What Is the Difference Between Drone Attacks and Suicide Bombs?

a drone is directed against terrorists and military targets a suicide bomb is directed at anyone in the immediate area. I am surprised you did not know this. but I am glad to educate you

1. Can I file a complaint against the person flying a drone near my window?

You can charge them, with trespassing or you can spray slime on the drone or shoot it from the ground. In that way the bullet goes straight up instead of into a neighbors house

2. Has a drone ever been used to assassinate someone?

Maybe if he is in a group woth terrorists. If not just snipe them. I think a drone was looking at Osama bin Laden and no action was taken

3. What difference if it is a drone strike or police sniper?

To use drone strikes upon our enemies in a wartime situation is one thing; to use the drones to assassinate US Citizens who have not even had their renouncing of citizenship confirmed before a judge is pure murder in the first degree. We have, as citizens, the right to due process and Obama with his hit list and assassination has broken the Constitution, broken all ethical and moral restraints, and shown he cares not one bit for anyone of the United States. With drone strikes he has opened the door for them to be used upon US Citizens for the foggiest of reasons. The interpretation of his order is deliberately vague so to encompass any perceived crime or suspicion as grounds for assassination.

4. Was 9/11 Commercial Aircraft Craft with Predator Drone Mods?

No. Do not think so. Look in the real world. Decode this lyrics " You will see " "The Final countdown" "Fire ! " "Aquarius/ Let the sunshine in " "Turn back the clock" "Come undone" How? With seven times of extra ordinary power of destruction beyond the imagination of any living human kind in time? In movies may be? But not " Reality" that became a nightmares in time? Luke 21.30-36 Luke 9.25,55-56,60 Luke 8.5-8,10-17 Luke 4.4 Matt 5.9,14 Matt 1.17 Revelation 22.13-17 Luke 24.44-45,47-48 Luke 21.27-28 Revelation 16.12-14 Leviticus 26.30-41 John 7.19 Luke 2.32 Matt 22.17-21,32 Luke 11.33-36,46-52 Leviticus 4.13,22 Exodus 20.12 Exodus 20.1-18 Luke 10.24 Luke 19.10 Revelation 17 - 20 Exodus 23.24,32 What do you think?

5. THe ACLU has filed a lawsuit to reveal the locations of drone aircraft, & to stop the assault on terrorists?

The ACLU are communists, just like Obuma

6. Isn't drone just a new word for RC? (Remote control)?

I used to ask for a helicopter every year, which was a bit too expensive, I had to make do with a Ferrari

7. Suggestions for drone?

Photography is my passion and soon I am planing to devote fully to it

8. Would you Own A Drone?

I would not own a drone I would become friends with a drone.... like the people in Star Wars they are always becoming friends with their robots

9. Do You Consider the Drone Bombing in Pakistan, The Congo, Phillippines & Somalia an Act of Terrorism When?

I consider terrorism a word without a solid definition, so I do not use it. Basically, terrorism is "politically motivated violence." But nearly every group of people on earth has committed politically motivated violence at some point, and they tend to exclude their own politically motivated violence from the definition. Sometimes they even frame it as heroism, calling it "freedom fighting." And nearly every revolution begins with something that would be readily identifiable as terrorism if the revolution were quelled. For example, the Storming of the Bastille - who can possibly differentiate that from any given act of terrorism?

10. How is Drone Warfare Legal?

Well, they should be happy then. Because the US was a lot softer on them than some other countries would be if they had carried out their terrorism against them. Maybe that's why these psychopaths are so willing to attack us, they know we wo not respond the way we should. War is not about being fair. No army in history has ever wanted to fight a fair battle. If you had more men than the other guy.. you brought them. If you had iron weapons and they had copper.. you did not downgrade your weapons. If you had elephants you rode them right over the enemy and crushed as many as you could. If you hard artillery and your opponent did not , you slaughtered as many as you could before they could get to you. If you have drones and you can use them to kill worthless jihadist filth that do not even know you are there.. you do it.

