What Are the Benefits of LED Strip Lights?

What are the Benefits of LED Strip Lights? These LED Strip Lights have greater life span than conventional bulbs and they can work for more than 50,000 hours. And from LEDMyplace you can purchase these LED at a very fair and cheap price in all over USA.

1. LED Strip Lights Kit, Acouto Ultra-thin Soft Tube Guide LED Strip 8-Color Turn Signal DRL Daytime Running Light, Bulbs - Amazon Canada

Features: Made of high quality PVC plastic material and durable in use. 8 color switchback LED strip, soft and easy to make any shapes, striking warning effect to enhance driving safety. DC 12V operation voltage can be wired into your existing car lights or other projects. Environmental-friendly: energy saving, shock-proof and anti-corrosion. High luminous efficiency with high brightness light output, long lifespan, superior illumination & stability. Suitable for any 12V battery vehicle. Easy to install. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Material: PVC Plastic Light Color: Colorful Length: 60cm/23.6inch Voltage: 12V DC Package Weight: Approx 257g Fitment: Suitable for any 12V vehicle Wiring Connection: There are 5 wires for the input of the product controller 1. Red wire for positive 2.Black wire for negative 3.Blue wire for the left signal 4.Yellow wire for the strobe 5.Red and black wire for the daytime running light Package list: 2 * LED Light Strip with Controller(Battery included) 1 * User Manual 4 * String Note: Strips can be cut, but it is not recommendable and do not stress the cables or bent to much. When you try to open the headlight to install them, you must be careful.

2. Are blue led strip lights illegal in the grill of your car in missouri?

Yes, it's illegal in every state. zxc090

3. How can I install LED strip lights?

do you decide on the gentle to go back on once you turn a change or perhaps as the door is opened. you've 2 wire purple and black, the black is the floor and could be hookup to the motor vehicle metallic floor utilising a screw. The purple wire is the nice and comfy wire, in case you decide on to manually turn it on you desire a toggo change (connect the purple wire to it and connect a wire (purple) on the different area of the change and connect it to the battery or any warm wire. For doom gentle operation connect the nice and comfy wire to the doom gentle warm wire. wish this help and sturdy success

4. can i wire to led strip lights to one rocker switch?

Sure! Bring one power lead to the up-stream side of the switch. Splice the two positives together on the downstream side of the switch and the current will flow equally to each set of lights. Make sure you ground both of them at the other end.

5. How to install RGB color changing LED strip lights

How to install and control RGB color changing LED lights Note: ALWAYS consult an electrician before doing any electrical installations. This is a guide, and is not to be used as a replacement for a licensed electrician's services. Installing RGB color changing LED light strips is a relatively easy task. Below are the items you will need: Our RGB LED strip light uses 12 volts and 2.2 watts per foot. So, if you want to install 13 feet of RGB color changing LED light strips you will need a power supply to handle 28.6 watts. Remember, watts divided by volts equals amps. So a simple computation will tell you which power supply you need. You typically need to use a power supply that has a max load 20% larger than the load you need to make sure the unit does not overheat, and functions efficiently. You would need a 4-amp power supply for the above example. More information is available in our Choosing Your LED Power Supply . Installing the LED RGB color changing strip light to the control box From the RGB remote, you will need to connect the LED RGB solderless connector or some extra RGB wire. Make sure you strip the plastic off of the wire to expose enough bare wire to make a secure connection. Use the screw terminals to tighten the wire down. Make sure you look to see that the (), R, G, and B markings on the strip are matching those on the RGB control box. Once you have the RGB lights hooked up, it is time to install the control box to the power unit. There are two terminals to hook up the () and (-) DC inputs from your power unit. Make sure the power is off when you install the driver. Once connections are double checked, turn the power on and use the remote to control the LED strip lights. If your lights do not light up: None Wire color does not always matter! Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the solderless connector wire to the power supply. Red/black can either mean () or (-) depending on what side of the LED flex strip you have hooked the connector to. For RGB installs, Make sure you have the connectors on the right way and the right colors are connecting to the right terminals. None Another common problem is that the solderless connector may be installed upside down; repeat steps above and try again. None Also, make sure the tray is closed all the way on the solderless connectors. Be gentle! None Check your power supply and make sure it is hooked up properly, with correct () and (-) as well.

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Anyones Have a 1991 Honda Civic Sedan?
i like them under the driver and passenger foot area then two under both of the seats. for the back.and then the lED strips on the roof. along the edgesit really depends if its a bright or dark color.and users opinion• Related QuestionsIs this a good gaming computer set up?Ok look, you are overspending by getting the x79 platform. An i7 3770k on a z77 motherboard will be exactly the same performance and 1/3 the cost. And the i7 does not benefit gaming, so get an i5, it is exactly the same. You dont need 16gb of ram either, 8gb (2x4gb) is more than enough. Your graphics card is fine but you should look at the gtx 670, it performs slightly better in BF3, and you get physX support on games like borderlands 2. A 2tb drive is fine but you may also want an SSD for your OS and programs, 120gb is enough. 800w is a bit much, 600-700w is enough, get a high quality one, corsair or seasonic------Yr 8 Science Project Help!!! Electronics!?This one undertaking as a institution used to be performed while I used to be in 6Th Grade (I'm now in second 12 months in school) and the undertaking used to be: Get 3 extraordinary manufacturers of Tortilla chips and notice which company has the largest chip so extra dips can also be taken for one chip. Do a couple of size by way of getting a thread and measuring the perimeters of the chip, get the normal of the 3 company chips, end, record the knowledge, speculation, and performed! We had ninety five% for the undertaking------Additional lighting for this fishtank?LED lights work wonders on my five bettas. Unfortunately I don't believe it is compatible with the lid of your aquarium. If you want to keep that aquarium you may have to make a glass canopy for it so that you can place an LED strip light on top or you can just buy a new a aquarium that includes LED lighting.
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