What Is the Best Way to Heat Your House - Portable Kerosene Heater, Wood Stove Or Furnace?

Your problem is not your furnace.... it's keeping the cold air out. You need to seal the windows and doors to keep the cold drafts out. If the house was built in 1921, then I am going to guess that it's lacking proper insulation in the walls and attic. They used to use crumpled up newspaper for insulation in the walls before modern fiberglass. If you feel the wall with your hand and its feels cold, chances are that there is not enough insulation in the wall, if any at all. The attic should have at least 8" of insulation to prevent heat loss thru the ceiling and roof. If you keep the cold air out, the furnace will run less because it does not have a lot of cold air to heat. If the windows leak and are very drafty, they should be replaced, or at the very least, sealed up so no cold draft comes in. It's a better investment than a new furnace, because the new furnace will still have to heat the cold air that leaks in from the windows

1. can heating with kerosene kill you? i have no heat so i am using a kerosene heater?

not if u use it right

2. Kerosene heater filled with fire extinguisher's powder? Safe to use or not?

If its full of fire extinguisher powder it's not going to be able to maintain combustion. You need it professionally cleaned and serviced before use

3. Kerosene Heater not throwing off much heat.?

Yes! It's been super cold outside the last few days. The heater has to work harder to overcome the cold temp. Papaw

4. Kerosene heater filled with fire extinguisher? Safe?

Yay for foolish "in Hell" questions!!!! Are you sure we will even have fire extinguishers? Will they be replaced with flame throwers? Will the emergency exits be obviously marked? Ohhh.... I've a new silly Q

5. Where can I buy 2 to/or 5 gallon container of kerosene for a heater?

if you searcha dndo not mind buying online then there are heaters that will work for a 2.5 gallon tank. you could keep a few guppies or a betta or paradise fish. i had a 2.5 with a dwar fpuffer a little while ago, but decided to put him in a 25 and use the 2. 5 for feeder snails for them. you could also just get a few live plants and a couple of ghost or cherry shrimp, it would still look cool

6. What is the best way to heat your house - portable Kerosene heater, wood stove or furnace?

hummm. If you have a mechanical thermostat I suspect its out of calibration and the simple solution would be to replace it. Thats pretty inexpensive. Your fighting a poorly insulated house. BUT these houses generally were not that big. So, what you can do is make sure the furnace filter is nice and clean. The other thing you can do is change the blower speed from the med setting to the high speed setting. This will help. You have to remove the furnace panel. Locate the wires coming off the motor, on the back of the furnace panel is a wiring diagram. On the diagram it will say blower motor Low, Med, Med High, High. All you need to do is shut the power off at the furnace, locate the existing wire (by default from factory its set to med speed) then unplug that wire (its 1 wire) the attach the wire for High Speed. Button things back up and turn the power back on

7. What do ask for in mexico when u want kerosene for a heater? queroseno is not correct?

Jet fuel is kerosene. I do not think airplanes use kerosene for combustion engines but I am not sure

8. Where can I find kerosene for my kerosene heater near the Marcus Hook, Pa area?

Sorry I have no info on where you might find the kerosene you are looking for, but I would offer one suggestion. When you do find it, make sure it's CLEAR K-1 kerosene, and has no dye of any sort in it. The dye clogs and ruins wicks in a very short period of time.

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