Why Did They Stop Putting Peanuts Or Alot of Peanuts in Cracker Jacks??

I am guessing here, I would say the price of Peanuts have gone up in comparison to the corn and therefore they have decided to put less peanuts in their product... Also it's possible that whoever was packaging the product and their quality control lab failed to notice there was not enough peanuts in the mix. I work in a cereal manufacturing plant and they always have an ongoing struggle trying to keep enough raisins or marshwellow bits in their cereal due to machinery getting stopped up. . the sugar in the items cause the cereal to not get enough added in. The same could happen with the cracker jack because it also is a sticky product

1. About the absence of metal in machinery and buildings of the past

Although it's in no way based on what we see in the film, this answer on Worldbuilding:SE would suggest that it's certainly possible to create viable electrical circuits without using metal. This could theoretically include lighting, audio communications and even surveillance equipment although video monitoring is probably a bit of a stretch.These technologies (carbon wiring, arc-lighting, etc) were freely available in the 1970s so it's reasonable to assume that where there's a need, clever scientist chappies would have found a way.

2. If you could choose to fix only 1 of these problems with the world, below, which 1 would it be? Why? ..?

death and natural disasters is a fantacy to fix. i would choose food shortages, by getting rid of monsantos, and getting rid of chem trails and weather modification which use aluminates and sulphurs and barium to pollute the skies. by getting rid of chem spraying altogether we would get rid of a 1/3 of all asthma cases. by fixing food storage, we need to grow our own foods, and get rid of agenda 21 from the united nations and get rid of all laws in cities and states that adopt corporate laws made by lobbyists. do you know in some places you cannot grow food on your own land, and if you do ! the government has sent federal agents to kill animals and steal machinery that allows people to be self sufficient and prosperous ! see Food Inc. and Farmegeddon dvd documentaries.

3. where can I buy machinery to manufacture aluminum rims?

Sorry, no idea

4. what kind of machinery do you use for binding and filing thick documents?

Ok I worked for Xerox, and Eastman Kodak for about 10 years each, in sales. The documents that are very bulky, and a hard copy would be handy, or essential are as you suggested accounts etc. What I would do is hit every printer, copy shop etc. They do most of the printing, of say brochures, catalogues etc. I must say I do not know of a similar product. I wish I had this product, I would make a fortune from it. *Smile*

5. what are make or buy decisions? What are the advantages of make versus buy and visa-versa?

That question that u have asked is a very important now a days in decision making. Because lot of people are making wrong decision simply because they are not aware of that. To make or buy u have to make an analysis that is called "Break even analysis". In that analysis u have to make the costs in two groups one is fixed costs and the other is variable costs. If u have already recovered the fixed costs and u r going to sell further units than u can sell ur product. But there are certain limitations that u have to look after. The advantages of making a product are to utilise the production capacity of machinery and the labour. The disadvantage of making a product is that if ur cost of making a product is more than the price that is available in market than u have to change ur decision.

6. a certain piece of machinery was purchased 5 yr ago... calculus help?

decreases exponentially: A_t = A_0 e^(kt) A_0 = original value A_t = value at time t t = time elapsed from original value k = coefficient of growth/decay (or something like that) e = 2.718... using time, your original value, and current value, find k. from there, find A_t three more years down the road. units do not matter as long as they are consistent. and, your answer should make sense according to the context; i.e. less than $280000. hope this helps

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