What Is Your Dream Car Collection?

Porsche 906Ford GT40Porsche 917 Long TailPorsche 956Jaguar XJR-6Mazda 787BPorsche 962....Man I really have a problem with Group C, Can Am, and IMSA cars. This list could go on forever

1. Ways to index a family history collection?

A good software product would keep track of all those resources (i.e. papers, maps, photos, etc), and index much of it - thus allowing searches to be performed.I think all products allow person entities to be indexed by their personal name, and sometimes by multiple alternative names. Some allow your place references to be indexed. This implies that each referenced place is then a separate entity in your data (just like a person entity) and not simply some textual name such as 'Woodborough, Nottinghamshire, England'.Indexing by event and/or date allows chronological analysis and the production of timelines. Your physical artefacts (e. g. photos, letters), your sources, and your citations would probably be linked to the relevant persons, places, and events rather than separately indexed.There will be some variation of what each product provides but this is a basic, workable model.Unfortunately, I found that it would not index my own collection the way I wanted. As an example, consider a family letter that mentions several ancestors, places where they lived, and events in their lives. The physical artefact is obviously precious. A scan is not assimilated into your collection in any meaningful way. A transcription is better because it can be searched, but only via a plain-text search. Using a custom mark-up language, though, the entire transcription of the letter can be indexed and cross-referenced with the appropriate person, place, and event entities it refers to elsewhere in the data.This requirement eventually became my STEMMA research project, and the mark-up became its structured narrative feature.

2. Metal Masterpiece Collection: ICED EARTH?

I love this album! It's my 2nd favorite by Iced Earth (#1 is Something Wicked This Way Comes). Matt Barlow is awesome. I love how he has a deep voice but he can do those really high pitch screams. My fave songs on here are Dragon's Child (I really like the drums in this song), Wolf, Damien, and Transylvania.

3. Britney Spears The Singles Collection Real?

Fonzie, waiting for stunning long record? Led Zeppelin-container Set I & II The Who-30 Years of optimal R & B much less severe priced Trick-intercourse, u.s., much less severe priced Trick Stevie ask your self-on the close of A Century Chicago-group Portrait Chicago-stay At Carnegie hall Charlie Daniels Band-The Roots stay Miles Davis-the finished Bitches Brew training Miles Davie-the finished In A Silent way training The Police-Message In A container Cream-those have been the days Steely Dan-Citizen Dan Lynyrd Skynyrd-container Set Bob Marley-Songs of Freedom Ozzy Osbourne-Prince of Darkness Emerson, Lake & Palmer-return of The Manticore Slayer-Soundtrack to The Apocalypse Bruce Springsteen-stay 1975-1985 Grand Funk-30 Years of Funk optimistic-In A word 1969- The conflict-conflict on Broadway Hank Williams, Jr-the finished... Moody Blues-circumstances concentrated visitor Judas Priest-Metalogy Black Sabbath-The Ozzy Osbourne Years (import) Kiss-container Set Eric Clapton-Crossroads Eric Clapton-Crossroads II (stay indoors the Nineteen Seventies) Jeff Beck-Beckology Deep crimson-colors 1968-1998 Metallica-stay Sh*t: Binge & Purge in this age of downloads etc. (I certainly have an ipod), I besides the shown fact that purchase cd's

4. Your Ultimate Film Sound Collection

This list could go on forever but besides whats already post, I think Eraser Head and Barton Fink are important films to include and I would have to say 'seven' as well

5. Have you ever completed a collection?

A2A. Of the many various things I have collected over the years, the only set of something I think I successfully completed was the 50-State U.S. quarters released between 1999 and 2008. For the sake of numismatic bonus points, I have completed the following extra side missions in the quest:I have two complete sets, meaning one complete set issued from the Denver Mint and one from the Philadelphia Mint.The entire collection was acquired through natural circulation, meaning no eBay, hobby shows, coin shops, etc. , but simply culled from whatever happened to land in my wallet.It took 14 years to get them all via natural circulation. Any time I traveled east of the Mississippi River I pored obsessively over any and and all pocket change knowing that I was in the "P" region of the country, meticulously digging out the best possible examples and squirreling them away for my return to New Mexico in the land of "D". The last quarter to enter the collection was a Philly-issued Oklahoma, which I serendipitously got out of the soda machine in the breakroom at work.Achievement UnlockedEpilogue - Many of the U.S. Territory quarters are still eluding me. The quest continues

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