Windows Server Event Log Collection and Analysis

Splunk is the new hot player on the market. It's a sorta-free model. A single server is free, but if you want to correlate multiple servers logs into a single server you need to pay.Zenoss has a much less robust log aggregator, but it works, and you can do many other things with Zenoss as well. Zenoss operates under a sorta-free model as well, but there is no limit on the free version, only a few missing features.FWIW, I would pay for splunk. It's that good

1. Is it considered harassment if a collection agency calls at least 4 times DAILY?

Yes that is harassment and it is illegal... just tell them to stop calling or you will press charges for harassment maybe they will get the picture

2. What is your most prized comic books collection?

To me, it's the comic book my Dad brought back from a business trip in doesn't really matter what it's value to others is.If you're simply interested in monetary value, Action Comics #1 (the first Superman) has been the leader for years, and is probably somewhere between 4 and 5 million dollars by now (assuming you could actually find a near-mint copy of either comic).The runner-up is usually Detective Comics #27 (the first Batman) which should exceed 3 million soon. The most valuable comic from recent times (1956 on) the leader is now Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man) which is "only" worth up to $400,000 in near-mint, but much more common than the other two mentioned above. It ranks about ninth for most valuable comic, but will likely move up to seventh in a few years.What is the most valuable comic book for collectors?.

3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection?

I subscribed for the Louis Vuitton newsletter, and they send you news of everything this season. Apparently the Monogram Groom Collection comes out in a week, and therefore you can not review prices or shipping info. But, .that way you will see the real authentic handbags, get an idea of the price ranges, and see what styles they come in

4. Collection Agency will only accept check by phone?

Either they want a check or they do not . I would not give anyone access to my checking account

5. What will a collection agency do?

When a debt is turned over to a collection agency, that agency uses whatever legal means it can to recover that debt, including taking the person to court. they will be prepared to negotiate a payment plan, but not a reduction in the amount. In fact the amount will actually be increased by their collection fees and whatever costs they incur. The person who owes the debt will also go on a bad credit register

6. Who owns the largest most expensive car collection in the world?

Sultan of Brunei & His 5,000 Car Collection | AutofluenceThe number actually exceeds 7,000 cars..Not sure how you maintain and drive that many cars.. Not sure how you store that many cars either....

7. How to get collection agency to remove trade line? really should read the source of your information first before answering questions. So tell me....where in the Fair Credit Reporting Act does it say a creditor can not delete an entry they posted themselves? Where in the service agreement with the credit bureaus does it say that? I suggest you take a look at section 607(a)7(e) that makes it clear a creditor is NOT required to post negative information to a credit report. Sort of blows a hole in your answer, does not it? To answer this question....unfortunately there is no way you can force a creditor to remove it. They are only required to update your account to show "paid" and have a zero balance. The only reason they are keeping it on your report is to punish you. But if they want their money it's a fair compromise.

8. How big is your horror film collection?

I have a very large horror film collection. I collect and I am always adding more. I would say my collection of horror movies alone definitely numbers in the upper hundreds.

9. Collection agency trouble, and need help?

First cancel your checking account and go to a different bank. If you want settle, get it in writing first. Send them a money order. If it's past 7.5 years from the original creditor, it's probably off your credit report by now. If it was me, I would not pay them another dime. Making the last payment did not re-started the SOL. If you have other account that you are paying on time, that will boost your credit score over time.

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