What Says, "I Have Borderline Personality Disorder?"

Clinginess is #1.If you meet someone and develope an entire life together in a week- thats not normal.It IS normal to text someone once or twice a day to say hi or arrange plans. Its not normal to be involved in a serious ongoing conversation all day every day from the 1st day you meet.

It is not normal for someone you met an hour ago to have every exact same interest and like/dislike if yours. Its not normal to have someone divulge their most painful childhood memory on your 1st date. Its not normal for you to come out of a 1st or 2nd (or 3rd, etc) feeling an unexplainable need to take care of and save anyone.

For me, this is all evidence of extreme neediness and clinginess. Trauma-bonding and love-bombing. 'Someone making you their everything, and thats never any good.Trust me- I do it all

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Is John Bonham right when he said Karen Carpenter wouldn't last ten minutes drumming with Led Zeppelin?

While I used to rather like The Carpenters back in their day Whether or not John Bonham said that, or how he phrased itNo, she wouldnt have lasted ten minutes playing just about any Led Zeppelin song. The sheer energy and power, the intricacy, the shuffle, and generally the speed of the tempo of Zeppelin songs. Especially not her feet. Bonham had a truly amazing foot technique. And an amazing sense for timing, shuffle and polyrhythms. The thing I loved about his playing was, he had a very loose, relaxed feel, yet was invariably spot on. Being able to do that requires extreme talent and ability.

Karen Carpenter was a wonderful drummer for the light pop that The Carpenters did, but certainly not up to the extreme requirements of playing Led Zeppelin. Bonham if placed in the opposite position, would have been able to play her parts in his sleep. Of course they were relatively simple drum parts Since she also sang.


Has your spouse ever done anything that gave you goosebumps and made you fall even deeper in love with them?

We had a dog who was epileptic. We were told at the shelter that his family left him there because he had seizures. I figured it was a fake excuse since he was left there a few days before Christmas. My husband was more wary but he saw how the dog had already bonded with him before we walked out of the shelter.

A few months later we realized our dog did indeed have epilepsy. As his seizures mostly happened in the middle of the night I took to sleeping on the floor with our boy sleeping in his dog bed. I wanted to be right beside him should he have a seizure.

One night I woke up and saw my husband had joined me sleeping on the floor with one hand wrapped around me and the other around our dog. We were married for 15 years then but it felt like our honeymoon because I knew how much my husband loved me


Is there really someone who can jump or shift into parallel universes (multiverses)?

Only in their own mind.No one can jump or shift into parallel universes (multiverses) because there aren't any. Also, parallel and multiple universes are not really the same thing, even hypothetically.To date, there has been no substantiated physical proof of any such structure or phenomenon. There have been suggestions or conjecture regarding some astronomical observations, but none of these have been identified as proof yet.A parallel universe, or even numerous universes (multiverse) has so many possible variations that any ideas we might have will most likely be meaningless since we are very limited in our experience and understanding of our own universe. Any thoughts we might have are limited to our current very limited knowledge of this one! Now to hypothetically follow a path of conjecture to try to define another universe that might, even fundamentally, differ from this one is completely out of our scope of understanding or knowledge.

However, with a creative imagination one can go anywhere that one wants, but again, only in one's own mind


How come that global free trade has done more harm than good?

There is no question that the last 70 years, the era of globalization, have been, by far, the era of the greatest improvement in human well-being in history. Billions have escaped extreme poverty, people are living far longer than ever before, etc. etc. Look at Steven Pinkers book Enlightenment Now for the factual basis for these claims, and many more positive ones.

The United States is still the richest country in the world, even though there have been lots of individual losers from job creation in other countries. Yet nearly all Americans have so much more than the generation of 1950 in every material dimension.Yes, globalization has made some people incredibly rich (Apple is now worth one trillion dollars!!) and our income distribution has skewed in favor of the more skilled, and made many workers worse off than they expected. But they are still better off than most people in two-thirds of the globe. De


What do you think of Congress and other opposition parties bringing an impeachment motion against CJI Dipak Misra?

First , I am not a Legal Expert and what is expressed is the view of a member of the SocietyThere are some recognised issues which trigger such a grave action.There does not seem to be any grounds for such a grave actionAlready the Govt of the day is showing utter immaturity in handling the Judiciary system ( delay in appointing some recommended by collegium, by passing supreme court and asking Karnataka HC chief to enquire on collegium decision)People of the Country still have lot of respect for at least higher JudiciaryOpposition should show maturity and not indulge in PolitickingEven the usual TRP hungry media has already started sensationalising the issueIf the immediate provocation is certain issues raised by senior Judges , all well meaning people including the Opposition parties to appeal to the judges to sort out issues among themselves and ensure that Public faith in the Judicial system is preservedThe Opposition and well meaning people can suggest ways to avoid similar situations , address it to Supreme Court and Govt and share it with general PublicLet us preserve the sanctity of the great Institution


Why is America shamed for slavery? Were we not the first to end it?

