What Amount of Resistance Do I Need to Lower the Voltage From a 9V Battery to an LED? How Do I Calcu

the equation for LEDs series resistor is as follows -Rled (Vsupply - Vled) / Iledso, assuming a typical current of 20ma which is usual for an ordinary LEDRled (9volts - 2volts) / 0.02 ampsRled 350 ohmsround it up to nearest available valueRled 380 ohms.that would be orange, gray, black in resistor colour code lets not quibble about the fourth or fifth band, the tolerance value.

keep in mind that LEDs are defined by current, not voltage - the series resistor is a current-limiter, so your LED doesnt go BANG! from excessive amps. no sense in wasting a small miracle of tech, is there, hmm?have fun. B-)

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What if the European Union united?

That depends on your view what 'United' exactly means.The same money? The same measurements? the same political values? The same pensions? The same view on borders and freedom of movement? The same colors for trafic lights? (that IS very handy, isn't it?)The same.....? and so on and so on.Has everything to be the same everywhere in the Union? Which exemptions are allowable?Standards on how to discuss these things in a democratic way are handy too.

For short: The Union is very much OK as it is now. And the improvement goes forever, will never end. Whatever that may mean. It can (and will) vary in times. As long as we can discuss things in an orderly and democratic manner.


Do I need to watch Star Trek before Picard?

I would turn it around.

Only if you have watched Star Trek in the past, and enjoyed it, will you want to watch Star Trek Picard.

Its really not that good on its own.

I watched it because i like Patrick Stewart, and i was a Star Trek fan from the Original Series onward.

But this show feels like a very well produced fan fiction series that parades some of the stars from previous shows. And the second series will be more of the same. Patrick Stewart was in The View to promote the show, but also to ask Whoopie Goldberg for the second series.So after the ageless Data somehow looking 30 years older, we will now get Guinan who eludes time that will have gotten much older..


I am 23. I told my parents that I will move out in the future and they scolded me (including vulgar words). My parents are naturally rude though. What should I do?

Do what you said you would. Move out. You are an adult and they are aware of that. Im assuming they dont live with their parents anymore so they are also aware that you have your own life to live. Career. Romantic relationship. Goals. These are things they had as well and some parents have a hard time letting go but you tried to talk to them and they werent supportive so maybe they werent ready to admit it. They wont have a choice when you leave. Just do your best to live the best life you can and show them youre ready to leave the nest in the meantime


Are we seeing the rise of the Fourth Reich?

If the fourth Reich is seen in term of a Nazi renaissance, No. Economically Germany is the dominant force in Europe and this is because Europeans are content to let Germany lead the way. Politically, there is no way that Germany would return to Nazi ideals. The generation that followed the war was burdened by the sins of their fathers. Wars in Europe nowadays are more economical than political. We have had two world wars and a lasting Depression in the fist half of the 20th century. Nobody wants to go back to this situation. However, the US politics of the moment are very far Right and Nazi-like in some way. The Fourth Reich may be somewhere else but not in Europe.

Romy Kerwin.


Why did France leave NATO?

Yes and No.Doubts over the strength of the relationship between the European states and the United States ebbed and flowed, along with doubts over the credibility of the NATO defense against a prospective Soviet invasion doubts that led to the development of the independent French nuclear deterrent and the withdrawal of France from NATO's military structure in 1966. All NATO troops had to withdraw from French territory as well.France was still in NATO but it troops were not.

The policies of French President Nicolas Sarkozy resulted in a major reform of France's military position, culminating with the return to full membership on 4 April 2009, which also included France rejoining the NATO Military Command Structure, while maintaining an independent nuclear deterrent.


What was the significance of the Americans of the 1949 communist victory in China?

The people in Washington failed to listen to the foreign service diplomats in the fields in China. There was too much anti socialism and anti communism hysteria in American politics. Washington failed to recognize through out the world at the time there was a nationalist movement which Washington interpreted as a social, communist movement.

Washington did not lose China to the communist; Washington failed to recognize China's awakening, China's attempt to expel all Western and Japanese imperialistic encroachment. The West to this day still fail to understand China's position and is still fighting international communism.Even today China is attempting to secure herself from foreign colonization.


What happened to the person who accidentally killed the son of John Gotti (the Mafia Crime boss) with his automobile?

John favara disappeared it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. He was begging to be made an example out of. He had the audacity to drive around in the car that he hit Frank Gotti with. Even after he was approached to get rid of the car. So Victoria Gotti Sr did not have to look at it every day when she pulled up in front of her house. His response to getting rid of the car was I don't scare that easily. He even told Victoria Gotti and I quote that little bastard son of yours should have never been riding that bike anyway. I know because I was there. I grew up in Howard Beach. That is a real nice thing to say to a grieving mother


Why was Led Zeppelin's performance at Live Aid so terrible?

