Will Sprayable Galvanize Keep Rust Away on a Boat Trailer?

Sand all the rust off prime if necessary>>?I have used it many times it's paint kinda looks like galv= >??

1. Is a boat trailer actually pulled or pushed behind a vehicle?

It is pulled behind the vehicle, just like any other trailer, but anything over 750kg has to have its own braking system on the trailer

2. Should I use bolts instead of welds in my boat trailer build?

If bolting be careful where you drill your holes - each hole considerably weakens the tube. If you can weld adequately it is stronger than bolting on small tubing as you are adding metal not removing it. When you've finished it use a good rust proofing paint on it. Attach your axle with U bolts rather than welding so you can move your balance point about. Hint: if your welding is a bit rough do a fair bit of practice on scrap bits until you get a reasonable weld. No blow holes or undercutting a reasonably smooth fillet & good penetration


Boat Trailer Leaf Springs

4. How much should I expect to pay for a used boat trailer?

I think 500 is a bit high, a new trailer can be had for under 800. Check around your local boat dealers too. Used boat trailers in good condition can be hard to find, they are normally worn out or need repair. Good Luck - Boat Safe!

5. I need to know what the best thing to clean 6160 aircraft aluminum. It is I beams on an aluminum boat trailer

You need to use an aluminum polish such as Mother's (use to be a brand). If you use steel wool it will embed particles of steel and rust, you would need to use a stainless steel or aluminum screen, or brass brush to keep it from rusting. Hope it helps

6. Boat Trailer's tail lights will not function when truck's headlights are on?

First thing to check is that you have a good ground. Low voltage electricity is funny stuff and will not work without a "good" ground. If the vehical or trailer is old establishing a ground can be difficult. Failing that look for a fualt in the converter. Over the years I have had several fail right out of the package

7. rewiring boat trailer w/ standard 4wire color code brown.white ,green, and yellow.?

If your truck or car does not use the same bulb for the turn signal & brake lights you will have to get an adapter. Some have a yellow rear turn signal & a seperate red brake light. Just in case you do not have your truck or car wired.

8. Can my 2004 Alero pull a 200lb boat on a trailer?

You will be OK as long as the trailer does not exceed 800#

9. If I build my own boat trailer for my 12 foot aluminum boat do I need to register the trailer?

I've got a few suggestions. In most states you will need to register the trailer. In order to do so, you will need paperwork (receipts). You know how pesky the Government can be about paperwork. You are biggest cost will be axles, springs,hub; rims and tires. In my experience it's not that much more expensive to "buy" a trailer. In fact if you might have better luck buying used. Most often a Galvanized frame trailer will only need tires and a new tail light kit, and a little maintenance. As long as your sure to get the "title" and a bill of sale, I've had good luck over the years buying used. There's one other possibility. Harbor freight has a frame/wheel utility trailer that you buy pretty much in a box. I with a capacity of 950 pounds for $260 (Item 42709) I do not think you could build one that inexpensive.

10. Can old Boat trailer tires hold the boat weight for 60 metres ?


11. How do I stop my boat trailer from squeaking?

Have you just tried giving it time ? Could be from rust that has built up while it was sitting and will go away after you have used it awhile. If it does not you can spray some ' lithium grease ' between the leaves of the spring or wherever the squeak is coming from. Check the can label before spraying around rubber fittings though. You can get a can of it from any auto parts store.

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