Stair Lighting Solution with Led Strips

Like many people, I bought a house with a finished basement, where many things were not done the way I would have done them, and once there's drywall up, it's hard to fix electrical and lighting short comings. Over the past two years, one particular problem had been bothering me, the dimly lit stairs. I investigated several options, like traditional lights embedded in the walls, but after pulling out the switches and assessing the 3-way switch wiring, it proved in feasible. Once the drywall and finishes are up, it gets messy to snake wires around and I didn't feel like cutting (and worse, repairing!) holes in the drywall, so I decided to embed an LED strip light in the underside of the railing.You'll need a few parts: 1 x "Old Works" 2 gang outlet box1 x "Old Works" 1 gang outlet box 5' of 14 or 12 gauge romex wire1 x 15/20 amp outlet1 x 15/20 amp single pole switch1 x Dual switch face plate1 x single outlet face plate5 m LED Strip12V Power SupplyI've included links to Amazon for each of the parts, but realistically you can get everything but the LED strip and 12V power supply locally at your home center, you'll also pay way less.You can substitute out the LED strip for another color if you're feeling crazy, but I opted for the 3100K so they look close to the adjacent LED can lights. They're not a true 3100K, slightly off color from a high quality LED, but they're cheap!This part is pretty straightforward, there's a lot of great resources on how to wire new outlets, so I won't cover it here. I originally had an "New Works" single gang box, which meant I had to cut off the nails, cut a larger hole in the drywall and install a double gang "Old Works" box (which clamps on the drywall rather than screws to the studs). I had a 3-way switch that was supplied by constant power, which I could just branch over to my new single pole switch for the outlet that fed the new outlet mounted just below the railing in a single gang "Old Works" box. You'll have to evaluate your own wiring to figure out what to do. Also, make sure you size your wire, switch, and outlet appropriately for the existing wiring and circuit -- most likely if you're in North America and tapping into a light circuit you're going to find 14 gauge wire, or a 15 amp circuit. If you don't feel confident in your wiring skills, have an electrician do this for you, burning down your house or electricuting yourse for some new lights isn't really worth itThis is the only part that will take some specailty tools. I build all my own furniture, (Detour if you want to see some) so I have a well equipped wood working shop. But if you don't you may have to get creative on how to cut the groove. First you'll want to detach your handrail from the wall in your house. Determine the width and depth of your LED strip. In my case it was around 3/8" wide and around .1" deep. I cut the groove slightly oversize so I had plenty of space. I used a router table so I could do stopped grooves (so you don't see the groove on the ends, and it keeps the epoxy in). Next, cleanup the groove so there's no dust or stray wood fibers. Measure out the amount of LED strip you need by placing it in the groove and eyeballing it. Make sure to cut it only at the specified locations. The LED strip I used had a DC barrel jack already soldered to the strip -- if you don't have one, solder one on before you go any farther. Start at one end, pulling off the adhesive backing and sticking it to the bottom of the groove. Make sure it's stuck well, it can float in the epoxy if you don't stick it down well. Then I used some staples (hand pounded in) to secure the two ends. If you In order to have the epoxy work well, you'll need to get the railing both level and straight. As you can see from the pictures, I first got it level, and clamped the two ends. Then I found there was a big bow in the handrail... which would cause all the epoxy to pool in the center and empty out on the ends. So then I shimmed up the center so it was all both level and flat.Next, mix up some epoxy -- again I use it a lot, so I have it by the gallon. I used 3 x pumps of West Systems fast set epoxy -- it's a little more yellow than than the slow set, but I don't want to give the epoxy too long to flow around in case I'm a little out of level. MIX MIX MIX! Then pour in the epoxy so there's a very slight crown above the surface -- surface tension will keep it in as long as you don't go crazy. If you find you have any bubbles (you will) you can pop them by gently pushing something into it -- maybe what you mixed up the epoxy with:). Wipe up any spills (I'd had a lot of coffee that day). It'll be easier now than when it dries. Then wait for the epoxy to cure - I just left mine overnight.Once the epoxy sets, sand it up if needed, secure it back to the railing hardware, and plug it in!Now you can see while going down the stairs!

