Where Can I Learn How to Wind an Electric Motor Online?

Briefly, for the same motor, the torque is related to the current, which is determined from wire tables for the wire thickness and the allowed temperature rise for the insulation and magnets. The speed is determined by the voltage which depends on the number of turns. Votage x current = electrical power. Speed x torque = mechanical power. Both are measured in watts. It is likely there are too many unknowns for your purpose, but if it is already wound to a known specification, you could use the existing wires to adjust the parameters as above. The power could be the same with a different voltage and current. Measure the wire length, and the wire diameter with a micrometer. Rewind them and connect them in exactly the same way. Consider that the new wire has to fit in the same space. I have seen some articles on using video recorder motors as a small generator - see the link, which might help you in some way, and also look up video recorder motors.. I was able to wind a 240V shaded pole motor to 24 volts this way. It is probably better to buy a motor and controller that meets your specification and then adapt the supply to suit. The motor you are talking about will probably have 3 phases, and needs an appropriate electronic controller for the new voltage and current.

1. How do I run the LEGO Technic V6 engine using a Lego electric motor?

Assuming that your motor already has a Technic axle available, you will need:Most Technic motors are not especially fast (400 RPM). If you want an RPM up in the thousands, you will need at least a couple of gears as well

2. What type of Electric motor is best for running off of batteries when not considering cost?

Brushless Magnetic Motor best for your choice,it will consume less energy compare with other motor ,you are not mention what purpose it is used (Mostly low capacity motors are available like cooling fans for car AC,& computer applications(HD)

3. If i have a 3 fase 110v electric motor and use it as a gen'rator will it actualy become 3 diffrent generators?

If indeed you do have a three phase 120 volt electric motor (rare) you will be abel to have two power Supply but not three. The third phase is a combination for the other two legs (phases) and will result in a higher voltage the you will be able to use (generally around 180 volts) Just know there are some differences between an electric motor and a generator, prime example being a voltage regulator (the reason you hear a generator change sounds when something plugged into it.) Circuit protection breaker for amp over draw, source of grounding etc... While what you are thinking about can be done it will require a lot of effort and design, it will probably be cheaper to buy a generator. I hope this helps.

4. will this electric motor power my raft/boat?

Keep in mind large aircraft require a LOT of thrust to fly. Electric motors (and specifically the batteries or cells) that offer that kind of power would be uneconomically heavy with todays technology. They also may not be reliable over long distances, or may take an exceedingly long time to charge. I agree alternate fuel sources and electric motors are definitely something beneficial to research (which is occurring) but I would not feel comfortable flying with an electric motor until I was sure they were reliable, and there are still the issues of weight and charging time. Furthermore, a lot of things in aviation are difficult to change on grand scales due to strict FAA regulations

5. Can you turn an electric motor backwards and have it run as a generator?

Backwards Generator

6. Where can I purchase a two-stroke electric motor w/ electic start?

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7. Can a simple electric motor like a clock or toy car change direction by turning a battery around?

no. only in a DC power it can change direction. if you are using bettery to power the motor then it will not because the current will not flow through. in AC the current only flows from positive to nagative dirction. you can build a cuircit to convert ac into dc or dc into ac. if you can build a cuirct to convert you bettery power in to DC it wiil work. Note! working with DC power is dangrouse even at 3V bettery suply.

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