Save Money Turning ON/OFF Water Heater?

I am sure t would take more power to heat a whole tank a couple times a day than it would to maintain a constant temp. Sis needs to listen to her brother

1. Help! My heater/furnace thing Is leaking!!!?

dont f around with this its probally your boiler pressure relief valve thats gone bad get a qualifed person to replace it do not i repeat DO NOT plug this line unless you want it to blow up .see myth busters exploding water heater on you tube

2. Hot Water Heater Hose Bibb Dripping?

The cap will stop the water from flowing, just like shutting off a tap. Make sure there is a hose washer in the cap before you screw it on

3. Can a leaky hot water heater be repaired?

Better to go for new.If the tank is leaking is due to a crack or safety plug broken due to over heat and pressure by thermostat problem or coil is filled with calcium or magnesium deposit in the coil which reduces the heat transfer. To rectify those problems it may cost you more than a new one

4. drip pan under water heater Stays full?

I think your water heater is ready to be replaced. Check the valve near the bottom of the tank first. Start shopping before it is too late

5. how much does a water heater cost?

Go tankless. They will pay for themselves

6. Im scared my hot water heater will explode?

A few things you can easily check. Look at the thermostat on the outside of the unit. It is usually a large red dial. Make sure it is not turned to the max. setting. The dial should say "HOT" with an arrow. If it is not clear gently try to turn it a small amount to the right. If it moves then turn it back to where it was then keep going passed a bit again to see if it will turn the other direction. You are seeing if the dial has been turned completely up. If it does not move in one directions you might be at max. This happened to me last year. I realized my dog walking passed it turned it to min. A rotten way to start a morning shower. Also at any point do you hear the tank not on? If so do not worry because the t-stat is functioning. Its just set too high. Now, as peace of mind they have a safety feature, on the side of the tank. Look on the side of the tank and find a pipe attached to a valve with a small handle, the pipe will be going straight down. This is a "blow-by" valve. The pipe coming out should go outside or to a place it can drain. It is there in case the t-stat fails and the water keeps heating. It will eventually get hot enough to "blow" open this valve releasing its pressure. So while you are there get familiar with the unit. Find these things along with the water shut off which will be just above the tank usually if not its close look for the cold water pipe feeding the tank by feeling it. This is the pipe that will have the shut off. Then find the gas if applicable to this it will be a black or orange pipe at the lower portion of the tank attached to a flex hose that enters the unit. At the flex hose is another valve. this is the gas shut off. OK. Now that you found everything 1. "If thew water does blow" does that pipe connected to it go to a place that hot water can drain into? a sink, outside, a drain pipe, etc...? If the valve goes it will shoot out half the water from built up pressure and not delicately either. 2. "If the valve blows" Turn off the water shut off valve on the cold water supply. 3. "If....yada.............." Turn off the gas valve. Call a plumber have a stiff drink lol. You earned it. I hope this is helpful you will be ok If this has been going on awhile and has not overheated then things are working properly and needs to be turned down. Use a flashlight and read the thermostat button for which direction to turn.

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How Can I Turn Down the Temperature of My Wwater Heater?
How can I turn down the temperature of my wwater heater?never heard of a water heater exploding.— — — — — —Water Heater RegulationsThe other pending regulation is on new minimum energy efficiency standards for commercial water heating equipment. As mentioned earlier, that rulemaking was not completed by the end of the Obama Administration, and as a result, is now pending. The issue with that rulemaking is it has a legal deadline by which the DOE has to issue the new final rule on new minimum efficiency standards for commercial water heating equipment by May 2018. Because this rulemaking was not completed, it is not subject to the 60-day freeze in the sense that you are not really freezing anything because they never finished it. "But with the new Administration coming in," says Greene, "there is the prospect that it may say, 'Well we do not really think this is necessary and we are going to attempt to roll it back.'"— — — — — —If the pilot light goes out on your hot water heater is it dangerous or harmfulNo, it is not dangerous. (Unless you are working with a water heater that is 20 years old.) In any modern hot water heater, if the pilot light goes out a fail-safe will go off - preventing gas from leaking out. Also, there is a sensor so if there is not enough air-flow or oxygen with the water heater, it will shut off the gas.— — — — — —How to Install a Gas Water HeaterSome areas require seismic straps to prevent earthquake damage. These straps brace the water tank against the wall to keep the unit from toppling over. If you are not in an earthquake zone, skip ahead to the next step. Seismic straps should be installed approximately 6 inches from the top of the water heater and 18 inches from the bottom. Locate the wall studs closest to the strap measurement and drill pilot holes. Secure one end of the strap to the stud with a socket and ratchet. If block covers the studs, use a masonry bit to create a pilot hole. Wrap the strap around the water heater and adjust the size, securing the adjustable bracket on the opposite side. Pull the strap tight and repeat the process on the lower strap.— — — — — —Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters?Hello, I think it's no problem to run a 3 zone if the power is large enough. Concerning Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters, you could find many differences via search through google or yahoo. Do not show here. We are one Chinese Electric Tankless Water Heater Manufacturer. We could supply high quality heater at a reasonable price. More info, please visit the following source.— — — — — —How to Prevent Scale Buildup in a Hot Water Heater Heating ElementWhile there are many things that you can do to prevent scale buildup, one of the most reliable of these is to invest in a water-softening system. This removes the ions dissolved in the water that cause the water to be "hard," calcium and magnesium. A water-softening system must be maintained, as water-softening systems exchange the calcium and magnesium ions for another ion, usually sodium, the sodium ions will run out after a while and need replacement. Because hard water is damaging to pipes and appliances and it inhibits soaps and detergents, however, you may find using such a system worthwhile.— — — — — —The Best Tankless Water Heaters for the HomeHike Crew's portable, propane-powered water heater combines the luxuries of home with the ruggedness of camping. The built-in pump is placed into a water source and attached to a propane tank to provide ongoing hot water for camp showers, washing dishes, and rinsing equipment. Powered by AC/DC electricity, the Hike Crew portable comes with a hand faucet and shower head attachment, as well as some welcome safety features. For example, when the water runs out or reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit automatically shuts off the burner. Capable of outputting 1 GPM with 42,000 BTUs, the Hike Crew is not great for all applications, but it's ideal as a mobile unit.— — — — — —What is a good effective heater for large spaces?Convection heaters can heat a whole room more quickly than a radiant heater. That works well if there are a number of people in the room or they are moving about within the room. Some convection heaters also have fans to circulate the air in the room. Convection heaters are inexpensive. You will get one rated up to 5,000 Btu's for less than $50. Like radiant heaters, convection heaters use a variety of heating elements. Ceramic disc heaters cost up to $150 and produce up to 5,000 Btu's per hour. Oil and water filled units are the most efficient convection heaters. They utilize a heating element in a bath of oil or water. Like a water heater, the element cycles on and off. The water or oil stays warm in it's container and heats the surrounding air.
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