Will Canada's Policy on Fossil Fuel Industry Change in a Trudeau-led Government?

The Liberals are 'greener' than the Tories, so you can assume they will approach the whole oilsands business with more emphasis on CO2 mitigation. That is, until reality hits and they become aware of how much Canada's economy and hence standard of living depends on the energy business. I predict that within three years or so they will have made some token changes to quieten their more radical left-leaning supporters, but otherwise everything will carry on just as before.

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What circumstances led to the close national bond shared between Canada and the Netherlands?

World War II.Not only were Canadian soldiers instrumental in freeing the Netherlands from German control but their parts of royal family resided in Ottawa during the War. When the then Princess Beatrix gave birth to her third daughter, part of the hospital was made Dutch territory so that she could be born in the Netherlands.They havent forgotten what Canada did for them and Canada has never tried to abuse that relationship but rather has appreciated them even more for their appreciation with the end result being that weve grown even closer.


When did Led Zeppelin make it big?

I was in 10th grade. I remember being asked what I thought of the new group Led Zeppelin. I remember saying I thought they were a trashier version of the band Cream which had just broken up and that I enjoyed it (the first album which Id borrowed and recorded,) but thought Cream was better. I have revised my opinion a bit since then - that first album was really good!LZ was big right out of the box! In early 1969 this was!.


Did the Rolling Stones play second fiddle to Led Zeppelin in the seventies?

As others have answered/commented - yes; in a way.The Stones were touted as The greatest R&R band in the entire universe while Led Zeppelin were busy getting down to business outselling them in terms of album & concert ticket sales. LZ drummer John Bonham once opined that they were slogging their guts out while the Stones were getting all the glory (sorry John, but getting drunk & causing mischief do your reputation any good in the long run).


What led to the rise of the religious right?

Probably the fact that churches enjoy tax free charitable status and that punting a religion is a better living that earning your living by sheer hard workPeople will do a lot of things to avoid honest hard workThen there is the hubris that comes when a country finds itself ahead of the rest of the world, they eventually come to consider the success they enjoy as being somehow deserved rather that just pure luckI am sure someone in the Roman Empire thought that Zeus was the giver of all good things


What is the voltage across an LED in a circuit?

It is 3 volts or an integer multiple when more than one is connected in series.I saw 6 volt one time. I saw 36 volts : a larger than normal LED that show distints white dots when you use a lens to project the LED shape on a wall.Color LEDs are always lower voltage than 3 volts. It is because white LEDs are actually UV LEDs and a yellow fluorescent coating convert UV to a mix of spectral lines than we perceive as warm white


Who had the saddest life in history?

I think this sums it all up. Saddest person on the Earth could be the one who never experienced love. Love and being loved in return is the best feeling in the world. 'Love' isn't always about the 'special someone', love can also be experienced when your parents hug you, scold you, taunt you or get angry at you. Love can also be you pampering a stray dog and that dog licks your toe in return. But first and foremost love is loving yourself because you can't love anybody else until you love yourself :)


What factors led to Scotland unifying with England?

Scotland was broke because of the Darien Expedition. A lot of money was invested in setting up a trading post near the Panama Canal. The expedition was a disaster. Trade was difficult, and disease was rife. Two expeditions sailed, but the colony was taken by the Spanish when they allowed the remaining Scots to sail home. The loss meant that Scotland had no choice but to form a union with England. Fortunately, because of the oil revenue, we do have a choice now.


Why did County Donegal not join Northern Ireland in 1922? What led to its culture developing differently to the rest of Ulster's such that it didn't?

Donegal wasnt included in Northern Ireland because the British government wanted to gerrymander a state of mostly Protestant.In the 1911 census, only 35,000 people were Protestant, while Roman Catholics made a majority of 133,000 out of a total population of 169,000 people in Donegal.The purpose of Northern Ireland was to act in the interest of the unionist majority and allow them more control. If Donegal had become Northern Ireland, then Catholics would make a sizeable minority, and it would be hard to maintain control. This led to Donegal remaining in the Irish Free State and not joining Northern Ireland


What is the ampere current for a 32 inch LED TV?

Average power consumption of 32 inches LED TV is 30 Watts. Dividing the Watts by the supply voltage (220 or 110 volts for example) will give us approximate ampere current.Power consumption will be higher when the screen is kept bright and sound volume is high. Is typical to have speakers with 16 Watts maximum power.Modern LED TV sets have standby power consumption as little as 0.5 Watts. Using the tariff rates of Singapore, 1 year standby operation will result in an electricity bill of 0.

7 USD only.


What does an LED do in a circuit?

Hi..I see you have several answers..and maybe a simple Google search would help you..But an LED is actually an electronic component. Its a diode, which is commonly used to convert AC to DC. I believe there is a small gap at the heart of the diode, where the current crosses a barrier and emits Photons..the Photons are what we see in the way of light. If I remember my electronics correctly.Hope this helps someDave


What unbelievable coincidence led you to know you and your husband were meant to be?