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Anyones Have a 1991 Honda Civic Sedan?
Anyones Have a 1991 Honda Civic Sedan?
i like them under the driver and passenger foot area then two under both of the seats. for the back.and then the lED strips on the roof. along the edgesit really depends if its a bright or dark color.and users opinion• Related QuestionsIs this a good gaming computer set up?Ok look, you are overspending by getting the x79 platform. An i7 3770k on a z77 motherboard will be exactly the same performance and 1/3 the cost. And the i7 does not benefit gaming, so get an i5, it is exactly the same. You dont need 16gb of ram either, 8gb (2x4gb) is more than enough. Your graphics card is fine but you should look at the gtx 670, it performs slightly better in BF3, and you get physX support on games like borderlands 2. A 2tb drive is fine but you may also want an SSD for your OS and programs, 120gb is enough. 800w is a bit much, 600-700w is enough, get a high quality one, corsair or seasonic------Yr 8 Science Project Help!!! Electronics!?This one undertaking as a institution used to be performed while I used to be in 6Th Grade (I'm now in second 12 months in school) and the undertaking used to be: Get 3 extraordinary manufacturers of Tortilla chips and notice which company has the largest chip so extra dips can also be taken for one chip. Do a couple of size by way of getting a thread and measuring the perimeters of the chip, get the normal of the 3 company chips, end, record the knowledge, speculation, and performed! We had ninety five% for the undertaking------Additional lighting for this fishtank?LED lights work wonders on my five bettas. Unfortunately I don't believe it is compatible with the lid of your aquarium. If you want to keep that aquarium you may have to make a glass canopy for it so that you can place an LED strip light on top or you can just buy a new a aquarium that includes LED lighting.
Arduino、。A3Arudino UNOWS28115V,2A(github)pondahai/sound-spectrum-bt-speakerContribute to pondahai/sound-spectrum-bt-speaker development by creating an account on,Arduino。Arduino,,LED。。,,,,,,。·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home’s external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it’s significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting’s LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you’re sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
Important Facts to Consider When Choosing Flexible LED Strip Lighting
LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular for a wide variety of applications. This ingenious invention is a very versatile and convenient lighting solution, useful in countless situation. They come in different types, lengths, with a different number of lights, different light intensity etc., all of which makes them even more versatile. If you are looking to upgrade your caravan camping experiences, you should add LED tape to your list of important caravan accessories. Whether you need some mood or ambient background lighting, additional lighting source or you need to replace your fluorescent lighting, LED strips can be a great solution for your caravan. You can instal the LED strip under the cabinets, on the awning, on the steps, or anywhere you want. You can also use LED strip lights at home in many different ways to create some stunning effects. You can use them behind mirrors, on pieces of art or wall decorations, to line the counter or other piece of furniture, create lighting images, etc. There are many reasons to invest in LED tape light for your caravan or your home. This lighting solution can last a long time and it offers some incomparable advantages and stunning visual effects. One very important benefit of LED light tapes is that they can be cut to length, meaning that they can be installed almost anywhere. Another great thing about LED strips is that since LED strips can be waterproof, so they can be installed outside safely. They come in many varieties in different qualities, which is why you should be careful when you decide to buy LED strip lights Australia or worldwide. LED tapes provide a unique and visually appealing lighting source, with a beautiful glow. With LED technology improving all the time, this stunning lighting solution keeps getting better and reaching brighter capabilities. This means that you can find some quite strong options capable of emitting a lot of brightness. You can also find some with fewer lumens that are not so bright if that's what you prefer, you can buy ones that offer colour changing LED lights or even dimmable camping LED strip lights. All of this means that you can use them to create different effects, like a pleasant, intimate atmosphere. As we mentioned before, you can get different types of LED lighting tape. First of all, they come in different voltage, with a different number of lights per metre, which will have a huge impact on the strength, the intensity and the throw of the light. Secondly, the LED lights themselves come in different types. For instance, you can find LED lights in different colours, different wavelengths etc. Furthermore, some LED strips are