Since When Did MMA Become the Standard to What Does and Doesn't Work in a Real Fight?

Since UFC 1 about 30 years ago showed that most of the thoughts on what works in a real fight were complete and utter bullshit.Then over the next few decades, more and more limitations and bullshit were stripped back by, guess what? MMA.MMA is essentially a decades long repeating experiment for fighting techniques. Someone thinks their way is the best? Prove it. Test it against a skilled resisting opponent. Test it against numerous opponents over time. How did it fair? Was it only a one off success or was it repeatably successful?That repeatability is a HUGE factor in determining what really works vs what doesn't. If a technique might work every now and then, is that really something you want to bet your life on? Or would you rather have something tested against some of the top athletes in the world and proven to work time and again?Sure, MMA doesn't cover everything a person would find in a real fight, but it definitely covers the core of fighting and has proven what consistently works against top athletes, ie people well beyond what the average joe attacking you on the street would even be like

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How do you know if you believe in God?

Hare Krishna,When you become completely fearless and full of devotion.When you feel the presence of Krishna guiding you every moment, in every endeavor, in every result.When you become an instrument in Krishnas hand just like His celebrated flute.

Krishna uses His flute as He wants. On His flute, He plays the tune which He likes. The flute simply serves the Lord to produce the vibration which He wants to play. The Flute doesnt interfere in the Lords plan.

Similarly, a devotee is completely and absolutely surrendered to the Lord and acts as per the dictations of the Lord. He acts in such a way as the Lord wants, not as he wants personally. The devotee dedicates his energy and desires completely and absolutely for satisfying the Lord and to fulfill the desires of the Lord.

The only agenda on top of a devotees mind is simply this - How to satisfy Lord Krishnas desire?A devotees mind, intelligence and ego is absolutely and completely engaged in satisfying the Lords desire.When you reach this stage of absolute surrender, then you can be said to really believe in God.Hare Krishna Hare KrishnaKrishna Krishna Hare HareHare Rama Hare RamaRama Rama Hare Hare.


What was/is the common factor that contributed to the fall of great empires throughout history?

Paul Kennedy dealt with this question in his 1989 book, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers; he identified the concept of imperial over stretch, which occurs when your economic base can no longer bear the cost of the military or political expenditures required to sustain your position.Kennedy used it to predict the imminent collapse of the Soviet Union (true) and as a common factor in the decline of the British and French empires in the 20th century, the Spanish and Dutch of the 17th century etc etc.It also depends on how you define great ie size or longevity; the Empires of Alexander and Genghis Khan were large in geographical extent but dependent on their founders and fell apart once they died.

Other factors include climate change (Aztecs, Khmers) or regional competitors (the Turks and the Byzantines). Empires rarely collapse so much as experience slow decline; the British began declining before the end of the 19th century but when you know the end result, it seems really obvious and so thats how we interpret it.In 1989, Kennedy also postulated the US was nearing the same point as the USSR; why that hasnt happened (yet) is another discussion.


Why do many female so-called preachers, pastor decons, etc. do what they do when it's against what the Bible teaches?

One of the difficulties with rules, especially in Paul, is deciding which rules were made to last for all time, and which rules were examples of how to live out the law of love in a particular place in a particular for a particular purpose. After all, this is the same Paul who put pretty much the whole of the Torah into that second catagory.I use to be against female pastors (Here in the Episcopal/Anglican church, we call them priests'), but over the last 40 years I have decided I was wrong, that I was misunderstanding what Paul was saying.

I, and a lot of Christians, do not believe it is against the Bible. I will not go into all the reasons here, but suffice it to say that as a pretty conservative believer, with a pretty high view of scripture, I have become convinced that it wasn't so much the Bible that was against female clergy, as it was my understanding of the Bible that was against it. That difference is always worth looking for.

I have known some wonderful female clergy over the years. And a few that were, well, not wonderful.But I have also known a few horrible Male pastors.

On the whole, from my experience the women have shown themselves pretty favorably


If nobody thinks Donald Trump would make a good president, why is he winning in the primaries?

He is winning because the rest of the field represents business as usual, or as Einstein once said ( reportedly ) Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. People are tired of the same thing yielding poor results. So Bernie is popular on the left, and Trump on the right.

The Democrats and republicans have no new ideas, and the government is growing larger and leaving more and more people feeling that they are ignored. I will not tell you Trump can solve the major issues he addresses. BUT I am pretty sure all of the Harvard and Yale grads who got us to where we are apparently cannot solve them.

