What Will Happen to the US After the Protests/riots?

It is time for Governors to step up to their responsibility and take action against the criminals or the country will get much worse. For the press and Biden to fan the flames is criminal by itself. Blue state Governors are afraid to restore law and order in an election year. Locking down states and permitting/encouraging riots is totally irresponsible. If you disagree leave your head in the sand. Platitudes dont cut it

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As India surrenders to China at the Doklam standoff, what message goes to the world about the Indian Army's reputation?

Is this what is being reported by state controlled media in China ? Its a pity poor Chinese dont have access to real news - which is China agreed to stop constructing the road at Dokalam which is contested territory, and ensuring that, Indian troops returned after fulfilling their objective.Now spread this news to every Chinese you meet, but be careful of your government, they may execute you without trial if they find out you are spreading forbidden knowledge


What are your views on the accusations made on Anand Kumar's Super 30?

A clear and candid stand and clarification ,over this controversy is expected from Anand Kumar .Anand kumar earned enough and he should desist such stuffs .These kind of stuffs is not expected from a person who proclaims to be a disciple of D.


Verma ,whose name he proudly takes as his inspirating teacher nor from Late Vinoy Kanth sir.Only good teachers can curb the commercialization of education .But what if when teachers himself started and indulged in thecommercialization of the education ?Thanks .


Is the Internet making us stupid and shallow thinkers?

I would contest the term "robbing us." We have outsourced our information filtering to external tools, whine that we are being deluged by information, and complain that we don't have enough time. We have allowed tools to strip context from our information and lives. My undergraduate students have no concrete understanding of how the Internet works, yet depend on going to Google for everything. I just explained how data mining works and watched both their eyes widen and their rear ends get uneasy in their seats.No, it isn't robbing us. We're handing the keys right over without asking ongoing questions


Who will be Labour leader after Jeremy Corbyn?

Thanks for the A2A. Cant disagree with the diversity argument for Emily Thornberry, but failing that Keir Starmer has the intellect of 100 JCs and has actually reasonably successfully led the CPS as a Barrister, which cannot be an easy role and will compare favourably with JCs 2 grade E A levels on the CV when applying for political, economic and social leader of our entire country. Plus he has integrity and hasnt spoken fondly of Hamas


Why did Renly Baratheon believe he had claim to the throne over his elder brother, Stannis Baratheon?

he didnt. He being raised by Stannis, believed that a virtuous man should be king. And in the show its explicit when he judges stannis on his character. and criticized him for being a good soldier and how that wouldnt make him a good king. and he points out that Robert was a rebel before he was king.Yeah I wonder why a senstive young gay man would be against the customs and traditions of his terrible society.he betrays all his ideal quickly trying to kill stannis and daenerys. He is the onlyl actual teenage character in the books


Why are people against Jehovah Witnesses?

I am not against JWs personally, I am however against people knocking on my door and threatening me with hell and damnation because I do not share their beliefs. I am against people knocking on my door and using mentally disabled children to try and make me listen to their bullshit. I am against people who are happy to let their children die because God told them to. I am against anyone who thinks it is ok to shove their beliefs down other peoples throats and do so without invitation


What are not provided keywords in Analytics?

I see that you already got answers to what (not provided) means. So I'll skip right ahead to how to obtain this information:

- Through GA - you can add in the keywords table another segment for the landing pages and get an estimation as to which keywords led to these pages, according to your current ranks.

- Through SimilarWeb PRO (full disclosure - I'm a SimilarWeb employee) - you can see the full list of referring keywords to your website, including ones which appear as (not provided) in Google analytics, through our Website analytics platform.


What human knowledge is not available on the Internet?

the relatively high depth of knowledge, The internet is filled with knowledge but i find most article there are rather shallow in the subject matter they inform, if you want to do a thorough research on a subject matter you cant just search on it on the internet and trust every article you came across. you need a reliable source which contain a thorough knowledge and a physical proof which you can refer to.Books


Why do you think Led Zeppelin never had a number one hit?

They did most of their songs..Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin IIIHouses of the HolyPhysical GraffitiPresenceIn Through the Out DoorHow the West Was WonThese 7 albums went to #1The Untitled 4th album and The Song Remains the Same each hit #2..Coda topped out at #6.The first album performed poorly in comparison, only cracking the top 10And The BBC Sessions brought up the rear at #26.So 7 of 12 at #111 of 12 in the top 10.The 4th album is the 5th best selling albums of all time and the group is the 5th best selling artist of all time.

Hits? They did just fine.


How is Genghis Khan viewed in China?

Mixed feelings, once he was viewed as the founder of the biggest kingdom in the history of China, but on the other hand he was viewed as the worst war criminal who totally destroyed the Chinese culture.

The Chinese were regarded as the lowest class in his kingdom,once he even planned to destroy all of the land and turn it to the grassland.

