When Replacing Gas Water Heater, Does It Have to Be the Same Size?

No, it does not . Just get a 40-ish gallon heater, likely to be more efficient and with a faster recovery time than your old unit. To some extent, one can size the heater on the size of the house. And I suspect you will be looking for a bigger house! As the kids get in their teen years, the water use can go nuts, as each can blow off like twice "normal" hot water use rates, whether from long showers, or giant laundry work, from like four towels a day, 'each. (Hint: Check your dryer lint filter constantly and discharge flue monthly.) If you have the money, take a look at high-efficiency heaters at any size. There is a difference in operating costs. Others will differ, but I would also avoid on-demand electric units, which have not worked out that well.

1. Atwood RV gas water heater w/ electronic ignition...?

how much gas do you have? Could be pressure regulator, need to check for correct pressure

2. What would cause a pilot light in a gas water heater to blow out repeatedly?

If its less than a year old, it should still be under warranty. Might check your paper work that came with it. I do agree with the other person, it sounds like the thermocouple has gone bad. They are not costly and if you are handy at all, you can probably change it out yourself. You can buy them at any home store, hard ware store and some big places like Walmart.

3. Brand New Gas Water Heater is constantly "ON"?

could be a defective drain valve or basically some obstruction interior the valve. advise turning the gas valve to pilot and allow the water to relax particularly, so which you will no longer get burned. connect an prolonged hose onto the valve putting the exhaust end on the outdoors of the living house. turn the valve on totally and lower back off. examine to verify if it now shuts off thoroughly. If no longer after a pair cases of this, you may replace the valve. If the home is newly built, touch your contractor or the seller

4. gas water heater flame and pilot going out?

Replace the thermocouple. That is the small tip that the pilot light burns on. When you light the pilot light the thermocouple warms up and opens a valve that keeps gas flowing to the pilot light. When the pilot light wo not stay lighted, the thermocouple has gone bad. You can buy replacements at any hardware store. It takes about ten minutes to replace. Good luck

5. help my gas water heater is acting up. ?

Check the pilot light. Check the thermostat setting. Check to see if there is any water leaking on the bottom. It may be time for a new heater! :-)

6. How do I know if my gas water heater is leaking gas?

sounds like the noise has to do with the leaky water valve.. Is the pilot light still lit?? also you can generally smell the gas. Although Natural gas is orderless, they add a chemical to make it smell for safety's sake. . When in doubt call th gas company.

7. 5 year old gas water heater not working after new furnace installed?

Talk to the realtor and have the people that installed the furnace come back by and re-light the water heater. They should have done that in the first place, but they might of forgot to do it

8. gas water heater leaking/found water spot off from the center of living room?

sounds like a slab leak

9. Can someone pls help me troubleshoot problems with my gas water heater?

I would add you might want to call a company that specializes in hot water heaters, there are several in my area, or a repair service rather than a "plumber" which in my area would likely charge you more. Shop around a little, the charges can vary.

10. i want to burn wood for heat but my chimney already has my gas water heater and furnace tied into it.possible?

a woodburning stove definately can not use the same chimney as your furnace. woodburners need their own chimney. the local fire marshall will tell you the same

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