What Is the Most Beautiful Collection of Photographs of Nature?

Here is most beautiful collection of photographs of natural sights of our planet.Salar de Uyuni , BoliviaBryce Canyon, USAPamukkale, TurkeyCte d'Albtre, FranceThe Door to Hell, TurkmenistanStriped icebergs, AntarcticaZangye Danxia, ChinaPlitvicer Seen, CroatiaGreat Blue Hole, BelizeFly Geyser, Nevada, USAGreen Lake, Tragss AustriaMilford Sound, New ZealandMoose in Snake River, WyomingBaby Humpback Whale near Reunion IslandSvalbard144-Year-Old Wisteria In JapanThe Wave at the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument (Arizona, Utah)Tree-like rivers in Baja California DesertLake Moraine, Alberta, CanadaBernstorff Isofjord, GreenlandHighlands of ScotlandEastern Screech OwlKhangsar, NepalZanskar Valley -Ladakh800-pound chunk of ice on an Iceland beachSnail in Amsterdam, The NetherlandsTeton National Park, Wyoming, USAGreat-white Egrets, Kiskunsg National Park, HungaryColumbia River Gorge, OregonMesa Arch, Canyonlands National ParkTrillium Falls - Redwood National Park, CaliforniaMadeira Island, PortugalRosy Maple Moth, Clarksburg, MarylandTurtle in Tikehau Island, Tuamotu Archipelago, French PolynesiaDark Hedges along Bregagh Road in Northern Ireland (Featured on Game of Thrones)Later I will add more to this list.Any suggestions/corrections are more than welcome :)Sources:32 Beautiful Pictures of Nature That Are Simply Amazing10 most amazing natural wonders of the world: in pictures.

1. Question about designers collection RTW, Couture?

Only a select few designers make couture collections, usually for an established "house" like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani etc. If those designers also have a ready-to-wear collection, then yes, they do two collections per season. Some do even more - for example, John Galliano does both couture and RTW for Dior in addition to his signature collection. Basically, the majority of working designers make only ready-to-wear, and a handful do couture as well.

2. If you are buying ethnic wear online, what would you prefer to buy? Sarees or lehenga? Also, which site would you prefer: Amazon, Snapdeal or Myntra?

Lehenga is the most likable dress when i choose online. But for my husband he always choose sarees for me. I should not know about the quality of the dress you mentioned above websites. Because except amazon, i will not buy products from snapdeal and myntra. I can get lot of negative things from those websites.Through online means I always buy my sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga, kurti and etc. , all of them in one website cbazaar. Because this website is especially for women and there are lot of collection in that website. The quality and price is also cheap when compared to other websites.There are two advantage in that websiteThey can deliver all over the country. If you not interest to buy readymade blouse, readymade salwar, readymade lehenga means, you can stitching blouse, kurti, anarkali through online also. You just go to the website ethnostitch and make a call to back-end support. They will suggest you a best design and stitch your favorite dress very best quality and neatly. they are best online tailors. If you are buying ethnic wear online, what would you prefer to buy? Sarees or lehenga? Also, which site would you prefer: Amazon, Snapdeal or Myntra?

3. Help categorizing large movie collection?

real or quicktime sounds good for what you need

4. Collection of O.Ratti Aikido illustrations?

Those are all copyrighted drawings made by Oscar Ratti. You should direct all questions to them. In additions, those drawings are nice but show the understanding of a shodan of some techniques. As such some of those drawings leave much to be desired and should be taken with a grain of salt despite their visual appeal. As to which illustration are questionable, I do not think there is a list or if such exists, I do not know of it. I would be surprise if any did exist. Mostly, books on Aikido contain pictures of people doing techniques as those are far easier to get rather than illustrations. Static content is only so much help and you would be better served looking at videos. The only real way to learn is actually training in a dojo.

5. What is a collection of stars called?

A collection of stars seen from Earth that form a recognizable pattern are called asterisms . They can be part of what we call Constellations, or just a pattern that we see as formed in the sky. These stars may have little true involvement with each other, and only appear as associated because of the viewing angle. True collections of stars that have some astrophysical association can range from two(a binary star system) to a small cluster to large cluster(such as a Globular cluster), on to galaxies, then on to galactic clusters and then to super-clusters of galaxies

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