Which Would Win: a Team of Four Jordans Led by Lebron James, Or a Team of Four Lebrons Led by Michae

There's no way you can have four Jordans as suggested due to these reasons:Jordan would never cede the leadership role to anyone, even to older superstars. This was proven with the Dream Team. I don't see any of the four Jordans yielding his alpha status to a Lebron whom he sees as inferior to him. Conversely, it is more likely that Lebron would yield to Jordan, so it is less contentious to make Jordan the leader and the Lebrons as supporting cast. Jordan is very competitive and is passionate about winning he'd rather kill you than let you beat him. Having said that, i don't see the four Jordans surviving a practice session against each other.Jordan is said to be a difficult teammate. I can't imagine how the Jordans would mesh together.Jordan is a scorer and he will naturally demand the ball. You need to have four balls to satisfy all four Jordans. Jordan is 6'6 and is effective in playing three positions (guard spots and SF). Basketball is a 5-man game best played with a good combination of both size and skills. Putting four Jordans would leave the team lacking length, heft and ceiling. (In comparison, Lebron is 6'9, 250 lbs )So for me, one Jordan is enough to carry a team. Surround him with the four Lebrons for the needed size, ball distribution, and team chemistry. You can put that team against any other imaginary team except that with several Jordans, which will disband even before playing its first game.

1. would these led support coral?

regrettably, I dont have faith that those could be sufficient. I dont comprehend in the event that they lead them to sufficiently small for 10 gallons, yet try looking around for potential compacts, they might actually help maximum gentle corals, polyps, etc. Even those wo not be reliable sufficient for troublesome corals although. desire this facilitates.

2. how many agree that prophets should led by example?

If you read about "wives of Muhammad[pbuh]" in Wikipedia you will see that a slave was adopted by Muhammad as his son and a marriage for this son was arranged too. READ the whole article to understand all about what is the meaning of widows. Who is hypocrite Muhammad[pbuh] or you?

3. What led to the development of the evolutionary theory?

People had toyed with the idea for a while. But Darwin was the first to do the kinds of observations that showed how it actually works. Of courses, they had no understanding of DNA or how it worked at a molecular level. But that was important was that it explained the observed factual world beautifully. It also provided a credible alternative to the vague "because God wanted it that way" answer, which many people do not find very satisfying.Here's a more thorough explanation. Darwinism - Wikipedia

4. which event led to the spanish american war?

Most correct answer is A. The US had been buying sugar plantations for years in Cuba, and there had been increasing agitation, particularly by the American press against the Spanish authorities. These especially became more frequent and hostile when the Spanish authorities tried to suppress the rebellion (including transplanting farmers to secure areas near the coast, and thereby damaging American sugar interests whose farms would lose their laborers). Many of these stories in the newspapers were exaggerated or even fabricated. The probable accidental destruction of the American battleship, USS Maine became a great rallying cry for an increasingly belligerent and imperialistic American press. This imperialistic war for the USA was highly successful. The USA, significantly much stronger than Spain, acquired the Philippines, Peurto Rico and bases in Cuba.

5. What led to the revival of Hinduism?

Which one? Medieval, late-colonial, recent? Things are always changing, political and social scenes and needs/interests are changing so this things tend to cycle too

6. What's the difference between an LED lamp and an LED luminaire? - Hidealite

What is the difference between an LED lamp and an LED luminaire? An LED lamp is a complete replacement light source for conventional light bulbs, halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lights for standard sockets, such as E27, E14 and GU10. The light sources have the same shape and appearance as the lamps they replace and have built-in drivers.Lifetimes vary between manufacturers and lamp types, but are normally 15,000 to 35,000 hours. This is specified as an average lifetime and means that up to 50% of the light sources will have failed (B50) by this time and that the remaining light sources will continue to function with at least 70% of their original brightness (L70). The calculation assumes an ambient temperature of 25C.An LED luminaire is a complete luminaire (unit) that can be connected to the mains supply via an integrated or separate transformer (converter, driver, power supply). In addition to the housing, it contains an LED module and a reflector and/or lens, as well as a heat sink to transfer heat away from the diodes. The driver usually determines whether the brightness of the luminaire can be adjusted (dimmed).The lifetime varies between manufacturers and luminaire types. It's most often specified as a usable lifetime, stating the number of hours with at least 70% of the original brightness (L70) and the number of hours after which only 10% of the luminaires have failed completely (B10).

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