The Mechanic Says My Heater Coil Needs Fixed What Is This?

The heater CORE is the little radiator device under the dash that heats your car. When they begin to leak and drip coolant on the floor, or cause the windshield to fog up, they need to be replaced. Most full-service repair shops perform this service. Or try the dealer.

1. What is meant by boiling off electrons in a heater coil?

The heated filament produces electrons by thermionic emission.It takes energy to remove an electron from a metal surface, and this energy is called the work function. In a metal the electrons are continuously scattering off lattice vibrations, i. e. the vibration of the metal atoms due to thermal energy. Typically the energy the electron gains from the scattering is of order $kT$, where $k$ is Boltzmann's constant and $T$ is the temperature. At room temperature $kT$ is about 0.025eV while metal work functions are generally around 2 - 5eV, so it would appear that electrons are not scattered with enough energy to escape the metal. However the scattering is a random process, and occasionally an electron will be scattered with an energy greater than the work function. If this electron is near the metal surface it can escape. At room temperature this is very unlikely, but as you heat the metal the energy of the lattice vibrations increases and consequently the electrons are scattered with greater energy. At some point the scattering energy gets big enough that a significant number of electrons are emitted, and this is thermionic emission.It's important to remember that the probability that an electron is scattered with enough energy to escape the metal remains small even when the metal is red hot. Only a very small percentage of the electrons in the metal escape, but this small escape rate is enough to generate a measurable current. Anyhow, you can see why electrons are described as being boiled off, because it's the thermal vibrations of the metal that eject the electrons

2. How much do you think a Heater coil job would cost in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

The cost of a heater core is about $300, the reason is that they have to go under the dash. It is not that bad if you want to do it your self. You can drive it with a leak, you just need to bypass the heater core. Disconnect the supply and return from the core and connect the supply to the return going the engine. The hoses are on the passenger side in the engine area. Get a fitting and two new hose clamps and connect the hoses. The only problem is that you will not have any heat in the winter

3. i have a 1966 ford truck and how hard is it ti replace the heater coil?

it should not be that hard, under the hood on the fire wall to the left you will see a compartment protruding out , there you should see a couple of rubber hoses , this is where the core is located

4. What would cause the heater coil in a dryer to short?

a short means when a hot wire touches a ground, and there is a flash of electricity [ burning it out] is it shorting out or just kicking the breaker ? look for a bare wire touching some where ot a connection touching a metal frame

5. Can you replace a heater coil with a heater coil from the junkyard?Its for a 92 ford f 150?

I would not install used parts

6. 97 Mitsubishi Mirage heater not blowing too hot..i feel more heat as i drive..think its the heater coil?

Check your coolant level

7. How much does a new heater coil repair cost for a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Sounds like the heater core for can bypass it and run it without the heater core hooked up just to make sure. It's probably about a 1-2 hour job to change and I will guess about $100 for a new heater core, so close to $200-250 probably at a shop. You could probably get a used one from a junkyard and change it yourself a lot cheaper if you are handy.

8. Recently, the heater coil went bad on my 99 F-150 4X4. After replacing the heater coils the truck wont start.?

you may need to get a scan tool obd-2 and reboot the clear codes. do you have a repair manual? My guess is its there. does it crank at all? its also possible the fuel switch that was mounted right there where they were working was popped and needs to be reset. its a breaker and the button is on the top of it

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