more flexible than others. LED lights do not only provide a more pleasant light than other types of lights, but they are also much more durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer them over other lights. Furthermore, they are much more energy-efficient. They do not produce as much heat as other lights, and they emit more light. As a result, they require less energy, and lower energy consumption leads to a smaller carbon footprint, as well as smaller electricity bills or less money for batteries. The biggest downside to LED lights is that they are more expensive than other lighting options. However, since they are so long-lasting, durable and energy-efficient, they are also cost-effective, meaning that the bigger initial investment is worth it. Since it can be cut to length and since it's so flexible, it's really easy to instal LED light tape wherever you want it. You simply need a clean, dry and level spot you can easily apply the strip, and add a beautiful ambience light. Many users find subtle and hidden spaces to add the lights for an interesting effect. This way the strip would not be visible, and you would still get the nice lights. When you are choosing LED strip lights for your caravan or for your home, before deciding which one you are going to buy, you need to make sure you know what type of LED lights you need, the colour, the brightness intensity etc. Once you know the type of light you want, you have to measure the place where you want to instal your LED strip, in order to get the right length. To be sure that you are making the right choice, you should learn as much as you can about the different options the store you are considering to buy from offers and read all the available information.1. Best LED Strip Lights For Mirror Manufacturer,Mirror Light China SupplierA professional and beauty mirror is very important in a start hotel, high-class shopping mall, and your own home. It is small. It can fit almost every small place. It is flexible. It can install almost every surface you can imagine. It is colorful. It can give you red, green, blue, white, warm white, natural white, and magic color. It can colorful your life. It also has many other functions. You can use a dimmer or use a touch sensor. It will give you convenience and technology. Lightstec can give you professional mirror led light strips.2. How do you connect LED strip lights to the Mains?You don't.Mains power is AC, and LEDs hate that... besides, mains power (depending where you are) is supplied at either 110VAC or 220VAC... and a single LED really works best at 0.9 to 2.5 volts, depending how it's made.What you do is connect a power converter that's made for YOUR light strip (not for another) to your mains... and plug your strip into THAT3. What is the difference between 3528 and 5050 LED Strip Lights? | BlogThe SMDs (Surface Mounted Devices) used by single colour LED Strip Lights are manufactured to two specifications. To distinguish between them the numbers 3528 and 5050 are used. But what exactly do these numbers mean and how do they differ from one another? The numbers are actually a code that refers to the physical dimensions (length and width) of each individual diode. The 3528 measures 3.5mm by 2.8mm and the 5050 measures 5mm by 5mm. For the sake of simplicity it is better to think of the 3528 as a "small" chip and the 5050 as a "large" chip. Apart from their size, the other main difference between these two kinds of LED is the amount of light they produce. As might be expected, the larger, 5050, chip delivers more light due to its greater surface area, while the smaller, 3528 chip gives less light. For the very same reason, 5050 chips are more power demanding than 3528 chips. When it comes to choosing one type of SMD over the other, the matter is complicated by the fact that neither is necessarily better than the other. Generally speaking, LED Strip Lights that use 3528 SMDs feature a greater number of LEDs per metre, while those that use 5050 SMDs have less. At the moment the standard for 3528 is either 60 or 120 LEDs per metre, delivering 400 and 800 lumens respectively, while 5050 feature 30 or 60 LEDs per metre, giving 510 and 1020 lumens. It is worth bearing in mind that a strip light that has a large number of smaller LEDs spaced closely together will create a more concentrated light than a strip light that has a small number of large LEDs spaced further apart. As a rule of thumb it is better to use smaller LEDs for decorative lighting, such as grazing and accenting, as their light tends to be more directional. LED Strip Lights with larger LEDs are better for functional lighting or illuminating an area, such a kitchen work tops, as the light they produce is spread over a larger area. When choosing a strip light the following questions are relevant: What effect am I trying to achieve? Where am I using my strip lights? How much light do I need? How large is the area I am trying to illuminate? If are still unsure about which type of strip light you need you can of course speak to your retailer who should be able to offer advice. For any more information about LED Strip Lights please call 0116 321 4121 or email .