Should he be regarded as the empor of the Chinese kingdom, or should he be regarded as the terminator of the Chinese kindom, there is still a lot of argument about this topic.


Have you experimented with Swami Vivekananda's raja yoga?

Direct hit to sahasrar. Crown. But mooladhar still pounding like anything. If sit on chair the whole waist vibration. Perhaps it would have killed me. I dont know what the purpose is.Hence I not practiced raja yoga, because Advaitha follower. I am some what schizophrenic also according to your medical terminology.Hence rajayog and absolute jnana yoga is gift given by my Guru. He physically merged with me through eyes and thoughts.

Let we see what is further journey.


How much power do LED strips use?

The one we usually used most in ASEAN countries are the 5050 LED strip light for cove lighting. If there are 60 LED/meter they are 14.4 W/m, if it's only 30 LED/m then it is 7.2W/m.The 3258, 60 LEDS/m are 4.8W/m.All of my years working with LEDs (17) I have never seen an 5050 LED strip with 60 LEDs/m consuming 80W per meter.

Perhaps it is about 80W per 5m roll. I don't think the flexible PCB which holds the 5050 chips will be able to handle 6.66A or current,


Did Napoleon have proper legal authority to sell Louisiana to the U.S.?

1 Spain contested the sale because it violated the Treaty of Ildefonso. France was specifically forbidden to sell Louisiana to America.2 French national property sale was to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies. Even Napoleon's brothers took this issue up with him but he ignored them. 3 The honoring of French and Spanish land grants increased the U.S. debt by 12% in one year. The result was land speculators buying land and having it back dated to prior to 1800 which was illegal. 4 Madison and Livingston probably did not have authorization from Congress to negotiate the settlement


Do failed relationships make you a failure in life?

only if you let someone else measure your value by what you do or dont do! If you feel like it makes you a failure then start asking yourself the hard honest questions, Why, How and when? It is never one thing or one person to blame. It could just mean that you were not right for that person or they were not the right one for you! Instead of a failure look at it as an opportunity to figure out what you want and what really matters!


What are the input and output?

Input Unit The Computer accepts Coded information through input unit by the user. It is a device that is used to give required information to the computer. e.g., keyboard, mouse, etc. Output Unit THe output sends the processed results to the user. It is Mainly used to display the desired results to the user. It is mainly used to display the desired result to the user as per input instruction. e.g , video monitor, printer and plotter, etc.


Who ultimately caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?

It's all a big misunderstanding. Juliet fakes a suicide to get out of being forced to marry someone else. Romeo comes by, sees Juliet lying there in a death-like state, thinks she's really dead, so he kills himself. Juliet wakes up, sees Romeo lying there dead, so she kills herself.

It all seems a bit silly. But if you want to see how silly turns into something that still holds audiences spellbound five centuries later, watch a movie called Shakespeare in Love


Is it possible that for the Republican Party to secure more senators to overcome the filibuster rules in 2020?

The Republican Party runs in lockstep while the Democratic Party is a collective of many different positions that arent always congruent. It has been my experience that a consistently delivered message by all members of an organization does much better than one that is fragmented and disorganized. Therefore, it is quite possible for the Republican Party to gain more Senate seats. Whether it could be enough to get to 60 is yet to be seen


What do you think is going on in the relationship between Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump?

The Donald has his needs.Hes married three times, but that didnt stop him to prey upon other women. Occasionally he has engaged a porn star or a Playboy model. He preyed on teenagers at pageants and harassed women that looked (fake) blond and well equipped with boobs.

Exactly that mould that plastic Barbie has been developed into using some plastic surgery assistance.Her need to look exactly like his preference equals his need for a submissive sex doll.Answer to:


What would happen if I plugged 220 volt lights into a 110 volt socket?

A tungsten bulb will behave as if on a dimmer, NOTING THAT: the resistance of a light bulb goes up as the wire gets hotter creating a negative feedback loop so that it reaches equilibrium at the required brightness for the full line voltage, and half the Voltage does not give you 25% brightness.LED bulbs that are dimmable may give you some proportional level, non-dimmable probably either work at full brightness or dont come on properly


Why did the COVID-19 lockdown fail in India?

I think it fails because of the life of the people which has been ended while the perspective family has lost their member which will never come back and also other who have not house and food to be eaten at the same time. Also the environment which has become the biggest problem in the life of the people which has lead to end of the people death at the same time. Despite the cure immunity at the same time and number are playing the majority at the same time.


What are some success stories of people suffering from severe anxiety disorder?

You can recover from anxiety disorders. Treatment and support is available for you. Your doctor can offer you treatment. What you are given will depend on your symptoms and how severe they are. To calm your mind and cut stress, try working these self-care tips into your daily routine: Move your body. Exercise is an important part of physical -- and mental -- health. It can ease your feelings of anxiety and boost your sense of well-being. Go to my Profile and you can find all about anxiety disorder material there.

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