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Introduction to 3D Reconstruction Technology of UAV Image Processing Technology
First, briefly introduce the process of three-dimensional reconstruction (SFM).1. Photo shootingIf you want to align with the map, the EXIF field of the collected image file needs to have GPS information or add the corresponding ground control point2. Extract feature pointsFeature points with certain invariance are extracted from photos. The feature points that can be found in multiple photos will be used for subsequent image matching and global model generation.The commonly used feature point extraction algorithms include sift, surf, orb, etc.3. Feature matchingPairwise matching can be performed, which will lead to the time complexity of N2.It can also be matched based on timing information or GPS position, which will significantly reduce the time consumption when there are many photos, but may lead to error accumulation.Photos that successfully match enough feature points will be considered as adjacent. A set of relative position relationships can be calculated between each pair of successfully matched images to represent how the camera needs to move from the shooting position of one image to the relative position of another image. Such motion can usually be expressed as a three-dimensional rotation matrix R and a displacement vector t. The rotation matrix can also be compactly represented by the unit quaternion.4. Optimization processTheoretically, if the matching relationship is a chain, the position of each point can be calculated directly. However, if the matching between photos is a "net" (a connected undirected graph in the data structure), the solution result of the camera position corresponding to each photo is not unique. Although the real camera position is unique, there will be errors due to multiple observations of the same camera position. Generally, it is assumed that the error term of the unknown distribution obeys the Gaussian distribution (the information entropy of the Gaussian distribution is the largest under the same variance), so the constructed three-dimensional point reduction non overlapping loss functions are all about the square of the distance. At this time, the optimization is similar to the structure of the spring net (the energy is proportional to the square of the error). If there is external position information, it can be understood that the spring net is fixedly connected to the building, so the optimal position is determined; If not, only the position between the "springs" has the optimal solution, and where the "spring net" is can be explained arbitrarily, which has nothing to do with the optimization process.The method to solve this optimization problem is to establish the optimization graph and construct the corresponding Jacobian matrix J and Hessian matrix H. Perform Gauss Newton or Levenberg – Marquardt descent. Here are some mathematical techniques such as turning a redundant rotating matrix (Lie group) into a non redundant vector (Lie algebra), but I won't introduce them more.After several drops, a result close to the optimal solution is generally obtained.5. Point cloud generationAfter optimization, the position of each photo camera and the spatial position corresponding to the feature point have been determined (note here that if the EXIF information of the photo does not have GPS position and GCP, the size of the object in the image is unknown. At this time, Se (3) transform degenerates into sim (3) transform). Sparse point clouds can be reconstructed, and the position of feature points can be restored to 3D space through triangulation.6. Point cloud densification and filteringThrough the coarse matching and coarse point cloud in the previous step, refine the part step by step, extract more features (not necessarily feature points, but also regional blocks), and match to obtain a more dense point cloud.Generally, there are only dozens to hundreds of sift / surf feature points in an image. This matching is very robust, but obviously even if all these points are matched, it is not enough to restore any valuable graphics. This requires the densification of the point cloud and the gradual refinement of the previous camera position and attitude information (hereinafter referred to as pose) to restore a more dense point cloud.Because it is local matching, even if the particularly robust algorithms such as sift and surf are not used, the impact of false matching is small. Patchmatching is generally used to match one area at a time. After this step, many three-dimensional vertices will be generated on the surface of the model. These vertices will appear in the final 3D model.In the process of feature point matching and point cloud densification, there will be many miscellaneous points that have nothing to do with the local model. These points are distributed at various positions in the three-dimensional space. If they are not removed, it will seriously affect the generation of rear patches (many large and strange shapes will be generated, so that the model cannot be viewed). Therefore, some filtering algorithms need to be used to filter out obviously wrong points. (for example, one or more points far away from the main building, isolated in the air, and points far away from other point groups in a large convex hull)7. Triangulation generation and patch refinementThrough the above operations, we have obtained a number of three-dimensional vertices ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions (depending on the number and resolution of images, whether the size and texture of the scene are changeable, etc.). At this time, through Delaunay triangulation, a group of uniform triangles can be obtained, which will contain each vertex in the 3D graph. At this time, the surface structure of the scene will be clearly visible, but these faces have no color, only the vertices have color.At this time, the generated patch may be rough and contain more stray parts that do not belong to the object. Some refinement algorithms can be used to refine these patches to obtain a more reasonable model.8. Fill textureEach triangulation will correspond to a part of the original image. Cut these parts and paste them into the corresponding small triangles to obtain a more realistic three-dimensional model with color and texture. So far, the whole process of 3D restoration and reconstruction has been completed.
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