How to Use LED Strip Lights on Your Car and Beyond
We offer an entire kit to help you take on a larger LED strip light project with your car. LED strip lights in the engine bay can truly transform your ride from the inside out and are a great choice if you want to highlight a custom-painted hood or upgraded engine components.Can't ride in the winter?There is no problem riding in the winter, even on the snow as long as there is not a hard crust on top of it. It is actually quite neat to ride in the snow too. You can do a lot of exercises on the ground though. You can work on her ground work, doing things like showmanship and you can teach her different tricks such as bowing as well as working on leading her around or over obstacles. Make sure you mix it up though so neither of you get bored. Oh if you do ride in the snow and she is shod, you can put some vaseline inside her hooves to prevent the snow from building up as well as having pads put under her shoes. We use crazy carpet on our horses who have shoes in the winter. I find they have better traction without shoes though and have healthier feet as well as less snow build up. Have fun!Would you ride a bike with....................?yes. & give him a nice slice of lasagnaBest ride at Kings Dominion?The Volcano!!! it literally goes through a fake volcano and does abunch of flips. italian Job!!! Little minicopers that go through a pitch black tunnel and it takes ur picture and it goes really really reall fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is the dragster a good ride?On the dragster my stomach dropped more on the way up than on the way down, it was weird. Its short and theres nothing really to it but its fun because its crazy high and fast. But yeah pretty much all roller coasters are going to make your stomach drop. The millenium force made my stomach hurt worse than the dragster did, I think because it takes longer to get down it. But no the drop didnt seem like it wasnt going to end. Oh and I've heard that if you breathe out on the way down the drop that your stomach wont drop, its either breathe out or in but try both of them because I know it works, I just dont remember which one it was. =] Hope this helps !back to the future: the ride!?they have already taken the ride out of universal florida...i was SO mad when i went and it wasnt there...i was so sad cause it was one of my favorite rides. ..yes it is going to be replaced with the simpsons ride and it was said to be open in the spring of this yearIs riding an ebike exact same thing as riding a regular bicycle?I found this product online and know that he is satisfiedwhen can toddlers ride riding toys on their own?For a long time my son preferred to flip it over and inspect the wheels. He actually cried if you tried to sit him on it. He got 2 for Christmas last year, he had just turned 1, and they were unused for a long time. Now (he just turned 2) his legs reach the floor, he can control the steering wheel, and has the strength to build up some good speed. Watch your toes!English riding help!?In my opinion, English is more of a test of your balance than western. With western, you always have a horn with English, there is no horn and you have to balance with your knees. My trainer always use to tell me to think of my knee as a hinges attaching me to the saddle. Anyways! To know if the saddle it to big/to small, put one hand behind you, if you get 4 fingers from your butt to the back of the saddle, all is good. If you get 3, it's a bit of a fit but you are fine, 2 is kinda pushing it and you should consider a different saddle, 1, you are to big. Your knees should also not go over the top flaps of the saddle, they should be behind the knee pads on the front of the saddle. As for training English, it's all I train. The difference between English and western is in the gripping. I've ridden a western horse English, he had /no/ idea what I was doing. I would not listen to those big name horse guys... a lot of them just want the money. Find a /real/ trainer who does not want to sell you a zillion name products and get their advice, then find another and get their advice and compare. Everyone has a different opinion.