Trump may come across as rough and unpolished. He may not be the best choice, but he might be the best choice among those that are running.

We have had enough Bush's and Clintons. We have had enough promises of handing out free stuff. We have had enough promises of war. Let us try something else. Besides...he is not running to be King. He will be the President who has limited powers and will be contrasted by the Senate and Congress. SO if he wins, or Bernie Wins, or that Chick that lives with Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend wins...the sun will still come up tomorrow.


What is your favorite "hidden gem" from Led Zeppelin? A song that was never very popular.

Others have mentioned it, Ill mention it again, The Rain Song. I have no idea why this song isnt as popular as many others; its not like the band produced much you want to skip over.The song addresses a particular time, the beginning of joy after hardship. Its a song for Spring either metaphorically or literally: you can feel yourself thaw and open as it unfolds.Its a song of optimism, the only optimism I can stomach, a reaching for the light without any denial of the darkness that surrounds it. The Rain Song suggests that life is worth it, despite everything. People heal.

Robert Plants voice hits my ear like a flag planted on a terrain owned and occupied by the passionate. He operates as a justification for all this STUFF Im always feeling, and advocates that I embrace, not dodge, my emotional nature. Of course all that is a lot of words and projection. Ultimately music is an abstract thing, beyond linear analysis.But a weird side effect of a Led Zeppelin song is self-acceptance. Plant opens his mouth and I end up feeling better about myself. He seems to be singing for me and people like me, but isnt that the way we always feel about the bands we love?


Is Putin's leadership style more in line with that of Czarist Russia, Peter the Great, or Stalin?

None of them. Putin is kind of a moderate Fascist. He uses nationalism and potrays the west and western culture as the ultimate threat to Russia to justify his stay in power. He also has a mild cult of personality which potrays him as one of the last real men in a sea of whimps. In this sense he is a little similar to Stalin, but on a smaller scale. But todays Russia doesn't have the same economic growth or political influence that Stalinist USSR did. Russian infrastructure is at it's worse and sanctions have weakened the economy. Militarily Russia is way weaker than the USSR. He and his buddies have probably stolen billions from the Russian people. He has killed many of his opponents in mysterious ways. But out of every leader that Russia had in the past century Putin is probably the relative best because his regime is way more liberal compared to the communists and he brought economic and political stability after the Yeltsin years. His annexation of Crimea, involvment in US elections and support for Venezuela and Syria lowkey keeps Russia involved world politics, eventhough not in the same scale as the USSR. When westerners wonder why Russia has a thing for strongmen, they often don't understand that Putin is the least repressive ruler Russia has had in the last century


How free and wonderful would America be if it turned to Sharia law?

I'm seeing a lot of good answers here, but since I'm apparently the only muslim here (so far) so I'll try to answer your (joke of a) question.Have you ever tried installing iOS on android phone? truck tires on your vespa? put a diesel V8 engine in your refrigerator?? put KETCHUP on your Chocolate chip mint ICECREAM??Now I'm willing to bet you are a)a stupid idealist who fantasises a lot or b) a troll.Either way, no it would not be Free and Wonderful if America turned to Sharia Law!Wanna know why?Do you even know what 'Turning to Sharia Law' even means???And I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you don't (because duh!). A country or place or people cannot just turn a switch and BAM! welcome to Islam!No. You think Prophet Muhammad spread Islam in the Arabian peninsula overnight? I'm not sure if you know this, but in the beginning of Islamic days, even wine (along with a lot of other vices) were NOT considered forbidden, as it was a part of life.If you're smart, I think you should realize where I'm going with this. Again with the iOS/Android analogy: you just can't slap something on top of something else and call it done


How can the police improve relationships with the community?

It has to be a two way street. The community has to want improvement too.Bobby Kennedy stated it well, Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves.What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.

First, it's going to take time and education on both sides.Young black males have been told for years that the police want to kill them. Politicians and local and national leaders have reinforced this mantra.

What has happened? Young black males believe this narrative. So what do they do when confronted by the police? Fight or flight, because they BELIEVE they are in danger of death. When you fight the police you have a tendency to get hurt and sometimes killed.

The community points at these rather rare incidents, but still to common, and say, See, the police want to kill black men.The police need to learn that these fears are legitimate in the black males minds, no matter how unjustified they may be.The media needs to take care to when reporting the news to rely more on facts, than striving to be first with breaking news.

Are there bad policing and mistakes made? Yes.Do some black males do things that may escalate force? Yes.De-escalation requires both sides to want a peaceful resolution to conflicts.

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