What Does S.S. Mean When It's in the Name of a Boat?

In the days of sailing ships, the term SS stood for Sailing Ship. Steam ships are termed SS which stands for "Steam ship" because they are powered by steam. If the vessel is powered by a internal combustion motor such as diesel engine or a gas turbine unit, the vessel's name has MV ("Motor Vessel") denoting the type of propulsion the vessel has.

1. What is the reason for diesel engine coolant conception?

To prevent the engine from overheating

2. Where can I get a Japanese diesel engine for a US spec Toyota Previa?

Check ebay. I picked up a good low mile transfer case for mine off a guy that brought in parts from Japan. He sold through ebay, his store was in New York but he shipped reasonably

3. what is the first movement that takes place as soon as you turn the keys in a diesel engine?

The first position turns on the glow plug relay

4. What is the fuel pressure on a stock lift pump 1982 6.2 chevy diesel engine?

6.2 Diesel Fuel Pump

5. Can I add a lubricity additive to use JetA fuel in a Ford Lehman Diesel Engine?

It will be cheaper to pay to dispose of the fuel than to buy a new engine so I would recommend that you only use the fuel that your engine is designed to run on

6. Can I leave my Diesel Engine running while putting gas?

Yes it is safe for you to fill up your diesel while its running because diesel is not considered volatile. Although all gas stations have requirements advising you against running the engine (gas or diesel) while fueling. SEE NOTES Engine Running It is dangerous to leave a car running when fueling. A running car presents a number of "ignition sources" for fuel vapor. The exhaust components of a modern car can literally glow red hot during normal operation. They typical ignition system creates voltages above 40,000 volts. But turning off your engine while refueling is not just to prevent your car from starting a fire. There is also a safety issue in the event of fire, regardless of the source. In case a fire does occur at the fuel station a running car is danger. Imagine that fire burns through one of the rubber fuel hoses under your running car. Most fuel pumps deliver gasoline at about 15 to 40 pounds per square inch (PSI). Your fuel pump is now spraying a tremendous amount of gasoline at an open flame.

7. how do i get black exhuast without using Diesel Engine or gas?

Your engine will begin to smoke black when it is under a load if you have the carb set as rich as you can get it without stalling

8. Can I use diesel engine oil for my petrol car?

i swear by royal purple

9. How to extend the life of the dual mass flywheel in a diesel engine?

Reading around a bit on the dual mass clutch the friction plate between the two masses is the component that will often wear out as it is designed to keep from too much torque being sent through to the transmission, taking the hit itself instead (choice between burning up a couple hundred dollar flywheel or a transmission in the thousands of dollars).Sitting idle in neutral, you are not putting the system under load and so that should not be creating wear.Any time you press and then release the clutch pedal, you are disengaging the clutch disc from the flywheel and then re-engaging it. This causes wear on the clutch disc and flywheel.The time you are going to put the most strain on the friction plate is during acceleration (that is when the most force is exerted onto the drivetrain) so I would suggest keeping a steady speed over speeding up, coasting, speeding up, coasting

10. What are the ingredient(s) needed to add to used Vegetable oil to burn in an unmodified diesel engine?

Dude are you serious, if someone knew that, they would be rich. Try mixing 1/4 cup carrot and a half teaspoon of oergano and a half ounce of umm celery

11. what happens if you too much oil into a vauxhall diesel engine?

Its best not to over fill with oil it can do all sorts of damage. You will need to undo the sump plug and when you think you have let out enough oil put the plug back into the sump and re-check the oil level. Its much cheaper to get some oil on your hands and then wash it off than having to replace engine seals! oh you can save the oil if it has not done many miles and re use it, providing it is still clean! good luck

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