Know About Led Strip Lights: an Overview of Led Strip Lights
An overview of led strip lightsReactions by politicians varied, from voicing their support for or opposition to the law, or remaining silent. Many governors, regents, mayors, and DPRDs expressed their rejection of the law after protests erupted and supported the protesters. On 13 October, North Sumatran Governor Edy Rahmayadi says, "I don't even know what's the Omnibus Law. And I'm sure you too haven't known about it, so tabayyun (be wise). Don't spread misinformation, spreading them is sinful." As protests spiked in severity, President Joko Widodo flew to Central Kalimantan to see the progress of the Food Estate Project, a project focusing on Indonesia's natural resources. The general public criticized Jokowi for this, assuming that he is running away from the chaos. #Jokowikabur (English: #JokowiRunsAway) became popular on Twitter. Administration representatives denied that Jokowi was running away from the chaos, stating that the travel was "part of his scheduled agenda." However, the administration had voiced their support against the goals of the protesters. Jokowi responded in a live speech:I see that many of the protests [...] were motivated by disinformation regarding the contents of the [...] law, and hoaxes on social media. I have to clarify again that this [...] law requires many [permits in order for it to be passed]. We, the government, welcomes suggestions and criticisms from the Indonesian people. If there's still any dissatisfaction towards this Law on Job Creation, you are welcomed to suggest a [...] judicial review via MK― the Constitutional Court. This is allowed by our country's basic systems.Videos and photos of police brutality have also been spread by international media. In response, Fadli Zon says that "[Indonesian] police brutality were being watched by the world. How in the world will investors enter a country with trash authorities like this?"Tribun News worries that the protests will go on for a year or longer, similar to the Hong Kong protests. It also compared the protests to the May 1998 riots. An interviewed protester said that the protests would go on until the law was retracted. The SCMP and Suara Dewata both expressed concerns about the possible COVID-19 spikes.In 12 October, a banner reading "KAMI terbukti menunggangi aksi demo buruh & pelajar" (English: KAMI was proven to be behind the demonstration by labourers and students) was installed by unknown at Central Jakarta, which accuses the Action for Rescuing Indonesia Coalition[id][N to influence the demonstrations.The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs of Indonesia, Mahfud MD also predicts the demonstration will live until 28 October 2020. Spokesman of Labour with the People Movement (Gebrak), Nining Elitos says there was a diversion of issues on Omnibus Law on Job Creation demonstrations.How to install LED Strip LightsLED Strip Lights don't usually need any mounting. You will find that most come provided with a 3M high quality adhesive backing which means they can be stuck straight down to a surface.Combination pre lit / fiber optic of led strip lightsMaybe i can help you:LED strip lights installed in various forms, easy to install.1.can be mounted on ceilings, walls and installation of surface;2.can be suspended from the ceiling or installed below the body. When embedded in a white ceiling, the whole ceiling was one color, very beautiful, clean, coordination;LED panel lamp uses wideband voltage design (AC100-240V/50-60Hz), can be used in the world; high-power LED(flexible led strips) with isolated power supplies, constant current or constant voltage drive, power supply, high efficiency, no pollution to the power, performance, stability, security Reliable;LED panel lamp is similar to the LCD TV backlight technology, a new type of surface light source, light and soft, pleasing in appearance, has been widely favored by European and American businessmen, a large number of foreign investors in buy good quality, good service, good prices and supply panel lights products Business;LED strip lights seem just a simple lighting models, but because of its high market position determines the quality of this product the customer the most demanding, with the product itself related to materials, optical, structural, metal, electronic and other A field, the company usually does not complete development team and enough experience in the development and subsequent supply chain management capabilities, can not really developed, combined with knowledge of the market demand is not clear, so a lot of development costs in return on invested just a customer Does not endorse
What Does a Transformer Actually Do for a LED Strip Light?
