What Toppings Do You Recommend for Thai Milk Tea?

I like grass jelly, its quite refreshing and nice.Image from GoogleOr bobaI also feel it goes well with sea salt cream and yellow mung beansSimilar to the crunchy mung beans on the mango sticky rice.What toppings do you recommend for Thai milk tea?.

1. Successful Increase in supply with Mother's Milk Tea?

I used it and I loved it! It definitely helped my milk supply. It's not too expensive either. Give it a try. Good luck!

2. Why dont Americans have milk with their tea?

just different eating habits

3. What is wrong with putting milk in tea?

the only time it would be bad is if you also used lemon in your tea as well. It would make the milk curdle right away

4. how do you make cold Milk tea?

What can I say? Mary has beaten me to it. lol

5. What would you like? Coffe, milk or tea?

Coffee, please. :)

6. I am breast feeding and only make enough milk for the baby. I want to have some to store...?

I had real trouble pumping and getting extra to store too. Finally, I quit trying. I was a SAHM so it was not really important for me to be doing it. My daughter is 18 mo. old and we never really ended up doing any bottle or supplement and that worked fine for us. However, with #2 I want to try a few things: Drink Mothers Milk Tea. Women says it really helps increase the supply. Use an electric pump like Medela or Ameda Purely Yours, which is more efficient at emptying the breasts. I found a hand pump just did not cut it. Nurse more in order to increase the supply since nursing is a supply and demand issue. Try pumping while the baby is nursing or nuzzling at the other breast and/or looking at a picture of her, thinking of her, etc. Not stress about it, since stress decreases the milk supply and does nobody any good. Good luck! Edit: your baby is still very young. She will not stay sleepy forever so although, it would probably be easier to put a bottle in her mouth now, nursing will get easier and bring its rewards. When she gets a little older she will become more alert and will eat more efficiently. Hang in there! You are doing great! Edit (on the edit :) If you think that your baby is sucking but is not needing nutrition then you might consider giving a pacifier or the (clean) underside of your pinky for her to suck on. My daughter had a huge need for oral gratification and we helped meet her needs with the finger and paci after we knew that she was efficient with latching on and nursing and when we knew that she was not hungry. You will be able to pick up on your baby's cues as time goes on and know whether she is needing food or just needs to suck. Good luck!

7. Milk and Tea problem

If the spoon has capacity $C$, you take $C$ units of tea to the milk cup in the first step. In the second step, there are $A$ units of tea and $B$ units of milk in the spoon, which are taken to the tea cup. The final amount of milk taken to the tea cup is $B$. The final amount of tea taken to the milk cup, considering the two steps, is $C-A$, and this equals $B$. So there is no difference

8. Boba Is the Only Decor Theme I Need

As the self-proclaimed official eater at Eater, I am always finding ways to let people know my genuine love for food, whether it's with a sushi phone case or fried chicken shirts. But, nothing makes me happier than boba merchandise. I do not think I am alone here. The instantly recognizable combination of milk tea, tapioca pearls, and a straw has become more than just a drink order - it's a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of Asian culture, for better and worse. Perhaps more than any other food, boba has a dedicated, passionate fan base, and there's nothing like having some boba-themed merch to feel a part of it. I once had a boba phone case, thanks to a friend who knew of my boba obsession. When I was out and about, other boba lovers would come up to to say they loved it, which would inevitably lead to an intense conversation about our boba preferences. I no longer have the phone case, but I've been eyeing some other boba items to bring some more boba into my life. I am picturing myself, sipping brown sugar boba with a reusable boba straw, all wrapped up in a boba blanket, while holding a boba plushie. Does that sound ridiculous for a grown man? Yes. But, am I ashamed of wanting to live in my boba dream space? Absolutely not. Here's everything a boba obsessive like myself might be thirsty for - from a set of earrings to a fridge for keeping bubble tea at the ready.

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