Largely because it was unrehearsed. The members of Led Zeppelin hadnt played together since John Bonhams death in September 1980, and had never played with Tony Thompson or Phil Collins. There were no rehearsals because Jimmy Page was still working to beat a drug problem and Robert Plant was touring as a solo artist. Playing with an unfamiliar drummer is difficult at best, even if he knows the music well - Tony Thompson did, but Phil Collins seemed to never have heard the songs.

There are other factors - nobody bothered to tune Jimmy Pages guitar, and Phil Collins pulled the stunt of playing at Wembley Stadium and then flying Concorde to join Zeppelin in Philadelphia - but mostly it was the lack of rehearsal


Ancient Persian extended their empire to Greece, why didn't they try to conquer India?

They persians were not fools for not doing so since India was much more powerful than them at the time under the Gujjar Pratihar Emperors and in case of attack India the Persian Empire would have been lost to Gujjar Pratihar Emperors. This question should be asked in a reverse manner that why the Gujjar Pratihars Emperors of India even after having an army size of 80 Lakhs did not conquer Persia? It is because there was nothing to invade, in Persia that time since the horses and elephants used by the armies, could not be fed on petrol and diesel.Hypothetically it is true that in present circumstances the Gujjar Pratihar Emperors would have conquered Persia to take control on vast reserve of oil in that region but the people are more civilised now.


How did the fighting on the western front change during the WW1?

It actually changed surprisingly much, no offence to theguy that already answered. It started out fluid, with the German invasion, and for teh first two month the front moved back and forth fairly dramatically. Following that, the next 3 years was stalemate, as already stated,with constant artillery barrages, battles of attrition, and ceaseless attacks on trenches. However, the Germans soon learned from Russian attacks in the Brusilov Offensive, and trained some of their best formations to be Sturmtruppen, or storm troops, to infiltrate enemy lines and take advantage of weak areas. This restored moblilty to a certain extent, be deviating from traditional human wave assaults. The allies soon refined this, and with the addition of tanks and supporting aircraft attacks, finally gave way to mobile war one again.


What do you think about some people refusing to follow rules during a lockdown?

Its hard to predict but to understand their shoes while to feel the pain which they have been in since the lockdown generated whereas also how their frustrating are been generated and explortating which makes them angry or broken from heart while they are not able to meet their desire and requirements which are generally needed. Whereas while following or forfeit the lockdown has become challenges for lots of person within the different states and area in every corner since the virus has ate lots of lives of people in India which is still less as per comparison to other whole countries whose have become the bait since lots of unthinkable lives has destroyed families in every corner


Why didn't the Confederate Army just attack Washington D.C. in 1863, and tried to end the war right then and thereby forcing Lincoln to surrender?

The rebels attacked in Maryland. It was a strategic failure. They attacked Gettysburg. It was an even bigger disaster.By 1861, DC was the most fortified city on earth. Any serious and sustained attack on DC back then would have been suicide for an army 3 times more numerous and better equipped than what the rebels could field.For comparison, if the confederates couldn't dislodge the union off the high ground at Gettysburg, why would anyone think they could take a city with massive fortifications like DC? They lacked siege guns, lacked the manpower, had no navy to carry out an amphibious assault, and most importantly, the rebel command and control was completely dysfunctional.


Are there investment opportunities in Beirut?

Investment in land is surely a good investment. Real Estate is also good since right now the bank is not giving out housing loans. So cash is king. you can bargain on a $500K house/apartment and get almost 50% off.

investment in bars/restaurants is tricky. If the business works, you'll make a fortune. otherwise you'll be out in just a few months.The economy is weak and people are afraid to spend. But Lebanese like to live. So they spend on food/drinks mostly.

Be careful of what type of investment you do. Always ask local businessmen. Most big companies are controlled by politicians. So if you try to compete they'll give you a hard time, and most probably you will not succeed.

Hope this helps!.


Is there any band artistically better than the Beatles at any time?

If we look at artistic talent as singing, playing, and writing, no band, other than KISS (the original line up), has come close. Most bands have just one lead singer. Sometimes, the lead singer doesnt even play an instrument. Most bands have only one songwriter (who sometimes collaborates with someone outside the band). There are very few bands (Styx, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Chicago), other than KISS, with more than one lead singer. Very few bands (Queen, Styx, Eagles), other than KISS, who have more than one songwriter. So, if we were to look at any band artistically (as I have mentioned) equal to or better than the Beatles, then no, there isnt, except for KISS, the original line up.


What is a totalitarian ideology?

Totalitarian ideology theoretically permits no individual freedom and seeks to subordinate all aspects of individual life to the authority of the state. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini coined the term totalitario in the early 1920s to characterise the new fascist state of Italy, which he further described as "all within the state, none outside the state, none against the state." By the beginning of World War II, totalitarian had become synonymous with absolute and oppressive single-party government.

Totalitarian states can be broadly summarised as non-democratic political systems that use modern tools such as the mass media, alongside a political police, to try to coordinate all aspects of life among an entire population. Contemporary extreme right movements can also be seen as totalitarian. ( From Britannica and Open Democracy)

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