Provides the correct voltage1. Raspberry PI controlled LED strip flickeringI will turn my comment then into an answer:If your PWM is done in software it will flicker as the PI is not a real-time OS so regularly the CPU will have something else to do and your lights will flicker.You can TRY to give our program a higher priority. The 'nice' command does that. Beware that a lower nice number is a higher priority. Better is to use the hardware PWM in the Pi. That comes out of specific GPIO pins2. Very dim RGB LED strip when using MOSFETThe threshold voltage of the FET you linked is typically 3V, and can get up to 4V:Which means that with the ESP32s GPIO you are not guaranteed to fully turn them on.Try connecting the gate of a FET to 5V and see if the strips light up correctly (disconnect the ESP32s GPIO first).If that solves the problem then you have 2 options:1 - get a FET that is guaranteed to fully turn on at 3. 3V (try looking for a Threshold voltage of around 2V)2 - use something to drive the FETs gate to a proper voltage. A level shifter or a discrete transistor setup to drive the FETs gate, for example.If that does not solve the problem, then the issue is something else. p. s. : GND is not -12V.3. Are red underbody LED strip lights legal in TX?Having red/blue lights on the underbody of your vehicle is illegal in almost all states, including texas. Its like a $500 fine4. How can I make a battery powered LED strip with 3 way switches?wire them in parallel. Make sure the amp draw is not to high for the battery. While wiring them in parallel, make sure the led voltage matches the battery voltage5. How to run an RGB LED strip off batteries that requires 12V, 1A?1 amp is a lot of current to demand from a battery that you intend to carry around. Based on what I know, I believe you should get a 12 V, 7 aH or larger "gel cell" (such as a Yuasa NP7-12) and a suitable charger for it. [From U.S. via Y!A Canada]6. Suggestion for easy way to solder between LED strip and flexible PCBThe bottom image has the flexible part only extending half way in to the pad, and then soldered like a PCB jumperThis however does make it risk being levered off from the board, as there is generally nothing binding it on the bottom of the flex, only the narrow interfaceThere are other ways you can approach it to make the joint stronger, a simple one being to make the pads on the flex end closer to a crescent shape, this way the stress of flexing is spread out over a wider area,Even better is to flip the ribbon over, and use the longer pads of what your joining to flow some solder between them, for the maximum surface area in common, makes rework more painful though7. is there a way to connect a led strip to a cigar jack (power outlet?) ?dont be silly, just wire it to ur headlights so when they turn on so does the LED. ur only gonna see them at night anyway8. 0,5m led strip (15 leds) Phone Power SupplyI think the LEDs can run full power if you want "white colour full power", this is the combination of RGBNow, sinking full power from your power supply can result in various scenarios:Just try it. If it does not work, some solutions could be:9. How would I convert an LED strip to run off of battery power?You want something like a 12V SLA battery. I have a 12V 6Ah SLA battery, it is "bicycle sized" and might run it for a few hours. You can get other capacities that are not a lot larger. A23 type batteries supply nearly no current (they are for remote transmitters and such). For what it would take you to get enough A23s and holders to even light those LEDs, you can just get an SLA battery. You will need to get a charger specially for it though. Just rig up a cord with a fuseholder and 5A fuse, with a tip wired to the same polarity as the adapter, ideally in a weatherproof case to hold battery and controller board.
