Why Does My Dog Bark, If I Say Hello to Him, Why Doesnu2019t He Simply Reply Hello?

Just like humans, your dog has times when he/she just doesn't feel like talking at all, and no matter what you say or do, you're gonna get the silent treatment. Obviously, the barking response is his/her way of showing annoyance at your attempt to have a conversation during one of those un-talkative times.This morning when I asked Stark, my Aussie-doodle puppy, about his opinion on your question, he totally agreed with my views, and told me so in just a few halting sentences. But then he's only 10 months old and still has a limited vocabulary.....lol...

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While (1,0,1) printf ("hello world"); Would this loop will work?

Yeah! itll work bcoz of Comma Operator.Comma Operator has Lowest Precedence i.e it is having lowest priority so it is evaluated at last.Comma operator returns the value of the rightmost operand when multiple comma operators are used inside an expression.


g. #include using namespace std;int main() int i (1,2,3);cout

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