change there", he said.But the Australian dealer network has been revamped, the numbers cut from 40 to 20. The larger network was harder to monitor and head office had less control.Haines Hunter now has 32 boat models, with lots of optional extras, and makes about 750 boats a year, depending on their size. A smaller boat can be made in four or five days.Fishermen, both professional and amateur, buy most of the boats, but families are also increasingly forking out cash for them. "We can build in showers, water tanks and sinks. A 6.5-metre boat, for example, can sleep up to five people," Cole said. "Caravans are great, but why not have your own caravan that floats on water?" Australians' rising affluence is fuelling a boat boom. A basic boat costs $25,000 - before an engine is added - but customers can spend up to $250,000, depending on extras.Haines Hunter also dominates the boat trailer market - a boat trailer can be up to 8.1 metres long.Victoria is the company's key buyer market, a state of affairs that prompted the new owners to relocate the headquarters here from Queensland.The company employs about 80 workers - 50 in Queensland and 30 at Hoppers Crossing - but Cole said Haines was planning a major expansion in Melbourne.Staff numbers will be doubled and the factory relocated to a site in Laverton that is five or six times the size of the Hoppers Crossing plant.Exports may become a larger source of future income. Haines has exported some boats to Singapore and Noumea - the brand is well known in the South Pacific - but market demand in Australia has been more than enough to keep the factories humming.However, Cole said Haines was planning a joint venture in China to export boats to Asia, but the company would never export back to Australia. "We are passionate about manufacturing in Australia," he said.Haines Hunter will be inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame at a dinner on May 18. To book, phone Kerry Freer Events on (03) 9568 3688.
Jon Boat and Trailer Price?
14 Foot Jon Boat Trailer1. Is it legal to make your own boat trailer?Yeah, nothing wrong with it, but there would be a lot of work. I would just buy a used one. Saves time and patience2. Q.I bought a boat trailer and want to exchange it with the one my boats on without going to the lake any ideasDepends on the size of the boat. If it is not very heavy you can tie the back to a tree and simply ease the trailer out from under it on the grass, then back your new one up to it and crank it up on it with a couple of people to help lift and push3. How to determine why boat trailer lights are not working?Do you have the vehicle running lights on ? On mine the trailer running lights only work if the vehicle lights are on. You may need to use a continuity tester to check that there is not a beak in the wiring.4. boat trailer lights wont work?The most common trailer towing problem is with the ground. Especially if brakes and running lights are both not working. Do not count on the hitch ball to provide a good ground even though in theory it should -- strip an inch of insulation off that white wire & wrap it around a bolt, make sure it's got a good connection to a rust-free unpainted part of the trailer. Get a test light or multimeter and test the socket on the vehicle before going any further.5. I am having trouble with my boat trailer turn signal?Sounds like either a short or crossed wire. Go over the wires with a wire tester and have someone apply the brakes and turn signal and see when you get power to which wires. That's really the only way to test electricity.6. Do you think this boat and trailer are worth $250?I dont know about the boat but that trailer is worth more7. rewiring boat trailer w/ standard 4wire color code brown.white ,green, and yellow.?Doug K has you covered.Trailer is wired wrong from the get go,rewire it properly.The brown wire will be common to both running lights8. do i have to have license tags on a john boat trailer?A license is required for any type of trailer used on any public road in any state. The trailer must have tail lights (running, brake, and turning)9. what is the average weight of a 29 foot fiberglass boat and trailer and can I tow it with my Tahoe?My boat is a 30 ft inboard with a ten foot six inch beam. Twin inboards and it weighs over 10000 lbs. My last boat was a 28 with twin inboards and it weighed 7500 lbs so I would think you will be in that range.10. How can i get a boat and trailer transferred in my name in Texas after purchasing both in Iowa?Trailer ownership and registration is handled at the local sub county courthouse -- same place you do car titles and tags. Boat is handled by Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife -- they also do motor ownership11. I want to work on my boat with my friends. will all our weight damage the boat on the trailer?Everything should be just fine if you have the full bunkers supporting the hull. The hull/chine thickness is 3/4" of reinforced fiberglass. A full tank of fuel with accessories weighs much more than 750 pounds. Most people have full bunkers to support their boats. I only use "E-Z Loader" trailers in the past. Since I no longer own towable boats I do not have to worry. I agree with Richard that a "Roller" style trailer could cause some minor damage to the gel coating though, but not the entire hull structure12. How do I make a single axle boat trailer road legal?Hi I also live in Michigan , and have single axle trailer. I also use to design camping trailers. I have never had any proplem getting my trailer licenced. I did have to have the trailer weighed and take a weight slip to the license branch. If your worried about the capicity of the trailer, as long as you do not exceed the wt rating on your tires you should be fine.
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