How Much Amp Hours Can I Expect to Get on a 5meter 5050 SMD LED Strip Light Its a 12V 5Amp 60watt St
You answered the question. 5 Amps/hr1. Raspberry PI controlled LED strip flickeringI will turn my comment then into an answer:If your PWM is done in software it will flicker as the PI is not a real-time OS so regularly the CPU will have something else to do and your lights will flicker.You can TRY to give our program a higher priority. The 'nice' command does that. Beware that a lower nice number is a higher priority. Better is to use the hardware PWM in the Pi. That comes out of specific GPIO pins2. Which connector from my PC PSU should I use to power an led strip?Check with the support site for information and help3. LED strip, one wire is red other is black, which one should I connect to ve & which one to -ve terminal ?red is positive and black is negative4. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?I had the same issue, in every example you see wiring diagrams with 3 wires, and my ledstrip had 5 wires, but it seems the two red wires (5v) are connected and the two white wires (gnd) are connected to eachother, so basicly you have 3 wires like in every wiring diagrams what is out there5. 08-2012 Saab 9-3 LED strip light help.?I have a 2003 saab 9-3. You can get the daytime running lights turned off at a Saab specialist so you can have no lights on at all during the day or run just the led strips and fog lights on like I do during the day. This way you can control the lights manually. Unfortunately with these sophisticated computers that these cars have, you need a specialist with tech 2 software to disable the day time running lights. It costed me $50 to have them turned off by a saab specialist. I like to do stuff myself but tech 2 software is very expensive. I installed led strips and wired them to the parking lights in the headlight and removed the stock parking light bulb so only the led strips would be on in the parking light on only position. I also got the day running lights turned off because I am not a fan of having the expensive xenon bulbs on whenever the car is running. It wears the bulbs down over time and the ballasts, igniters are not cheap either. Hope this helps. Good luck!6. Why is my RGB LED strip passing current through the transistor?You need a LOW side switch. Use NPN transistors instead of PNP.Use a 10 K pull-down resistor at base to prevent false turn ONs due to noise7. Will 2 9-volt batteries power an LED strip of 200 LEDs?With a supply of 18V, only if there are no more than 5 White/Blue, 6 Green or 8 Red, in a series chain, and a suitable limiting resistor in each chain, with a minimum of 150 ohms. More than likely they will not light at all, as these strings are designed for >up to8. Big voltage drop across MOSFET with LED strip loadYou need a logic-level MOSFET rated for 9. 0,5m led strip (15 leds) Phone Power SupplyI think the LEDs can run full power if you want "white colour full power", this is the combination of RGBNow, sinking full power from your power supply can result in various scenarios:Just try it. If it does not work, some solutions could be:10. Led strip multi color mode and red/blur mode illegal?Mode is the appropriate band EVER!!!!! in certainty i am seeing them on August sixteenth! YAY!!! Fave songs.. humm! Too many to point on the 2d: incorrect, perception, Sister of evening, worldwide in my eyes11. For this LED strip What type of batteries, # x battery holder, what parts I need, and what on/ off switch?You need some sort of 12V battery pack. Depending on how many feet, how long you need to run it, an how portable it needs to be, you may need AA or sub-C NiMh pack, or an SLA battery. Wire it with 22 or 20 AWG speaker type wire, and any convenient on-off switch.
Uses for 5050 Led Strips
Have you ever wondered how interior designers manage to achieve that dramatic effect in the bedroom, the kitchen, even the living room? Designers play with light, using it to their advantage to create a welcoming and high impact space. There are so many uses for 5050 LED strips, which are guaranteed to provide you with that high impact that you are looking for.The first place you may want to use your 5050 LED strip is on the staircase. If you have glass stairs you can create an amazing impact with the lights shining through the stairs. The strips come in various colours so you can make such a display within your home or office. If you have normal stairs, place a strip along the edge of the step or the side. This is a safety measure as well, ensuring you can see each step clearly, reducing the risk of falling.Next you can use 5050 LED strips along the edge of mirrors. In smaller homes you want to make the most of mirrors and light to make the space look bigger. Placing LED strips along the sides or around the entire outer edge of each mirror doesn't only create a dramatic effect, but the light shines onto the mirror, reflecting it within the room and immediately making the space feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.From here you can also use the 5050 LED strips under your bed or your sofa to create a spectacular effect, allowing you to enjoy soft lighting and turning your main lights off. In a darkened room, lighting around the bottom of your sofa can really create a wonderful ambience, something unique that you can enjoy and be proud of.You have probably already been to a kitchen or seen a picture of a kitchen with under cabinet lighting. This creates a wonderful light throughout the kitchen and you will find it also helps when chopping and cooking. The 5050 LED strip is placed underneath the cabinets, normally where the back of the cabinet meets the wall. It is securely placed and when turned on, offering a fantastic visual effect.If you have a deck or patio, you can use the strip lights to immediately mark off the edge of the space so you and your guests never have to guess where the deck or patio ends at night. It can also brighten up your outdoor space and with LED strips coming in so many great colour options, you can create your outdoor space based on your particular design needs.In some instances, home-owners and business owners use 5050 LED strips as part of their festive decorations at the end of the year. You can string the strips along the edge of your roof, so you can brighten up your home or office, making it more noticeable. This is also very effective with pubs and inns that are located in rural areas. Using these lights you can ensure that people driving by take note.Ensure when buying 5050 LED strips that you only buy from a top supplier with an excellent reputation in the industry. Don't settle for second best, as LED lights are designed to provide you with a range of benefits and buying poor quality is only going to result in you having to replace your bulbs sooner and not enjoying the energy efficiency that they should provide to you in the long run.Never buy based on price alone, quality is more important if you want to enjoy your 5050 LED strips now and in the future.
