What Led to the Boer War and What Was Its Outcome?

British imperialistic greed and swagger. They wanted the ZAR's (Zuid Afrikaner Republiek- aka Transvaal Republic) massive gold reserves that had been discovered in the 1880s, after already having forced its sister republic, the Orange Free State (Oranje Freistaat) to give up the Kimberly diamond fields. The Brits thought that it was impertinent of the less than half a million Boers (descendants of the Dutch 17-18 century colonists) to refuse to fall in line with Britain's plans for them.After bravely holding out for over a year, thanks to a combination of their military skills, knowledge of the terrain, determination to remain free, and a series of incredibly incompetent British commanders, the 250,000 soldiers the British Empire sent to subdue 450,000 Boers (the total population of the two Boer republics) finally overwhelmed them, after adopting scorched earth tactics which included establishing the world's first concentration camps, in which almost all the Boer women and children were interred, and in which over 25% of them died of malnutrition and disease.

1. Outdoor LED Bulb won't stay on.?

SOME LED bulbs are compatible with dimmers, but most are not. Unless the packaging specifically stated the bulb was dimmable, that is part of your problem. Also note: Not all LED bulbs can be used in exterior fixtures.

2. What is the voltage across an LED in a circuit?

It is the forward conduction voltage. The Vf varies according tot he semiconductor material which also affects its color.Vf generally varies from about 1.8 volts to 4.5 volts

3. Plasma vs LED picture quality?

We went through a similar consideration process before getting our HDTV. Plasma's are good for fast action, like sport, but run hotter, use more power, are expensive to repair. This is a reason why they are so cheap. LED's give a better depth of picture, sharper colour, much better for slower on-screen movements, run cooler and use less electricity. All in all, it comes to personal preference. It depends on what you intend on watching more of. More sport = plasma; anything else = LED.

4. Need help wiring an led to a battery.?

killing the battery is not the problem, killing the LED IS!. Use Ohm's Law V = I x R Your LED max voltage is 2.1V You Vcc is 9V that means that you need to drop 6.9V across the resistor and 2.1V across the LED. You need to know the minimum current required for the LED to conduct. Divide the 6.9V by the current and that will give you the resistor value. I can get 2 years using a flashing LED (61% duty cycle) and two D cells in series with an 82 ohm resistor. LEDs are solid state devices, they are not forgiving to over voltage and must have the Vmin for the LED to conduct.

5. What led to the demise of the 727?

Demise?? Those airframes are still flying by the hundreds!! and for the reason that theyre a wonderful jet to fly, ask anyone whos ever had the pleasure to fly one. Two things that really antiquated them however were the removal of the F/E position and ETOPS. Now some 727's are being retrofitted with advanced avionics and are eliminating the F/E position but although the third guy in the cockpit is gone, the third engine still is. Im sure well be seeing these aircraft fly in large numbers in commercial service for several decades to come. A fine jet, and one of my favorites

6. LED fairy lights with series capacitor?

It is a PTC resettable fuse, rated at 250mA and 6V maximum voltage

7. How should I led a good life?

Lead a good life by being a kind person

8. What led to the economic crisis in Greece?

In a word, globalization. When countries loose goods and services producing jobs to foreign competitors domestic wage income eventually goes down. Debt-based stimulus masks, but does not solve the problem, and only creates more indebtedness while jobs and real wages vanish

9. How to determine the nominal current of an LED?

Is there any way I can determine (vaguely) its nominal current rating, rather than guessing it?the best is to find the model number and get hold of its datasheet;alternatively, experiment and guestimate

10. What led humans into thinking of a creator or God?

God has put it in every Man's heart that there's a God, but he also has given men over to reprobation,which is a God forsaken mind. He does not owe any of us anything, not even an explanation

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