What Are the Most Recent Social Media Platforms?

DupDup - Be Someone's Hero - A New and exciting social Networking App with a purpose to help each other and create a kind world! Download today!Google Play Dupdup: Make Social Connections, Be Someones Hero - Apps on Google Play || App Store DupDupDupDup is a heartbeat as a word. it's an easy way to capture and share memories with the world. It is the simple way to ask and answer questions and tell the entire world who is your real-life hero. Help others, and be someone's Hero. Follow your friends, family, and like-minded heroes, while enjoying the interest based curated feed fueled by an A.I. buddyWe're targeting to reach an ARPU of US$ 1.50 over the next three years. Dupdup App positioned at the intersection of social, interest-based content and self-help/personal growth platforms can ideally target for a user-base of around 100 million users over the next 4 years. Estimating an average ARPU of around US$ 0.7 per user, the worst case revenue potential is about US$ 70 million. A best-case scenario, with an ARPU of 1.5 US$ per user/year leads to a revenue potential of US$ 150 million within 4 years.

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What are 10 Latin phrases everyone should know?

Here are some of my favorites, with my own (not completely literal) translations:Cui bono: Who benefits? This is the question that I ask whenever I see or hear advice or an assertion, to see if the advisor has a conflict of interest.Res ipsa loquitur: The thing speaks for itself. If someone, on Quora for instance, says something really stupid, sometimes its better not to spend time explaining how wrong it is.De gustibus non est disputandum: Dont argue about taste. If someone thinks techno music is good, who am I to argue (as long as I dont have to listen to it)?Pro re nata: As needed, in medical contexts (abbreviated PRN). Literally, it means for the thing which has been born.Illegitimi non carborundum: This isnt real Latin, but it is still good advice.Semper ubi sub ubi: This one doesnt even pretend to be Latin. Frederic Wheelock included it in his Latin textbook as a joke, but I doubt that it was original with him. To get the meaning, translate each word individually into English, and say it all quickly, not paying much attention to the quality of the puns.Semper: Alwaysubi: wheresub-ubi: under-where

Its excellent advice for most people my age, but fortunately not everyone needs to take it. ;)


Why doesn't Netherrealm Studios allow unsolicited games by fans?

It's not just Netherrealm who does this; I'd argue that any game company worth their salt doesn't allow unsolicited, third party games or ideas for a number of reasons, not the least of which is:Independent game developers don't have (or, sometimes, don't want to have) the level of scrutinizing QA a game company's designers live by.They also don't have the company's finances and technology, or a AAA developer's technical know-how, to make a game to their standards.They only have their own take on a game's/franchise's storylines, and only as a fan as opposed to the lead creative folks. They KNOW the characters and events, but the don't LIVE with them day after day to understand the finer details, or they may usurp a huge portion of a game's themes and plot to focus on something far smaller or unnecessary ("sure, the two lead characters have this going on, but let's try to be a creative writer and make the REAL bad guy the NPC you interacted with for 5 seconds at the beginning of the game who you completely forgot about a day later! PLOT TWIST!")But really more than anything, any game you'd develop for a particular franchise will only be fully appreciated by you and you alone. You may feel it's the best (or, the best you can do) and have it end up panned across the board thanks to you not having all those important elements and money at your disposal


How do I address formally two persons in an email?

In a formal letter, if you know their names, you address them with Dear Mr. White and Mr. Black; Dear Ms. Green and Ms. Gold; Dear Ms. Smith and Mr. Jones; or if theyre married, Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams. If you dont know their names, but you know one is male and one female, Dear Sir and Madam. If you dont know their names but both are male, Id suggest Gentlemen. If you dont know their names but both are female, Id suggest Ladies: (although traditionally it was Mesdames:). I believe youd want the same greetings in a formal e-mail as in a letter.Footnotes: (1) Fifty years ago, if there were several addressees and you didnt know any names, the letter had to begin simply Gentlemen: Please note, not Dear Gentlemen, just Gentlemen: Now, we begin with Ladies and Gentlemen: (again, not Dear Ladies and Gentlemen). (2) Sadly, there are ill-informed people who are wrongheaded enough to object to Madam or Ladies for women as somehow sexist and insulting and object to Gentlemen for men as, I dont know, elitist or otherwise politically incorrect. Unwilling to use words like Madam, Ladies or Gentlemen, they put forward all sorts of awful-sounding workarounds. My advice is that the traditional words showing respect should still be acceptable among enlightened, well-mannered people. Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State was Madam Secretary, and why not?


