Turn Infrared LED on and Off in order to Simulate an Infrared Signal

Finally managed to figure it out without using any library. This is how I turn on my TV:

1. No picture Samsung LED TV?

Samsung Led Tv No Picture

2. How long does a broken LED T.V. screen last?

Impossible to say. The physical trauma to the screen wo not necessarily have damaged any of the components, so... a few years, perhaps a decade?

3. MSNBC discusses the "Black Agenda" led by Al Sharpton. When's MSNBC's "White Agenda" on?

having a white agenda would be called racist msnbc sunk to a new low to get viewers

4. computer is not working.(Motherboard led ON,power led OFF,cpu fan OFF).please help.?

To test your power supply, disconnect it from the motherboard. Shorten the green wire from the 20 pin Molex plug to ground with a piece of wiring. That could start it up. (Some power supplies measure the ballast on the 5volt output.) If the power supply-fan is spinning, it works. If you have a multimeter, you could test the power button. If both are fine, make sure you connect the buttons to the motherboard in the right way. Also connect the 4 pin Molex if possible. The green LED on the motherboard is just to show that it has power (3,3v sense). If the RAM, CPU fan or CPU would malfunction, the motherboard would beep at start-up. Bios battery is just to remember settings when disconnected from mains. Udo

5. Guys....Which is better and clearer LED Screen or LCD Screen?

Personally I prefer LED since it has more benefits over LCD LED: big power saver, great for laptops. Crystal clear, you get this nice bright crisp image. cons: hard to see in high amounts of sunlight = glare LCD: no glare, there's a few other benefits but I can not remember, they are not that big though. cons: duller image, easier to damage since there's no protective glass, power drainer :)

6. Who makes the best TV's out there, LCD and LED?

samsung bro... The best ,samsung made the best displays for crt's back in the 90s and the best cell phone displays too, they provide graeter contrast ratio in there displays and better display drivers if you plan for an lcd samsung is a good option in term of product life.but remember that sony invests heavily in developeing the best display grids for their leds so do check for that tooo

7. Why didn't the LED stumps glow when Dhoni got bowled in a free hit in the match against England (2nd ODI that took place on 19th January 2017)?

Because the glowing stumps are programmed such that they do not glow when get hit at free hit. That is awesome, is not it?

8. What HDTV LED should I get that will have a very low response time?

look online for stats on sony bravia or samsung model tvs they normally have a good responce time compare models get 120 hz as well

9. which light bulb uses less energy CFL, LED, or Incandescent?


10. Resistor parallel to optocoupler LED in Zener-stabilized circuit

Here's a "standard" circuit we use for driving opto-couplers.R269 & R268 serve to limit the current to the opto's diode.D26 protects against a reverse voltage on the interface. C180, along with R269 & R268 provide some rudimentary noise filtering.And R265 provides for charge bleedoff.Note - no zener in series with the opto's diode.One more thing to note - this circuit is for interfaces that switch infrequently and have no real speed requirement, such as turning on a power supply. There's a slightly different configuration used when more speed is required, such as sending clocks across the interface

11. Anyone know a good LED flashlight for camping?

I know,, two AA batteries,,powerful but smart size The model TC19 and TC01 you can search the model,I forgot the brand name

12. How do you cut off all Honda accord headlights without cutting the engine off. (Off light switch dosent cut off the LED,s)?

They are running lights. They are supposed to be on whenever the key is on. Either pull the fuse, unplug the lights or throw a blanket on the hood while you are sitting in it. The blanket is probably the easiest way. Just toss it on the hood and cover the lights. Then throw it in before you head back inside. I do have to applaud that you are actually being courteous to other people, though.

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