Who Is Credited with Suggesting the Word U201chellou201d Be Used When Answering the Telephone?

"Who is credited with suggesting the word "hello" be used when answering the telephone?"While it seems commonplace today to yse the greating "hello" that was originally away of hailing someone "Hullo there!"When phones were invented it seemed like a goid idea (given the newness of the technology) to have a way of signaling that the phone was answered (since origionally the calls were connected via the exchange). In Greece for example people say εμπρός! Embrós, which I believe means "ready!"In the English speaking world there was debate between the hail "hullo" versus the nautical "ahoy!" "Hello" won out, but that is why the show The Simpsons has the impossibly old Mr. Burns answering his phone with "ahoy-hoy!".

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Does anybody say hello to their pets when they walk into a room?

Sometimes. Usually they beat me to it. My parrotlet recognized the sound of my car, and by the time I was walking up the steps to the front door, (m)Alice* would be perched on the window in our front door saying Daddys home! Daddys home! over and over.On the other hand, the cat ignores me completely, only deigning to stir when my wife comes home a few minutes later. Guess which one of us feeds him. But every time he wanders by, if I or my wife notice we usually say something like Oh, look whos hanging out with the servant class today, Got bored sleeping already?, or I guess someone must be hungry.

The fish are pretty anti-social and never respond now matter how many times I say Good morning while feeding them, so I only do it occasionally.*She was evil. Chaotic evil


How do you respond to a friend who was recently pissed off at you and then tentatively says hello?

To start, response normally like you would to a friend. The doubts you have for your friend's sudden approach will be known to him/her as well, but he/she came forward nonetheless. Perhaps he/she has looked past what happened, or he/she's in trouble and is in need of your assistance. Whatever it is, it's worth finding out, what's the harm anyway, right?Just go ahead with the chat like you would do to a friend, and find out what this is all about. If he/she doesn't mention anything after a while, and it's still bugging you, then consider confessing your thoughts. Do this with care because I believe you don't want to make things ugly again. Apologising is a good start if it's necessary. Remember, being honest is the first rule of all relationships.Best of luck!How do you respond to a friend who was recently pissed off at you, and then tentatively says hello?.


Why is it important to create a hello world program in every language?

So that you can make sure the development environment is setup properly; that you can reach the compiler/interpreter; that the environment variables, if any, are set up properly and you can reach the necessary modules (include files, libraries etc) required for development.Plus it gives you a sense of basic skeleton/structure of the program that you will be expanding later on for bigger and more complex programs that you'll write. For example for c or c, you need an entry point that is just a simple function with a specific name, for python, it's just the first statement that is encountered by interpreter and for java or c#, there has to be a class in place with a specific signature so that your tiny little program can be executed.

For a complete beginner, even a hello world is an important program as it introduces them with the steps required to write code and then execute it with the help of language specific tools


How do you write a program that writes "hello world" ten times in Java?

I am glad you're looking at java and are interested in learning the language. A good strategy to code anything you come with is to try to write it in pseudo code, that is, try to code it in the way you want it to happen, just with regular semantics.First you have a message you want to print, you need to create it:Message: "Hello World"Then you need to print it 10 times. Counter: 10Now you think of the logic, you want to count and make sure that you print the message exactly as many times as you want:Print the message, continuously until you have printed it 10 times and then stop. There are many ways to code this, but generally you need a control structure or statement to make this happen.While (counter >10)System.out.println ("Hello World"); The following code also works:for (int i0;i , hello!, or the simple "ok I will be back soon" as used in many parts of India instead of "ok I am going" (former is more hopeful than the finality of the latter). "Jai Hind" can feature in this repertoire too.


Why does hello start with hell, but goodbye starts with good?

Though it is a coincidence ,one may find some spice in the question to counter it with same spice to give it a hillarious humour.Let me proceed. Meeting persons compel us to show courtesy with 'HELLO'.There is no hell instead wramth, friendship, enjoyment & good wishes while people meet each other.

But in some cases there is also chance of altercation ,enmity & rivalry between persons over issues beyond control while they meet making hell like situation.So no doubt meeting persons with introductory ' HELLO'create endless joy , but at the same time it may also create sorrow over some issues & spread the feeling of hell in mind.On the other hand while we are parting from friends or families & saying 'GOODBYE' as a gesture of courtesy or goodwill ,chances of such hellish bitterness disappear as we see in case of meeting between persons saying 'HELLO'So when we depart saying 'GOODBYE'- deliver silence & silence is gold which is good.


Why do you have to type loads in Java just to output "hello world" when in Python all you need to do is print ("hello world")?

Its really about Java being made to make large programs, and Python, at its heart, being a teaching language.Python is easy for 100 line programs, Java is easy for 100,000 line programs.Its really about enforcing a structure in Java. You must put everything in a class, and you must declare a main method.That really is all there is to it. It might be 4 lines vs. 1 line or whatever, but that doesnt mean youll have 400,000 lines vs. 100,000 lines in larger programs, its more like 100,003 lines vs. 100,000.

What I mean to say is that the size difference isnt a multiple, its just a few lines.If writing a real-world program is like a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, the difference between Java and Python is the walk from your front door to your driveway.When you get a job in programming, youll see that 4 lines isnt loads, even 10,000 lines might not be considered loads.

To a beginner those 4 lines of Java might seem intimidating, but in industry, nobody even sees them

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