The way in which we were set up to meet was our unbelievable coincidence. I believed if we both never sign up for tinder on our own, we would have never met. Both our best friends decided to create an account for us and help us a long the way of meeting people. We did end up meeting each other after talking a few times and we hit it off so well that its 4.5 years later and we are married with a 6month old


Why is LED not made of silicon or germanium?

Silicon and germanium have bandgap energies that correspond to infrared light. You couldnt see the light they emit if they could.sulicon and germanium are also what are known as indirect bandgap semiconductors. This means its not possible for electrons and holes to recombine directly and form a photon. Instead you get a phonon (type of lattice vibration) which is effectively heat.An LED requires a direct bandgap semiconductor. In these materials electrons and holes recombine to produce a photon (light). This can happen very efficiently (depending on crystal quality and device structure)


Was Dooku being genuine in his offer to Obi-Wan to work together to destroy the Sith? Was he as evil as we were led to believe?

My best guess is that Dooku wanted to destroy Palpatine so that he could take Palpatine's place. That seems to be the general strategy of the Sith. The master is always wary of his apprentice, and it seems as if the master is always looking for a stronger (or more obedient) apprentice to take the current apprentice's spot. Meanwhile, the apprentice is always looking for the upper hand to overthrow the master so that the apprentice can take the master's place


Which is the best brand for LED TV among the following brands?

Buy the cheapest that is functional and has a warranty. You are going to cycle through things and will want to change. I bought a couple of high end things and then was reluctant to let go because of the investment. See the movie Kinky Boots if you want the idea. Who wants shoes that last 50 years?

X box is going to evolve again or something else (3D) will replace it. You will not be in the same place in your life in 3 to 5 years. Hopefully.


Which is the most durable LED TV in India?

Remember mahanga roye ek baar,sasta roye baar baar. I have seen almost every brand in tvs but still i think big brand have more durability. Even my lg lcd works for 6 years only without any fault. But if it was any budget tv like MI, VU, Shinko etc. Its impossible to know there durability. So go for big brand like sony Samsung or lg. If u have tight budget wait for some time but only buy big brand tvs. Kam se kam ek barosa to hai.


What event led you to stop believing in astrology?

First it was logic and common sense. That lead to asking questions such as how and why. Which lead to research and study. And ultimately the conclusion that astrology is pseudo scientific nonsense.Of course I never really believed in it, because astrology requires a religious type of belief, which is to say faith. My study/research in astrology was to see if there's any truth/evidence for it. If there was then I'd say ok it's real, but since there's no evidence then its BS


Who led the revolt in Kanpur?

If you are talking about the Sepoy mutiny revolt 1857 held in kanpur.the answer is Nana Saheb (Baji rao 2 - Peshwa of Pune ).Presently we have a Ghat in Kanpur Cantt. known as Nana Rao Ghat or massacre ghat ( locally called maskar ghat) where a large massacre took place in 1857 revolt in which lots of British families ( wife & child ) were killed by Indian british soldiers , possibly near Bibighar ( because british wives live there ) in massacre ghat .

It was very close to my school - army public school Kanpur cantt. ( now the school has shifted to new location )For 1 marks question !!answer NANA SAHEB


How can you cut led strip lights?

Depending on voltage design of LED strip. The answer is a bit different.There are two most common led strip voltage ,12V and 24V . For 12V led strip, it allows you to cut it by every 3 leds while 24V led strip by every 6 leds. No matter 12V or 24V LED strip, there should be cutting mark on PCB normally. You can just cut along the mark. Refer to below two pictures.

12V LED Strip24V LED StripHope this is helpful


What were the subtle signs that led to you discovering that your partner was cheating on you?

Having his cell phone attached at the hip. Even bringing it to the can with him. My cell phone was always available to him. I had nothing to hide. Going out for a coffee and coming back hours later. Inviting my married ex bff over for coffee while I was at work. Someone telling me that they seen them having coffee together, which can be normal except they were playing footsies under the table the whole time. These re just a few signs


Why is 72,000 LED trending on Twitter?

72000 LED is trending on Twitter because Recently in Patna on Sunday, in Bihar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has organised virtual rally for which at least 10,000 big LED screens and more than 50,000 smart TVs were installed across the state for connecting with party workers down to the booth level. The state has an estimated 72,000 polling booths,so people are trending this for showing their outrage and saying BJP had money for polling booths but not for migrant workers and coronavirus pandemic.Sources:-TwitterNearly 40 lakh people in Bihar watched Shah s virtual rally: state BJP chief.


Do Trump's strange tweets show that America is being led by a madman?

I wouldn't call him a madman just quite yet but, he is definitely on the way. His ever mounting paranoia and self-esteem issues are making him tweet some really bizarre stuff. I feel all that all his stupid stuff gets tweeted when he is alone where his mind runs amok at 3:00 am in the morning. Trumps tweeting is a safe, controllable one-sided conversation that he can have with himself with no fear of rebuttal that he shares with the world

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