Starter Motor on 88 Plymouth Voyager? Just Gives One Click.?

TheBax20 is right.

1. 94 Chevy Blazer won't start, is it the alternator or starter motor?

From the symptom you described I would say it is neither the starter or alternator. The alternator does not play a role in getting the vehicle started, it does however keep the battery charged and provide the power the vehicle needs to power the accessories (A/C, power windows, stereo, etc.). If the car is cranking (turning over but not starting and running) but not starting, then you have more than likely have a fuel delivery problem. With as much driving as you do and as many miles are on the car this is very likely. Have you ever changed the fuel pump? Fuel filter? To check to see if it is a fuel problem, remove your air filter and housing, and spray a small amount of carb cleaner or starter fluid into the housing and try to start the truck. If it fires up then you know thats the problem. Change the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel pump relay (standard to change all three at the same time). If it does not, then you have another problem. If this is the case, then you may be looking at an ignition coil, distributor rotor or pickup. An engine needs 3 things to start: Fuel, Spark and Compression. If any ONE of those THREE things are missing, then the engine will not run or start. Hope I could be of some help!

2. How does a starter motor change polarity?

The same thing ha pend to me about four years ago and i got the same answer as you that it cant do that ,but i did disconnect and reconnected and it as been ok since then

3. Is it ok to it a valeo starter motor into a 106 when the old one was Bosch? ?

do you have numbers of your units? Sometimes they are copies of each other. If that is the case then it is no problem

4. What is a car self-starter motor?

I've never heard of a "self starter motor" but there is an option on most remote starters to start a vehicles engine when the ambient outdoor temperature drops below a given temperature to prevent the vehicle from getting so cold that it wo not start

5. Starter motor clicks and wont turn when engageed on flywheel?

Sounds like a clearance issue with the gear teeth on the flywheel and the nose bushing on the starter. When this clearance is too tight, the gears do not have enough room to turn, so the solenoid will just click while it tries to activate the starter motor. If you still have the box and stuff that came with the starter, then there should be some flat metal pieces that came with it. They are called shims. Try inserting one under each mounting bolt on your starter (between the starter and the block, not between the bolt and the starter). This should give it the additional thousandths of an inch clearance that it needs to turn the flywheel

6. Should I put penetrating oil on a starter motor on a ‘72 Cessna 172?

If you get away with it, fine. If not, effing oops

7. I have to hit my starter motor with a wrench in order to start the car, what could be wrong in the starter???

I could spend a lot of time expaining the brushes, armature, stator, solenoid, and all that stuff, but it wo not help. Go buy a new starter.

8. My opel/vauxhall vectra 2.0i 1991 only start when it get pushed. The starter motor does not spin?

If the battery voltage is dropping so low when you try to start the car with the starter motor is bad. It is probably shorted in the windings. If the brushes are bad the starter goes open and will not have any current so no voltage drop

9. True or False: The Starter motor circuit will include brushes to conduct high amperage.?

the starter is a direct short to the batt so it needs heavy cable to handle the draw

10. how to install starter motor on 99' Harley Springer?

My answer to an almost identical quesion...... You must remove the outer primary cover and then remove the clutch assembly and compensator assembly to gain access to the starter jackshaft. Before doing this, you will want to check out the compensator spring pack assembly, during the early-mid 2000's, these assemblies were known for weakening and needed to be replaced. To check it, before removal, lift the rear wheel and put the bike in 5th gear. Using the rear wheel to "rock" the engine back and forth, you look at the compensator and alternator rotor, while rocking the engine, if you see the rotor turning BEFORE the compensator, the compensator is bad and needs replaced. On to the starter again, after the clutch and compensator assemblies are removed, unbolt and remove the jackshaft. Then the two 1/4" allen bolts that hold the starter to the inner primary must be removed from the exhaust side, sometimes oil tnak removal is neccessary to gain access to these bolts. Once they are removed, undo the wiring to the starter, swap it out, and put it back together. Take remove the compensator nut and clutch hub nut, you will need an impact gun with a 1 1/2" socket for the compensator and 1 1/8" socket (if I remember correctly) for the clutch hub nut (REVERSE THREAD). When reassambling these, ALL threads MUST be COMPLETELY oil free by cleaning with brake cleaner. RED loctite must be used and these nuts must be torqued....comp nut 175 ft/lbs, clutch nut 100 ft/lbs. The clutch must be fully readjusted at the pushrod and cable (LUBE THE CABLE BEFORE REASSAMBLY) Like I said, if you have to ask this, you are better off letting a pro do it. A pro can do this in about 3 hours, it will take an average person at home all day to do this, and the average person does not have the tools or specs to do it.

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