America still hasnt let go of slavery as an economic/social option.Right this minute America engages in slavery at a distance. US business owners hire workers in countries where pay is low, benefits are non-existent, with zero job protection, working conditions are unregulated and unsafe.

The current administration is pushing for right to work wage where workers will compete with each other for jobs by accepting ever lower remuneration for their work. The return of the Company Store system will mean workers have little more than slave-status.Legislation against womens reproductive rights deprives them of access to contraception, condones rape, punishes women for having abortions, and compels women to breed against their will.

Prisons in America are being privatized which means, in order to increase profitability, private prisons will recruit judges and police who favor guilty verdicts and long sentences. As private agencies, nothing will prevent such institutions from becoming unregulated sweatshops where cost-cutting will make living conditions for inmates the lowest priority.America is legislating to reinstate slavery in a multi-faceted and diverse way.

Thats American ingenuity!.


Which fictional character's death upset you the most?

This was definitely something that emotionally wrecked me and Im sure a lot of people will agree with me!FRED WEASLEY HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART III feel a lot of people overlooked his death or forgot to mention him but the Weasley brothers surely deserve a lot more attention. In my opinion, it was the worst death scene in the entire series and really gets you in the gut if you have read the books. Even when the impending doom surrounding Voldemorts return was near, they never took themselves too seriously, illustrating the fun side of magic and how it can be truly awe-inspiring. Even though George was spared to carry the torch, it isnt the same without Fred there to complement him. His sacrifice left a void impossible to fill.Freds death affected me the most because I could relate to this in a way that it felt so real, I felt I had lost my own twin brother!.


What do ordinary Americans think about Russia and Russian?

We have one of those awkward relationships with Russia. (I obviously don't speak for all Americans)Russian people are awesome. They're thought of as bad asses, and the women are considered a symbol of beauty. We think Russia is a cultured place full of really cool historic sites.HOWEVER: The Russian government sucks. It's corrupt, ignorant, over steps its bounds, and is leading its people to economic ruin. Many people think of Russia as a threat just because they are so big, but a fair number of people consider Russia a joke that poses no threat to the United States. Russia was a one hit wonder with the USSR, and is clutching on to that fame doing a world tour hoping to be talked about again. But they are nothing. We remember their good days, but now they are just assholes that fund anti-American governments, because they are bitter that America is so successful. Putin may look physically intimidating, but we all know Obama made him his bitch.

TLDRRussian people Great!Russian government joke


Is the song Kashmir by Led Zepplin related to India's Kashmir?

No, it isn't related to the Kashmir valley which is located in the northern part of India. At the time this song was composed, none of the band members had ever been to Kashmir. This was confirmed by Jimmy Page himself in an interview he gave in 1975. Robert Plant wrote the lyrics while he and Page were driving through the Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. Plant further explained the inspiration behind this songThe whole inspiration came from the fact that the road went on and on and on. It was a single-track road which neatly cut through the desert. Two miles to the East and West were ridges of sandrock. It basically looked like you were driving down a channel, this dilapidated road, and there was seemingly no end to it. 'Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams.

..' It's one of my favourites.

..that, 'All My Love' and 'In the Light' and two or three others really were the finest moments. But 'Kashmir' in particular. It was so positive, lyrically.nnJimmy Page Tells the Story of "Kashmir"


When the Greeks gained independence from the Ottomans, why did they choose to name the new country Greece instead of bringing back the Byzantine Empire?

Because there was never any such thing as a Byzantine Empire.What you're really asking is why they didnt call their new country Rhomania or something to that effect what would be called, in English, the Empire or Republic of the Romans.Theres a few reasons im aware of, that are unlikely to be the only ones.

The first is that the Greeks were hugely reliant upon British, French and Russian support, and that support was motivated by philhellenism. Love of the Greeks. The Greeks used that sympathy to great effect. That sympathy would have evaporated if they tried to reincarnate the Roman Empire, which all three of their benefactors saw themselves as legitimate successors to in different ways.

Secondly the ideological core of the rebellion had turned against Roman as an ethnic identifier-they associated it with defeat and servitude to the Turks, and engaged in a long and succesful project to de-romanise the Rhomaioi-as far as I am aware the last holdouts amongst the Greeks had definitively stopped calling themselves Romans by the 1950s

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