What Song Is on the Trailer for the Unloved?

check wikipedia hope i helped

1. Best way to keep trailer from rusting?

google "navel jelly"

2. What are the options for financing a trailer in a trailer park?

your lot rent alone will probably be $200-300 a month (PLUS the cost of the trailer, utilities, food, etc - you cannot afford to live anywhere on your own or probably even with a roommate on only $600 a month and at only $600/month income - no one is going to give you a loan

3. Final Twilight Trailer?

yup its comin out tomorrow. i saw a sneak peek of the trailer on ET and it was AMAZING!!! i dont wanna ruin it. i almost died!!

4. What are some good trailer hitch retailers?

I would try Camping World and see if they could hook you up with a manufacturer that sells to them and maybe they would sell it nationwide through their label. Camping world is very large co

5. Resposibilities of owning a horse or pony?

I am 13 and I have a horse and he is amazing, but I have him at my house and it is even bigger of a responsibility. First, think of what you want in a horse, completly finished horse, a horse that has some fun things you can work on together to fix, a really jumpy horse, or a calm nice horse. Next, think of budget and when you can ride, my friend boardes and she rides 3 times a week on school days, and on weekends she goes in whenever she likes. After all your thinking, be prepared with all the ensurance you need to have a horse, always get a vet check before any horse! Also, figure out feed cost and what your atually going to feed. Trailering is a problem too, how are you going to transport him from place to place, use your trainers truck and trailer, buy your own 2 horse trailer. Another majer thing is vet and farrier bills, you need either shoes and get them shawed, there hooves are very important and must be kept healthy, this also includes vet bills, and check up. Say when you have to worm a horse, are you gonna do it or your vet, same with annual shots. This is about all I can tell you other wise have fun looking for a new horsey!

6. Best solution for our trailer bunks?

I have to agree fully with Derrick S. I've rebuilt many trailers and he has the exact answer you are looking for. Using household carpet or cheap outdoor carpeting will work...for awhile... but you will be replacing it soon, as well as the wood beneath it. Plus the trapped water will rust hardware, making it a necessity to replace that sooner than usual. And water trapped anywhere starts to smell and mold. Incidentally, if you do have to replace the wood, get treated rot resistant wood for the bunkers. It will last longer and with the right marine trailer carpet covering, you will have bunkers that will last you fior years and your pontoon boat will slide off easily!

7. What is the best space heater for a trailer?

ceramic heaters seem to be the way to go. We had a small one for our travel trailer b/c our bedroom is not heated...without propane. Our biggest fear was waking up in the morning to go to work and not having any heat, or warm water for that part. So that's why we decided to buy a small heater for our bedroom. We got one that oscillated so it spread the warmth! LOL

8. How to paint this trailer?

It's your choice. But marine paint (as in boats) will be tougher and last longer. A trailer's life gets pretty close to that of a boat. But, hopefully, it will not need to float. Are those fenders and the top aluminum? Might consider leaving them as-is unless they are trashed up. If trashed, or for a better look, use chrome finish aluminum paint. Both marine paint and the aluminum paint will will give you a real bad headache at best. So if this is inside, be sure you set up ventilation to the outside.

9. Tips for a seventeen hour trailer ride?

Just make sure they have lots of hay, and that you are stopping every 3 hours to give her and you a break, get out and let her walk and graze for a little bit. Id wrap her legs, and if its needed a light sheet on, oh and make sure she takes in plenty of water. Good Luck and have fun with tour new horse!

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