What Are the Different Ways to Say 'Hello" in Irish?

I agree with Graham. This is a good way to say "hello": Dia is Muire dhuit ("hello" literally "god and Mary with you") Dia is Muire dhuit agus Pdraig (reply to "hello" literally "god and Mary and Saint Patrick with you") or often the reply is the same as the greeting: Dia is Muire dhuit. I have heard this mostly in Muscra (southern Ireland county Cork) Another nice way to say hello (and the reply) is: D bheatha-sa. (may god give you a healthy life) Go maire-se i bhfad. (may you live a long life) By the way, your pronunciation of "Dia dhuit" sounds pretty close; I would stick with that. The "dh" sound does not have an equivalent sound in English so it takes a little practice for an English speaker. Also, the new spelling is misleading because it leaves out the "h" in the word dhuit.

1. "Hello, World!”

Not printing Hello World seems to be a lot harder in Foo that the opposite...Try it online!

2. Hello anyone i need horse help?

get the tack when you have him. you will need the right size. what if it does not go a head, you will be stuck with the tack.you wont get the same money for them if you sell them.

3. Hello my name is _____ and I am addicted to ______!!?

hey my name is Sara and i am addicted to mt. dew and cheese biscuits

4. MAC's hello kitty beauty powder...help?

it's not for your whole face

5. Hello I am looking for advice on a mountain/trail bike?

Frame sizing - it's all about the proper frame size. Bike (linked below) comes in 3 frame sizes, 17", 19.5" & 21". If one of those frame sizes is right for you & the bike just plain "feels" right to you - buy it. Bicycles are not gender specific in most cases. Take it for an EXTENSIVE test ride before the sale

6. How to write "Hello Word” with dd? [closed]

Using dd and echo:sample output:Other examples from here:the output;

7. Hello, do you have a moment to talk about the Lord?

Nothing is cooking right now. My mom is dead and she was cremated, so she does not really have a hairstyle. I am wearing make-up. I smell disinfectant. My underwear is red. Roses have thorns to keep animals from eating the rosehips so the rose bush can make babies. Tile. Fetal position. I do stretch in the morning, and so does my cat and my 2 parakeets. I oppose the way veal are housed. I think it's horribly inhumane for any animal to be treated like that. But I have no problem eating a baby cow. I just think that all meat animals should be treated humanely before slaughter

8. Whats the code for Hello world! in vbs?

complex stuff look into from google and yahoo just that might help

9. What is the output for in main char *ptr="hello"; ptr ='m'; printf ("%s", *s);?

Line 3 has a problem.ptr='m';Pointer ptr points to the text segment. Text segment is a different memory segment which does not allow any kind of modification of data values.If your compiler does not give an error, then choose a different compiler. Learn to Code in a proper manner and avoid such lines of code. #happyCodingMemory Layout of C Programs - GeeksforGeeks

10. Hello english speakers! Could you correct this for me please??

Are you kidding me, i can not even spell hello

11. Hello, can I take your order?

one cheese burger & french fries plz

12. Hello World Module On Magento 1.9

Your frontend router is not properly declared, you need to replace:With:Notice the lowercase "s" in "standard"

13. hello there. if anyone remeber me...?

Jamie, you are alive :o

14. How do you say "Hello" in Persian?

salamSa as in Saturdaylam as in mom

15. What is the shortest way to print "Hello World" in C?

For more understanding checkout that program from this videoTo get source code of that program, checkout this linkMoTechStore/Simplified-C-40-programs

16. Hello! Answer my survey? :)?

Yes Not this year Yes Yes Neither Other No No N/A N/A

17. could you tell me how to say hello in many different lanuguages??

spelling phonetically so you can learn to say them- good morning- Japanese, o-ha-yo (sounds almost just like 'Ohio') Russian, dobray-ootra German, gooten morgen good day- German, gooten tag good afternoon Japanese, kon-nichi-wa Russian, dobray- dahn good evening Japanese, kon-ban-wa German, gooten abend

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