What are some tips for getting a girlfriend in high school?

For some reason the saying Quality over Quantity seems to ring a bell here.Not EXACTLY the right saying but I can make it work.Personally kid, just relax and be you. If you really want to meet girls and see if they like you just walk up to some of them and talk to them. Better yet, maybe help a female friend or classmate our in class, or if shes already your friend do something nice and buy her a juicebox or something, bitches love juiceboxes (thats totally a joke, look it up).Anyways FAST probably isnt going to land you in a good place with a girl, either youll end up dating some girl whos not that interested in you and will hurt you, or your going to come across as a creep for trying to get some girl to date you super fast. Your young, just enjoy time with your friends and if you really want to try to find a girlfriend, just try befriending girls first.

The easiest way to get multiple girls attention is to already be friends with a few. Chances are if your friends with a girl, shes got 56 other friends at least who have noticed you talking to her. Some might be interested, some might not. But it increases your chances of one of them finding you attractive and wanting to get to know you better.One Quality girl is worth a million crappy ones. Aka Quality over Quantity


What is your favourite Xhosa word?

Hi Jesse,My favourite Xhosa word is "Wethu". Directly translated it means "ours". It's use however is what makes the word endearing. When Xhosa people speak to you and use the word they literally are calling you "theirs". A phrase might be "Molo Wethu" and it translates into "Hello ours". A better translation might be Hello Brother of ours, or Hello Sister of ours or, Hello Friend of ours, or Hello Guest of ours. Xhosa people use it repeatedly in reference to you and there is charm to this repetition as well.This is an abbreviation of say "dadewethu" which means sister or "mfowethu" meaning brother. It can be used to mean the possession of anything. The structure of the language means that possessive terms is not as distant an clinical as it is in English and speaks more of embracing ownership than is the case in English. Therefore when used the charm and endearment is hard to translate, however the affection that comes from being consistently referred to as "Wethu" is hard to beat. It signals you have been adopted and embraced and does so in a simple, charming, inclusive and disarming in way that is hard to beat in a language that is among the most beautiful and descriptive I have come across.


When you pass someone on the street, do you like saying "Hi" to people or would you prefer to stay silent? Do you like it when people say "Hello" to you or do you prefer that they stay silent?

If Im walking down the street in a place like New York City, I would not be waving and saying hello to everybody a pass. However, if I see someone I know I will wave and say hi. When driving or walking around my suburban neighborhood, I will always wave and say hi to the neighbors even if I dont know them well. Its just a very friendly thing to do and it feels good.I think its always a nice thing to carry around an attitude of friendliness. Its amazing what a simple smile can do to make a person feel good. Every now and then, when someone makes eye contact with you, the automatic response ought to be to smile. But you also have to consider the particular circumstance. If youre at a party or at a cocktail lounge and youre saying hi to people, is a gesture to solicit some kind of interaction . If youre with a group of strangers in a public place and youre saying hello to everyone you see, it has a different impact. People might think youre a little strange. But I will say, in general terms, I like saying hi to people and its nice when people respond.


Why do people hire personal chefs?

I run a personal chef business called Table at HomeWhen we started the business we thought that the main reason people would hire a personal chef would be a lack of time, with busy executive couples our main customers. And that we would have a mix of regular mid week and one off weekend event work.Things have actually turned out a bit different. The majority of our bookings are special occasion dinner parties - like a birthday, anniversary or some other celebration like a promotion. For us, the average booking is a 3 course dinner for 68 people. The regular mid week work for people too busy has been less important for us.

One real surprise for us on why people hire personal chefs has been that we are increasingly finding that people like to hire personal chefs to give private cooking lessons or coaching sessions. This can be a real fun and rewarding event for a family or a small group like a corporate team. And the there are no limits on the cuisine you can learn to cook. Over Christmas last year, we had a guy book a sushi making lesson for his whole family as a Christmas gift. Everyone got their own mats from grandpa to the little ones, and everyone loved learning together how to make something new. And best of all, they got to eat the results!Daniel.

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