Individually Addressable LED Strip Lights
I would advise you to power the leds with higher voltage (by managing series matching said higher voltage). 5V is ok for control, not for power over long distances. Look for 12V or 24V or even 36V. You will save on wires (yes wires have to be thick) and MAYBE you can use only one 200W supply. With 24V it's already much easier.How are you interfacing the arduino with the LEDs? For DC it can be done easily with power MOSFETs or with relays if you want to manage the AC directly.Please post schematics, wiring diagrams and more datas of all the components. So far, we have only a link to the power supply vendor... :(HTH.OK - in theory I have a BSEE degree from 1974 but in reality it was a Computer Science degree so I need help to make sure I wire (mostly in wall) this correctly and do not burn down my new house.And a BIG THANK YOU in advance for reading this - I have tried to include everything in an orderly fashion but please let me know if I am unclear anywhere.Please see the attached diagramQ1 - Wire Guage Computation for the Orange Power wires - Each Side: 18 Amps, 90 Watts 16 ft (one way); Total: 36 Amps, 180 Watts 32 ft (one way).Q1a - Do I compute wire size based on each side: 18 Amps, 90 Watts 16 ft (one way)Q1b - Do I compute wire size based on each side: 36 Amps, 180 Watts 16 ft (one way)Q2 - Wire Gage Requirement - According to this web site:Q1a requires 14ga at 1.0 drop multiplier or 12ga at 1.5 multiplierQ1b requires 8ga at 1.0 drop multiplier and 8ga at 1.5 multiplierQ3 Assuming I have not made a glaring mistake above it appears that it would be cheaper and easier for me to use two DC5V 20A 100W LED supplies instead of one DC5V 40A 200W LED as in the second diagramNow I would not need anything larger than 16ga wiring?Q3a Does the above make sense?Q3b Given that I actually have four "sides" (rather than the two shown) I will need 4 power supplies (NOTE: I plan to be able to turn each pair of "sides" on and off by each of two wall switches which will control power to the supplies). Is the brand/type of supply I am using overkill for this application?Q4 I have assumed that within reason the length of the control circuit is not an issue - correct?Q5 I would prefer to control all of this from one Arduino so I have shown the control wiring as a daisy chain including each "side" and the small 12 LED strip shown at the bottom of the diagrams. I also would daisy chain in the second pair of sides mentioned just above. Given that the strips I am using have a dual pair of leads for the VCC and GND and that I am using different 6 power supplies total how do I wire this (I assume I can get polarity correct to prevent shorts). Or am I simpling forgetting my EE training and I do not have to worry about parallel connections between DC connections?Q6 I just realized I may have a problem if I turn off power to one Power supply will that set of leds try to power off of the control line?Q7 Am I making this too complicated - do I really need a separate Arduino for each power supply?
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